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Global warming fraud exposed in pictures

Global warming fraud exposed in pictures  October 4th, 2019  Jesus Christ ✝   (Natural News) Climate change alarmists have convinced the public something must be done now. The reports are easily debunked as fraud. (Article by Mish republished from My Gift To Climate Alarmists Tony Heller does an amazing job of showing how the fraud takes place in […]

PICTURES: Palestinians Celebrate, Hand out Candy After Terror Attack that Killed 5 in Tel Aviv

Palestinians in multiple cities came out in droves to celebrate a shooting attack by a terrorist in a Tel Aviv suburb on Tuesday evening that killed five people. Source

The world since 9/11: The last 20 years in pictures

Here’s a look in pictures at the 20 years since 9/11, charting the subsequent “war on terror” and its wider impact on world events. 2001: 9/11 Coordinated plane attacks on the Twin Towers in New York and the Pentagon claim nearly 3,000 lives. It is the worst terrorist attack in history. The response from the […]

N.Y. synagogue illustrates iconic Jewish psalm with pictures of occupied Jerusalem

We keep an eye on Jewish institutions that conflate the Jewish religion and Zionism, and here’s a glaring example. In the month leading up to the High Holidays, it is Jewish tradition to recite Psalm 27 every day. The psalm is about a person seeking salvation through oneness with the Lord. Its verses includes a […]

Yemeni army releases pictures of Saudi troops, Sudanese mercs captured during Jizan operation

By VT Editors -June 15, 2021 This picture released by the media bureau of Yemen’s Operations Command Center on June 14, 2021 shows some Saudi troops and Sudanese mercenaries captured during a recent operation in Saudi Arabia’s Jizan. The media bureau of Yemen’s Operations Command Center has published the pictures and interviews of a number of Saudi troops […]

In pictures: Thousands protest in Brussels against COVID restrictions

Thousands of people descended on La Cambre woods in Brussels on Saturday for a party and protest march designed to flout COVID-19 restrictions. The participants then marched on the European Union’s headquarters, protesting against ongoing safety measures and calling on Europeans to claim back their freedom, amid minor tussles with police. The marchers were dispersed […]

Pictures: Anti-Israel Protesters March in Chicago Cheering Palestinian Terror Attacks

Downtown Chicago streets were flooded Wednesday afternoon by thousands of protesters damning Israel’s ongoing acts of self defense from attack by Palestinian terror rockets. Israeli flags were torn and protesters chanted anti-Israel slogans as they marched in their support of Palestinian terror organization Hamas and its random strikes. The demonstration occurred as Israel continued a […]

90-year-old man keeps his love alive despite pandemic | In pictures

Since the coronavirus pandemic struck Spain, it has separated Xavier Antó and Carmen Panzano, both in their nineties. The couple has been married for 65 years and never before spent so much time apart. The Barcelona nursing home where Carmen lives closed to visitors more than a year ago to protect residents from COVID-19. Xavier […]

In pictures: Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh laid to rest at UK’s Windsor Castle

Prince Philip was laid to rest on Saturday in a ceremony at Windsor Castle that honoured his lifetime of service to the United Kingdom, the crown and his wife of more than 70 years, Queen Elizabeth II. The funeral ceremony at St. George’s Chapel was attended by just 30 family members due to coronavirus restrictions. […]

Leaked: Videos & Pictures of ‘Pyramid Shaped UFOs’ Above U.S. Navy Destroyer Ship

A few years ago, the Pentagon released video footage of a military encounter of UFOs with Navy fighter pilots, the Navy has since confirmed the authenticity of the videos and the pilots involved in the encounter have gone on record speaking about their experience, as have hundreds of other military pilots from around the world […]

Volcano has erupted in Iceland near Reykjavik – In pictures

A volcano erupted near Iceland’s capital Reykjavik on Friday, shooting lava high into the night sky after thousands of small earthquakes in recent weeks. The eruption occurred near Fagradalsfjall, a mountain on the Reykjanes Peninsula, around 30 km (19 miles) southwest of the capital. Some four hours after the initial eruption at 2045 GMT – […]

Mount Etna’s show, a Victorian house relocated in San Francisco, new photos from Mars | In pictures

This week Europe’s most active volcano Mount Etna put on spectacular show, a 139-year-old Victorian house was relocated on the streets of San Francisco, and NASA released new photos and videos taken by their Perseverance rover on Mars. These and other stories from the week were captured by photographers around the world. A fiery river […]

NASA’s historic landing on Mars, clashes in Spain, the Texas freeze | In pictures

This week, the NASA Mars rover made its historic landing on the Red Planet, protesters in Madrid and Barcelona clashed with police amid rallies in support of rap artist Pablo Hasél after his controversial arrest, and in the US, Texas was hit by the unusually cold weather, seriously disrupting power and water supplies to thousands […]

‘Iconic!’: NASA’s Perseverance sends first pictures after Mars landing

NASA’s Mars landing team was on “cloud nine” Friday after getting the first close-up pictures of a rover descending to the dusty red surface. The best photo was released less than 24 hours after the Perseverance rover successfully touched down near an ancient river delta. Perseverance can be seen in stunning detail just 6 1/2 […]

Snow blankets New York City bringing delays and disruption | In pictures

These were the scenes in New York City after the region was hit by a major snowstorm. It caused huge disruption: halting public transport, cancelling flights and closing schools and COVID-19 vaccination sites. But it wasn’t all bad: cross-country skiers were spotted enjoying themselves in Central Park, while these two, pictured above, made “snow angels” […]

