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PLAIN STUPIDITY: Pharmaceutical front group American Academy of Pediatrics condemns natural breastfeeding, calling it “ethically problematic”

(NaturalNews) Is it bad for modern medicine to promote breastfeeding as the optimal way for a mother to feed her baby? According to the American Academy of… Source

The Serial Killer Hiding in Plain Sight

DOWNEY, Calif — For months, Toby watched the apartment complex in this quiet, working class Los Angeles suburb every chance he got. He came on his lunch break, after work, on the weekends between his daughter’s playdates. He could tell you the best place to park—by Jimmy's Burgers around the corner—and the nearest liquor store. […]

Aug 23 – Satanist Conspiracy Hidden in Plain Sight

(credit- Please send links and comments to [email protected] The Communist conspiracy wouldn’t last a day if the mass media were doing its job Although the Satanist psychopaths are explicit about their intention to enslave us,  this information is not found in the mass media.  If you google Agenda 2030, you find practically nothing in the […]

Gingrich: Biden’s Behaviour In Maui Was “Just Plain Frightening”

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich encapsulated Joe Biden’s jaw droppingly disastrous fly by of Maui on Monday, calling it “beyond just being heartless.” “I think this visit to Maui frankly is just plain frightening,” Gingrich said, adding “How can you have a commander-in-chief who is totally out of touch with reality, who makes […]

Plain Sailing: Shapes And Speed In Historic Naval Designs

During the 1700s, European naval studies were decisive and very important, so much so that espionage by Spain and France against England for military and naval purposes alone had become a real scourge.  Read more Section:  News Premium Preview Read Later  Source

Hidden in Plain Sight: Pfizer Meaning in Hebrew Goes Viral Following Grammys Sponsorship

As this year’s Pfizer sponsored Grammys performance continues to dominate the online conversation, internet sleuths discovered that the name ‘Pfizer’ appears to mean something Satanic in Hebrew. “Do you know that Pfizer spelled backwards is […] The post Hidden in Plain Sight: Pfizer Meaning in Hebrew Goes Viral Following Grammys Sponsorship appeared first on News […]

CHEATING IN PLAIN VIEW: Arizona judge bans anyone from using cameras to catch ballot stuffing MULES at drop boxes

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) A Trump-appointed federal judge this week has delivered a blow to election integrity in Arizona.There, a group called Clean Elections USA was using cellphone cameras to monitor ballot drop boxes in order to prevent the kind of election theft that occurred there and in several other battleground states in 2020, costing … [Read […]

The International Abortion Battle Is Hiding In Plain Sight 

Commentary For most Americans, the domestic battle over abortion is the only visible one. However, the much harder to detect international fight over abortion is one they should be watching. For decades, there has been a dishonest and unrelenting pressure campaign at the U.N. to cajole member nations into declaring abortion a human right, regardless […]

Pedophilia, child trafficking, Satan Worship, Bloodletting. In Plain View.

CIA Officer Kevin Shipp calls out QAnon as a Psy Op or Psychological Operation run by Military Intelligence. In Out of Shadows, Shipp played fast and loose with the facts, claiming the CIA “invented” the phrase “conspiracy theory” to discredit skeptics after the JFK assassination, though the term dates back to at least as early as 1870. […]

Peculiar Ancient Megalithic Civilizations Hidden in Plain Sight -Accepted History is Bull S#it!

There have been civilizations before this one which were far superior in technological knowledge than our “modern” one. Some of these structures our “modern” society with our best technology and heaviest lifting equipment can not replicate.But we are to believe it was done by primitive humans with bronze hammers and chisels, then moved by rolling […]

Why Most People Refuse To See Through Covid Hoax Even Now When Its Plain Obvious

A pandemic with a death rate of less than .25% is not a pandemic. A virus with no symptoms is not a sickness. People are barred from society for refusing an experimental gene therapy posing as a “vaccine.” They re-branded and weaponized the common flu. We’ve entered the twilight zone folks. This is BLACK MAGIC. […]

The Plain of Jars: A Megalithic Archaeological Mystery in Laos

The Plain of Jars on the Xieng Khouang plain of Laos is one of the most enigmatic archaeological points of interest on Earth. The unusual scattering of thousands of megalithic jars across nearly one hundred sites deep in the mountains of northern Laos has fascinated archaeologists and scientists ever since their discovery in the 1930s. A […]

Ukrainian spy / agent hiding in plain sight

CSIS mandate is to investigate and advise the Government of Canada on threats to national security. CSIS has stated that “Espionage and foreign interference pose a significant threat to our economic prosperity and national interests. … Certain hostile states attempt to gather Canadian political, economic, and military information through clandestine means, both in Canada and […]

‘Hijacking of democracy in plain sight’: Georgia GOP transforms 2-page bill into 93-page assault on voting rights

Democratic lawmakers and civil rights groups are accusing Georgia state Republicans of launching an ambush attack on the franchise after GOP lawmakers transformed a two-page bill limiting who is permitted to send absentee ballot applications into a sprawling 93-page omnibus package that would significantly alter election laws and curtail voting rights. The anger began to build Wednesday afternoon when Republican lawmakers […]

Elusive Mount Sinai, Hidden In Plain Site In Egypt

Many locations have been proposed for the biblical Mount Sinai. One of the latest sites is Jebel Madhbah near Petra, and while this and the classical site for Mount Sinai are all possibilities, there exists a radical new alternative which is more logical, evidential and far more provocative. The rugged desert mountains previously suggested would […]

The Insane Asylum Called the United States-Satanism In Plain View as Satanists Dress Up Little Boys in Dresses For SEX

By infostormer -June 27, 20194 I’m just catching up on some of the things that happened during last night’s Democrat debate. There was so much stupid shit said that you could literally write a novel about it. But one of the most retarded things said during the debate was when Julian Castro said he supported abortions for trans […]

Violence Against Indigenous Peoples Is Happening In Plain Sight

It’s been just over one year since the RCMP raided Wet’suwet’en camps along the route of the Coastal Gas Link (CGL) LNG pipeline in Northern B.C. Brandishing guns and tactical gear, the RCMP arrested dozens of Indigenous land defenders and supporters who defied an injunction obtained by CGL to not impede the construction right of way. The […]

Hidden in plain sight: The “unimpeachable” offenses

Impeachment dramas on Capitol Hill have routinely skipped over a question that we should be willing to ask even if Congress won’t: “What about a president’s unimpeachable offenses?” The question is the flip side of one that Republican Gerald Ford candidly addressed when he was the House minority leader 50 years ago: “What, then, is an impeachable […]

Hidden in Plain Sight: The Pterodactyl of New Guinea

Throughout history, every major culture has stories of reptilian monsters who threatened their livelihood. From the Egypt to India, and even the Sioux Nation, tales of these flying dinosaurs or winged lizards have filled the cultural imagination of societies throughout the ages. Today we explore the possible depiction of the pterodactyl, a genus of pterosaur, […]

Giving Life the Electric Chair — The Plain Physics & Biophysics of Phone & WiFi Radiation

 Giving Life the Electric Chair — The Plain Physics & Biophysics of Phone & WiFi Radiation Activist Post / Activist Post By Peter Tocci In plain language, technical aspects of a terminal threat to life are discussed, whereby “responsible,” “safer”, and “safe” technology become oxymorons. Even cursory technical understanding could help people see more […]

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