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People must realize that MIND CONTROL IS REAL and that the perpetrators are unbelieveably Malevolent

The Making of a Mind Controlled Assassin Comment:  2 of the Perverts Involved in Randy’s MKULTRA torture session are pictured:  Herbert the Pervert Bush aka Poppy Bush, Sr. & Jimmy Carter.  Both have been PRESIDENTS. BY ADMIN · PUBLISHED JANUARY 30, 2020 · UPDATED JANUARY 30, 2020 MKUltra Programming Via Extreme Torture & Sexual Stimulation Done By Bush, Sr., Carter […]

What should we do with the perpetrators of the climate crisis?

Once we learn to wage a nonviolent revolution that replaces the economic elite with a democracy, I believe we will be ready to move fast. Source

Iran says will neither ‘forget nor forgive’ perpetrators of gas attack on Sardasht

TEHRAN – Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian says Iran will “neither forget nor forgive” the perpetrators of the chemical attack on the border city of Sardasth in northwestern Iran in 1987. Source

Why are no sanctions imposed on the perpetrators of the Ukrainian conflict?

A year has passed since the West instigated the start of Moscow’s special military operation (SOF) to denazify the criminal Ukrainian regime. It has been a year of difficult confrontation between Russia and the West, united in its Russophobic desire to “inflict a crushing strategic defeat on Moscow,” as stated by the US, European, and […]

Ambassador Mkrtchyan: Istanbul massacre perpetrators went unpunished; thousands of Greeks, Armenians & Jews forced to leave

The pogrom on September 6-7, 1955 in Istanbul targeted Greeks, Armenians and Jews, and the victims were exposed to savage, devastating violence. Commenting on Turkey’s Kristallnacht, Armenian Ambassador to Athens Tigran Mkrtchyan, said: “In Istanbul September 6 to 7, 1955, Armenians, Greeks and Jews were massacred. The perpetrators of the massacres went unpunished.” “Thousands of […]

MKUltra is a Criminal Program. All Perpetrators Belong in PRISON! CIA Used Racists and Pedophiles Who Openly Stated Blacks “Were Animals.”

WORLD ByBrett Wilkins PublishedJuly 14, 2015 A 542-page report, the result of a lengthy investigation requested by the American Psychological Association board, found that top APA officials—including the ethics director—lied and covered up their close collaboration with the Bush-era Defense Department and aligned the association’s ethics policies with the goals of the Pentagon interrogation program. The […]

David Icke: We Must Demand Nuremburg Trials for All the ‘Covid’ Perpetrators

David Icke: We Must Demand Nuremburg Trials for All the ‘Covid’ Perpetrators Humans Are Free » / HAF David Icke: We must demand Nuremburg Trials for all the ‘Covid’ perpetrators, psychopaths, killers and their lapdogs for crimes against humanity and ‘I was just following orders’ will not wash – as at Nuremburg. Here, Rachel Elnaugh […]

Iran says some perpetrators of nuclear scientist’s assassination have been identified, arrests have already begun – report

Iranian security forces have identified some of those involved in last month’s assassination of the nation’s top nuclear scientist, and a number of the suspects have already been arrested, a state-run media outlet has reported. The people behind the killing of nuclear physicist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh “have been identified for the Islamic Republic of Iran, and […]

Iran official: Some perpetrators arrested over assassination of nuclear scientist

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Class-Action Lawsuit Announced Against Perpetrators of Pandemic Hoax

2020-11-15edgriffin0  Post Views: 1,388 4.9 (175) German trial lawyer Reiner Fuellmich follows up on his initial announcement of class-action lawsuits against perpetrators of what he calls the pandemic hoax. He summarizes the main charges that he says easily will be proved through the process of discovery and witness cross examination in court. He will prove that (1) Whatever […]

Probe of gang rape case that shocked Egypt targets witnesses and perpetrators alike

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Iran urges OIC to help punish perpetrators of massacre of Palestinians

Tasnim – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif condemned Israel as a “brutal and rogue apartheid regime” for its recent killing of Palestinian people and called on the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to punish the regime and protect the lives of Palestinians. “In the light of the massacre in Gaza, the international community is […]

Pro-White Activism: How to Stop the Perpetrators of Genocide Against White “Gentile” Americans: Then and Now, Part 1

© Elena Haskins – All Rights Reserved In 1997 I posted the original version of this article on my website The article was written in response to email(s) asking “What can I do?”. “How to Stop the Perpetrators of Genocide Against White ‘Gentile’ Americans” was copied and reposted with and sometimes without credit (and yes, […]

Harsh punishment waiting for perpetrators of Tehran riot: Judiciary

IRNA – Heavy punishment is waiting for those disrupting the country’s order and the Judiciary will show no leniency to this end, Iran’s public prosecutor said on Thursday, referring to the recent unrest in northern Tehran. Iran Judiciary will strongly and seriously deal with the cases of those involved in the unrest in Tehran’s northern […]

VIDEO: Rabbi Goldschmidt Slams Polish PM for “Jewish Perpetrators’ Remarks

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‘Israel judiciary protecting perpetrators of crimes against Palestinians’

Rights group has accused the Israeli judiciary of protecting Israeli soldiers and settlers who commit crimes against Palestinians. Al-Mezan Centre for Human Rights explained that the Central Court in Beersheba has rejected a lawsuit filed against the Israeli army following the shelling of Nasser abu-Sa’eed house in 2010, in which his wife was killed and […]

Gaddafi’s son Saif, Libya’s former heir apparent, released – lawyer

“He is well and safe and in Libya,” his lawyer Karim Khan told France 24, revealing that his client had been set free back on April 12, though the news had not been made public until now.Khan suggested that Gaddafi did not face any future charges, and was let go “in accordance with Libyan law.” […]

High financial crime is now standard business procedure

     Helen Davis Chaitman was the lead attorney representing the victims of the $65 billion Bernie Madoff scam. Madoff had help form JP Morgan Chase Bank, and what she found out was stunning. Chaitman explains, “JP Morgan Chase was the subject of a criminal complaint . . . it was charged with a criminal violation […]

Iran English language newspaper headlines on Sunday, 01-05-2016

Iran Daily Park hopes Seoul, Tehran will write new chapters in history South Korea’s president is expected to arrive in Tehran today on a three-day visit aimed at boosting mutual ties, becoming the first South Korean president to visit Iran since the nations established diplomatic ties in 1962. Iran, Belgium need to boost ties Iranian […]

Polluters’ Paradise

Read the full report in English, French and Spanish. Avoiding catastrophic climate change is the defining challenge of our time. If we are to have a chance of preventing extremely dangerous levels of global warming, much of the world’s fossil fuels – oil, coal and gas – must be left in the ground, unexploited. Societies need to move to […]

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