In Pictures: Ten Arrested During Toronto Lockdown Protests

TORONTO, Canada: Ten people were arrested on Saturday during protests in Toronto against the strict Wuhan coronavirus lockdown measures implemented by the Ontario government. The ten people were all arrested at Toronto’s Yonge and Dundas Square on Saturday, which saw a large crowd first gather at around noon before eventually walking toward the Ontario legislature […]

This week in pictures: Trump’s impeachment, extreme weather in the Balkans, earthquake in Indonesia

This week the House of Representatives voted to impeach US president President Trump once again, as security was tightened in Washington DC after last week’s riots in the Capitol. Extreme weather battered the Balkans with snow, floods and ice. An earthquake struck Indonesia’s Sulawesi island, leaving buildings collapsed and rescue teams searching for survivors. Here’s […]

This week in pictures: Trump supporters in Capitol, snow record in Spain, waste islands in Bosnia

This week five people died after a mob broke into the US Capitol building while Congress met to certify Joe Biden’s win. While in Europe, Spain recorded its coldest ever temperature ever at -35.8°C, floating waste was shown clogging a river in Bosnia, and the EU admitted a sharp rise in illegal sea crossings (with […]

In pictures: Guns drawn as lawmakers scramble amid US Capitol breach

Pictures from inside the US Capitol revealed unprecedented scenes of guns drawn in the House of Representatives and hand-to-hand combat with police after protesters stormed the building. The nation’s elected representatives scrambled to crouch under desks and donned gas marks, while police tried to barricade the building in one of the most jarring scenes ever […]

Jewish life in 2020: A year in pictures

For the Jewish community, 2020 has been historic, turbulent and revelatory. The year began with 25,000 people, Jews and non-Jews, marching across the Brooklyn Bridge to take a stand against antisemitism, and it seemed this could be a year of growing awareness of the fight against Jew hatred — a year of possibility during which […]

In pictures: Major 2020 events that were not about COVID-19

2020 was a year like no other. Even though it will be remembered most for the pandemic, there were other events that shaped the world as we know it today. Browse through this selection of photographs to remember some of them. MEPs sing and hold hands after approving the UK’s withdrawal from the EU during […]

Thomas Kennington’s Pictures of Poverty and Hope

‘Portrait of Red Bearded Man’ (1875) by Thomas Kennington. Not a single image of the artist to be found online, was this a self-portrait though? Thomas Kennington was an artist who, in spite of being a very high profile painter (judging by the outstanding portraits he created), dedicated many of his works to serious social […]

This week in pictures: floods in Venice, negotiations in Brussels, unrest in Albania

This week, high tides flooded St. Mark’s Square in Venice after a new system of inflatable barriers to prevent water from inundating the city wasn’t activated. On Friday, EU leaders agreed to cut greenhouse gas emissions at least 55% by 2030 after negotiations at the summit in Brussels lasted all night. Meanwhile, Albania’s interior minister […]

Pictures of the week: Europe pandemic pressure, Mediterranean tragedy, Crete floods

Health systems across Europe are straining under the pressure of the pandemic. Italy is one of the countries hit hardest by the second wave, logging one million total cases of coronavirus infections on Wednesday. Heavy flooding on the Greek island of Crete has damaged roads, flooded hundreds of homes and swept cars into the sea. […]

Pictures Of Archie Beston’s Stabber Released

MyLondon: The thug who got out of a van and stabbed teenager Archie Beston to death and knifed another young man has been pictured for the first time. Archie, 19, was out with friends in Kingston when he saw a van being deliberately driven towards a 19-year-old man on Clarence Street at 3.40am on Saturday, […]

Nigger Caught Licking Peoples Feet And Taking Pictures Of It In Public

Fox: It was an unusual arrest out of Covington after police said a man took pictures and licked several women’s feet outside stores in the area. Police said Barry Brewer, 22, told the women he was working on a project. […] Investigators said three women have come forward with claims Brewer approached them asking to […]

Prayers in a pandemic: Yom Kippur in pictures

Some were in synagogues, others in the street, in yards, at drive-in services or on Zoom, but for all, this year’s Yom Kippur was different from any seen before as the second wave of the coronavirus surged around the world. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged Israelis not to attend indoor synagogue services during the fast, but […]

In pictures: Migrants attempt to cross from France to England

The number of migrants attempting to cross to England from northern France has spiralled during the summer. It’s part of a general upward trend: authorities say 6,200 migrants attempted the crossing in the first eight months of this year, compared with 2,294 for the whole of 2019. On Tuesday, 88 migrants were rescued during five […]

Popular Children’s App Allegedly Requests Minor To Take Naked Pictures

A shocking claim, made by one parent in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, alleges a popular smartphone app designed for children asked a  5-year-old user to take naked pictures of themselves and siblings while in the bathroom and threatened to strangle the child if they didn’t comply, reported WBAL Baltimore. Anne Arundel County police learned about the incident on Wednesday (Sept. […]

This week in pictures: The most striking images from this week’s top stories

This week Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny posted a photo of himself from hospital and said that he was breathing on his own in his first statement since his suspected poisoning. The EU parliament passed a non-binding resolution to impose sanctions on Belarus’ leader Alexander Lukashenko over his disputed re-election and violence perpetrated against protesters. […]

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