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‘YOU Take YOUR Seat’: Biden Pictured Holding Cheat Sheet Instructing Him to Enter Room, Sit Down And ‘Say Hello’

White House Resident Joe Biden on Thursday was pictured holding a cheat sheet given to him by his handlers instructing him on how to enter a room, sit down and “say hello.”

Experts Baffled at Werewolf Pictured outside Amarillo, Texas Zoo

A newly released photograph appears to show a werewolf hanging around outside the perimeter fence of Amarillo Zoo in Texas. According to a Reddit thread, the original photograph ‘was posted in a private zookeeper Facebook […] The post Experts Baffled at Werewolf Pictured outside Amarillo, Texas Zoo appeared first on News Punch.

Elite Pedophiles Epstein and Maxwell Pictured in Queen Elizabeth’s Royal Cabin

A newly released photo shown to jurors in the Ghislaine Maxwell elite pedophile ring trial shows Jeffrey Epstein and Maxwell relaxing at Queen Elizabeth’s royal retreat at Balmoral. The bombshell photo was shown to jurors on the eighth day of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, and shows an ecstatic Maxwell relaxing on the porch next to […]

MP Who Claimed She Felt ‘Traumatized’ Around Maskless Is Pictured Partying Maskless

An MP who claimed she felt “traumatized” around people who refuse to wear masks posted a maskless photo of herself to Twitter partying with thousands of other maskless people. “I feel incredibly unsafe in the chamber,” when conservatives don’t wear masks, Labour MP Zarah Sultana complained during a recent BBC News interview. Zarah Sultana: “I […]

MP Who Claims She Feels “Unsafe” Around Maskless is Pictured Partying Maskless

An MP who claimed she felt “unsafe” around people who don’t wear masks proudly posted maskless photos of herself to Twitter enjoying a party surrounded by people not wearing masks. Whoops. “I feel incredibly unsafe in the chamber,” when Tories don’t wear masks Labour MP Zarah Sultana stated during a recent BBC News interview. Zarah […]

Berlin police apologise after officers pictured doing press-ups on Holocaust memorial

Berlin’s police chief has apologised after officers were pictured exercising on the city’s Holocaust memorial. Images published by B.Z. showed uniformed police learning on one of the monument’s slabs to practice press-ups. The newspaper said the pictures were taken from a video filmed by one of the officers during a holiday weekend in May. Berlin […]

Pictured: ISIS Riding in a U.S. MARK-1 Plumbing Truck

By infostormer -October 11, 20210 The Taliban has said that they will not work with the United States to help stop the CIA-supported ISIS-K terrorists from blowing things up in Afghanistan. It’s funny that this ISIS-K group was reportedly just hanging out in the mountains doing almost nothing since the mid 2010s, and the moment the United […]

Maskless Nancy Pelosi Pictured Hanging Out with America Hating Marxist George Soros and Son This Past Weekend — Evans News Report

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Pictured Are Poppy Fields That Taliban Will Not Put Up With

How U.S. Military Treated Prisoners-They Murdered Them: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to navigationJump to searchA sally port used in the transfer of internees to and from the 12-man cells during the nine years that the “temporary” facility was in use. In 2005, The New York Times obtained a 2,000-page United States Army investigatory report concerning the homicides of two unarmed civilian Afghan prisoners by U.S. military […]

Seven Geniuses Who Were/Are “Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Factists” or Whistleblowers! Pictured is Symbol of These Slavers.

