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World Supports Russia Against American Perverts Running Ukraine; The Only People Who Don’t Seem to Know What’s Going on Are The Americans Themselves!

Foul fools push for wider war World supports Russia against U.S. perverts ruining Ukraine AMERICA ALWAYS SELLS WAR CLOAKED IN PHONY HEROISM AND RIGHTEOUS RHETORIC By John Kaminski [email protected] Only fools, criminals, retards and perverts support the ongoing U.S. war against Russians trying to rescue their own relatives from the criminal madmen in Ukraine […]

Don Lemon Accuser: CNN Is a Predator Protecting Machine, Rife with Perverts

Dustin Hice, the man who accused CNN host Don Lemon of sexual assault, has sounded off in the wake of Chris Cuomo’s exit, slamming the network as a place “rife with predators and perverts.” In 2019, the openly gay Dustin Hice filed a lawsuit against Don Lemon, accusing the CNN host of shoving his hands […]

L.A. Homeless Man Feeling Unsafe As Limos Full Of Drug Addicts And Perverts Show Up In His Neighborhood

L.A. Homeless Man Feeling Unsafe As Limos Full Of Drug Addicts And Perverts Show Up In His Neighborhood LOS ANGELES, CA—Hobo Hank is a friendly guy by all accounts, whether he’s asking for change outside the 7-Eleven or debating philosophy with a parking meter. But Hank says his corner outside the Oscars is really starting […]

If You Don’t Believe the Canadian Gov’t is Full of Psycho Perverts Look at This Sick Advert Airing During Christmas LOL

by Admin · Published December 27, 2020 · Updated December 27, 2020 Comment: Canadians are having their holidays ruined by a FAKE Coronavirus Grinch. If you don’t know Canada is run by Pedophile PERVERTS this should be obvious b/c who else would be sick enough to come up with some crap like this????


report from the Daily Stormer Larry David called out the Jew on Saturday Night Live last night, saying he noticed a pattern among the people accused of sexual assault. Starts at 3:45 I always said that Larry David is the only funny type of Jew because he is a genuinely Jewish comedian – his jokes are […]

Harvey Weinstein revelations prove Hollywood is a left-wing cesspool of perverts, pedophiles and rapists

(Natural News) To hear Left-wing progressives tell it, supporters of President Donald J. Trump, as well as the president himself, are disgusting louts who regularly mistreat and denigrate women. But in reality, it is they who hypocritically exist in a world filled with perverts, pedophiles, rapists and sexual abusers of women. Last October, just weeks […]

Pornographers & Perverts are Modern Literary Giants

  June 16, 2017 Source Article from

Trump Doctrine: Work with Russia, Draw Back NATO, Stop Arming Syrian Rebels

Republican nominee Donald Trump is anything but conventional bandying around suggestions that the United States force Mexico to pay for a wall to keep undocumented immigrants from fleeing into America, refinancing US debt as though the faith and credit of the dollar were akin to high-risk junk bonds, and declaring “you bet your ass I would” bring back waterboarding because the other side is “chopping […]

The Queen Delighted To Win a £50 Tesco Voucher

Her Majesty the Queen appeared to be in high spirits after winning a Tesco gift voucher at the Royal Windsor horse show. Or perhaps she just found it amusing, after all for a woman with a massive personal fortune, a £50 Tesco voucher is hardly a life-changing windfall. Still, as the company’s slogan says, ‘Every […]


Ziad Fadel DAMASCUS:  WE ARE CONFIRMING THE DEATH OF THE STINKING RAT ZAHRAAN ‘ALLOOSH IN AN AERIAL RAID BY THE SAAF AT HIS HQ IN THE EAST GHOUTA, SPECIFICALLY AT AL-‘AALIYA FARMS.  MORE TO COME LATER. HOMS:  Syria’s air force was very active over the eastern part of Homs Province today and yesterday in an effort to break ISIS fortifications as a prelude […]

Poles Protest the Islamic Invasion by Burning Jew Effigy Holding EU Flag

The Polish people have been organizing massive demonstrations against the influx of “refugees” into their country. They are a very nationalistic and proud people who realize the existential threat of “multiculturalism” and who is behind it – jews! While ensuring their own border security in Israel, jewish groups worldwide are demanding that White countries […]

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