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KulturKampf: Hobbes’ Leviathan Pt. 1

The Right Stuff July 17, 2016 This week’s episode the Camera stellata discusses the first half of Thomas Hobbes’ most influential work, The Leviathan, and its relevancy to todays current cultural crisis. Show Notes Source Article from

Pakistan’s Military-Industrial Complex: Providing Nuclear Warheads to Saudi Arabia?

ISIS’ Fallujah factories made rockets & ammo on ‘almost industrial scale’ – investigation

The investigation by Conflict Armament Research (CAR) goes beyond common perceptions of the terror group that see it as a bunch of fanatics dependent on supplies from the outside world. “Effective organization and a strict division of labor has allowed Islamic State forces to manufacture improvised weapons on a quasi-industrial scale,” CAR wrote in a […]

Diary Of A Brexit Watcher

Diary Of A Brexit Watcher Diary Articles Diary Of A Brexit WatcherBy Brother Nathanael Kapner June 29, 2016 ©___________________________________ DEAR DIARY, LATELY I’VE BEEN READING that a majority of Brits voted to leave the European Union. Along with this, I read that the Jewish-owned media and Jew-bought shills like David Cameron are spinning the vote […]

The Death Cult: Skipping Towards the Graveyard

Silas ReynoldsDaily Stormer June 29, 2016 I was cautiously dropping red pills on some SWPL colleagues of mine while at lunch recently. The normies brought up the high level of promiscuity of their homosexual friends and heroin use. One of the normies mentioned that her homosexual friend transitioned from casually smoking dope to becoming a […]

Russian Navy’s brand new icebreaker Ilya Muromets floats off (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Work on the ship, which is built to explore northern latitudes, started in April 2015 and is expected to finish in late 2017. It is the first icebreaker completed in Russia in 40-45 years for the Navy, according to news agencies. The vessel is designed to have a cruising range of 12,000 nautical miles and […]

Dozens Shot Over Memorial Day Weekend As The Collapse Of Chicago Accelerates

Chaos and violence threaten to spiral out of control in America’s third largest city, and nobody seems to have any idea how to solve the problem.  After decades of control by the radical left, many parts of the “Windy City” have become rotting, decaying, gang-infested hellholes.  Just like Detroit, the city of Chicago […]

Women largely equate self-worth with appearance, explaining their hypersensitivity to aging

(NaturalNews) The following is an excerpt from Denise Foley and Eileen Nechas’ book, Women’s Encyclopedia of Health & Emotional Healing, available for purchase here. Some women develop a sense of their own aging and begin the transition from youth into middle age in their thirties. Some begin in their forties, some even as […]

‘They’re trying to blow up our unity’: RT talks to terror spree survivors in Tartus & Jableh

Four car bombs and three suicide bombers shook the relatively peaceful existence of the two Mediterranean cities, known for their loyalty to Damascus. According to the Syrian foreign ministry, terrorists first detonated a car bomb at the main bus station in Tartus, which was immediately followed by two suicide bomb explosions, one inside the bus […]

Neo’s Passport In The Matrix Expired On September 11, 2001

Many eerie references in film, TV and music were made to 9/11 before the attacks actually occurred. Among them is a passport for the character Neo in the film The Matrix, released in 1999.  In the film, Neo’s passport is clearly shown to have an expiration date of ’11 SEP 01′ – a weird coincidence some two […]

Tsipras: Greece will not tolerate Erdogan’s violation of the country’s sovereignty

     Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said that Athens would continue its joint efforts with other NATO states to improve alliance’s capabilities over the whole operational area in the Aegean Sea. Athens will not tolerate the actions of Ankara violating country’s sovereignty in the Aegean Sea, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said Friday. NATO ships […]

Norway’s $860 Billion Fund Drops 52 Companies Linked to Coal

Norway’s $860 Billion Fund Drops 52 Companies Linked to Coal April 17th, 2016 Via: Bloomberg: Norway’s $860 billion sovereign wealth fund unveiled the first list of miners and power producers to be excluded from its portfolio following a ban on coal investments. The 52 […]

Confessions Of A Panama Papers Hit Man

John Perkins, GuestWaking Times As an Economic Hit Man (EHM) in the 1970s I spent a great deal of time in Panama. I hate to admit it, but I helped forge the system that has now been exposed in the Panama Papers. It is a system of legalized crimes. How else can […]

French Occupy-like movement, born of anti-law-reform rallies, gains national momentum

French students have for more than a month been rallying against labor law reforms recently proposed by Labor Minister Myriam El Khomri. The authorities are desperately trying to battle high unemployment and have suggested cutting overtime pay for work beyond 35 hours. Employers would pay only 10 percent of overtime bonus, instead of the current […]

Exploding meteor fireball brightens night sky in Albacete, Spain

     This bright exploding meteor turned the night sky into day for a fraction of a second on 31 March 2016. The fireball was filmed over Spain at 2:36am UTC (4:36am local time). The event was produced by the impact of a cometary fragment with the atmosphere at a velocity of about 90.000 km/h. The […]

Were Twin Comets The Final Hopi Prophecy Before Nibiru Arrival?

The Hopi Indians are thought by many to be not only the descendants of the Lemurian people, but also the most “spiritually enlightened” group to have ever set foot on our planet. People who have researched the Hopi say that the “sun’s twin star” is destined to return to Earth’s orbit every 3,600 years. Could […]

US evacuating military and civilian personnel from Turkey over security concerns

     Citing security concerns in Turkey, the Department of Defense has ordered the evacuation of US military families and civilians from Adana, Izmir and Mugla, as well as the Incirlik air base. Nearly 700 dependents are affected by the order. This decision “allows for the deliberate, safe return of family members from these areas due […]

USA-backed Saudi coalition responsible for two-thirds of civilian casualties in Yemen

The United Nations has for months stated that the U.S.-backed Saudi-led coalition, which has been waging a destructive war in Yemen since late March 2015, is responsible for two-thirds of civilian casualties there.  Rupert Colville, spokesman for the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, once again confirmed this fact in a March 4 press briefing. […]

Calais: 3 Identitarians Imprisoned Over Protest

The New Observer March 15, 2016 Three members of the French Identitarian movement have been sentenced to three months in prison for their participation in last weekend’s blocking of the roads leading to the Calais Jungle. News of the sentencing was broken by Génération Identitaire on their website with a statement which promised that they […]

It will take education, not just legislation, to tackle cybercrime

Butler & Butler (TC) : South Africa’s government is taking cybercrime seriously. The revised version of its Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill, which was published in August 2015, is set to be released during 2016. Cybercriminals take advantage of computer users’ lack of education about their methods. Shutterstock The bill is a crucial and welcome step […]

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