Seven Geniuses Who Were / Are “Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theorists” By Mike King Henry Adams / (1838 – 1918) Henry Adams of Massachusetts was a prolific author, political journalist, historian and member of the Adams political family; descended from President John Adams (his great grandfather) and John Quincy Adams (his grandfather). He was a Harvard graduate at a time […]

Modern Medicine is MONEY Motivated (Pictured Graviola – Natural Cancer Cure)

[embedded content] 1. Filled with Beneficial Antioxidants that May Help Reduce Eye Disease Many of the potential guanabana benefits are thought to be derived from its antioxidant properties. (1) Studies show that the phytonutrients found in the fruit are high in antioxidant compounds, including alkaloids, saponins, terpenoids, flavonoids, coumarins, lactones, anthraquinones, tannins, cardiac glycosides, phenols and phytosterols. […]

How Narcissists Affect Others (Pictured Malignant Narcissists)

Kate FessWhat annoyed you today? Being greeted with this. For those of you who don’t know me, I am a person who suffers from Narcissistic personality disorder and I’m here on quora to shed some light on the topic. A lot of my answers are brutally honest to the point it doesn’t make me look […]

13 Illuminutti Families: We Love Slaves But Don’t Want N_____s In Our Families (Pictured Synagogue of Satan Members)

abdelkarim elhawassGénéral  janvier 25, 2019 4 Minutes The Rothschild family joined the Orange House of Holland (Royal Family) to found the Bank of Amsterdam in the early 1600s, becoming the first private central bank in the world. In the 1600s, the Dutch with the Rotschilds built in a short time an immense colonial empire. They thus demonstrated […]

K-pop star apologizes after posting photo pictured next to Nazi imagery

K-pop star Sowan issued an apology after posting photos of her posing next to a mannequin donned in a Nazi uniform on her official Instagram page.Sowan is a member of the all-female Korean pop group GFriend, and took the photos in November. She currently has over 800,000 followers on Instagram.Sowan deleted the post “when she […]

Doctor Who Demanded Mandatory Mask Law Pictured Partying Maskless on Boat Surrounded by Bikini-Clad Women

Mirroring rhetoric from others in the industry, a spokesperson for Korean Air has said there’s a “real possibility” airlines will mandate passengers take a COVID-19 vaccine before being allowed to travel. “South Korea’s largest airline has a similar message,” reports ABC News. “Jill Chung, a spokesperson for Korean Air, said Tuesday there’s a real possibility […]

The CoVID Plan is the ZIONIST Rockefeller Plan (They’re Part of the British Empire-Pictured Are Rockefellers & Rothschilds)

by Admin · November 23, 2020 They hypothesize a simulated global outbreak required steps, various phases, overall timelines, and expected outcomes. This was posited in the Rockefeller Lockstep 2010: Create a very contagious but super low mortality rate virus to fit the needed plan. Using SARS, HIV, Hybrid Research Strain created at Fort Dietrich Class […]

Crime Syndicate Masquerading as U.S. Gov’t [Zionist Mafia] Sanctions Iran (Pictured: Starving Infant Thanks to U.S. Crime Syndicate Due to “Sanctions”)

By infostormer -October 9, 20200 The FBI has announced that they have seized 92 web domains alleged to be controlled by Iran. They justified the seizures by claiming they were promoting “fake news.” RT: Washington has announced a new sanctions package against Iran, hitting the country’s financial sector and targeting 18 major banks. Tehran has branded the […]

Why the Global Financial COLLAPSE is now IMMINENT {Pictured Red Shield of Rothshild ZIONISTS Engineering Global Collapse}

Comment: The Collapse will be the collapse of all overprinted currencies thanks to the Rothschild Central Banks installed globally in every country save 3. Why the global financial COLLAPSE is now IMMINENT blob:

Prince Andrew Pedophile is pictured inside pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s £63million mansion

Prince Andrew Pedophile is pictured inside pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s £63million mansion of depravity nine years ago EXCLUSIVE: Prince Andrew is pictured inside paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s £63million mansion of depravity nine years ago… so how did he miss signs of the billionaire’s sexual deviance? Duke was spotted peering around the door of the billionaire’s Manhattan home on […]

Disclosure? Clinton Sticking To Promise: US CAN Handle UFO Truth

Last year, Hillary Clinton said that she would declassify government UFO documents in the United States. Now, numerous mainstream media outlets are reporting that Hillary Clinton and her chief of staff are adamant that not only will the US be able to “handle” the truth about UFO’s, but that Hillary Clinton intends to make the declassification […]

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