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Standing portion of Miami building demolished in controlled explosion as storm Elsa approaches

The precarious, still-standing portion of a collapsed South Florida condo building has been demolished in a series of controlled explosions. The decision to carry out the operation came amid mounting concerns that the damaged structure was at risk of falling, endangering search and rescue crews below – and preventing them from operating in some areas. […]

My Plant Based Renaissance — A poem for Torah Portion Emor

An ox or sheep you shall not slaughter itand its offspring in one day.-Leviticus 22:28 When I was a boy I used to go fishing atthe Erie Canal in the heart of the Empire State. I’ve already told you about howI never ate the fish I caught but did I mention the time another boywho […]

Blood, and Nudity and Moloch (Oh, My) — A poem for Torah Portion Acharei Mot-Kedoshim

Therefore, I said to the children of Israel:None of you shall eat bloodLeviticus 17:12 Rest assured, God, Adonai, Holy OneUnseen Savior, Invisible to the point ofwondering what sounds You makeor bath salts You use, as a vegetarian(and, I guess, by law as a Jew) no bloodwill pass through these lips, as I view itas sacred […]

I Wouldn’t Get Used to This – a poem for Torah Portion Tazria-Metzora

If a man loses the hair on [the back of] his head,he is bald. He is clean.Leviticus 13:40 No one complains when babies are baldbut let a few decades go by and if the skinof our heads becomes visible, it becomes a thing. Industries have arisen to help us deal withthis affliction. Wigs, magic hair […]

The Triple Salting — A poem for Torah Portion Vayikra

And you shall salt every one of your meal offering sacrificeswith salt, and you shall not omit the salt…Leviticus 2:13 If there’s one thing I’ve learned fromthe cooking competition shows of the world, it’sif you don’t season your food you will lose. This is ancient knowledge that comesfrom the book of Leviticus where the Lordexpresses […]

Punica Granatum — A poem for Torah Portion Tetzaveh

And on its bottom hem you shall make pomegranatesExodus 28:33 In our home, which will, soonno longer be our home, we plantedBiblical fruits in all the available spaces. The pomegranate is the only onestill with us. The poor almond treefirst a feast for the possums – rarely allowing us a taste despiteits many blossoms, eventually […]

China To Expand Weather Modification Program & Make A Large Portion of Their Climate Artificial

The Facts: Data from the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) shows, as of today, 929 deaths, 316 permanent disabilities and more than 15,000 adverse reactions reported after of the COVID-19 vaccine. Reflect On: Should private institutions/companies have the right to mandate this vaccine for people and employees? When it comes to vaccines, should […]

My Expensive Tastes: An Origin Story — A poem for Torah Portion Terumah

And you shall make a menorah of pure gold.    Exodus 25:31 When the first thing we were asked to makerequired us to use solid gold, gold taken from our former captors, it explained allmy expensive tastes. My solid gold houseMy fat wallet My trees, bedazzled withjewel-encrusted fruit. The groceries we order fromthe solid gold […]

Can I Have My Cow Back? — A poem for Torah Portion Mishpatim

After Exodus 22:4-26 Some of our best laws are here – If a fire goes forth and finds thorns… …then congratulate the fire forliving above its expectations andfinding what it needs. If a man gives his neighbor a donkeyfor safekeeping… I’ve been dreaming of receivingdonkeys with all the trust implied.I’ve been imagining a safe donkey-shelterin […]

The Wisdom of In-Laws – a poem for Torah Portion Yitro

Moses obeyed his father in law,and he did all that he said.Exodus 18:24 When I first met my father-in-lawnaturally, he was suspicious.Who was this man, who was not him?Who had not supplied his daughterwith a lifetime of foreign dollsor a baby grand piano, or music lessonsor decades of food and shelter?Who had flown across the […]

The Biggest Things – A poem for Torah Portion Beshalach

“and the waters were to them as a wallfrom their right and from their left.”Exodus 14:22 I like to visit places that have the biggest things.If a city has a wall, or a tower or a building withan observation deck, if I can go up a funicularor there’s a trip to a mountain available whereI […]

Final Arrangements – A poem for Torah Portion Vayechi

And Israel said to Joseph, “Behold, I am going to die……And I have given you one portion over your brothers…”Genesis 48:21-22 Someone I know once called to makefuneral arrangements for his mother whohadn’t died yet. The doctors made it clear the outcomewas inevitable, but, maybe let the eyes closeone last time before you make the […]

From Darkness to Wisdom — Thoughts on Torah Portion Vayeitzei 2020

I can imagine Jacob justifiably bemoaning his fate as he trudges toward Paddam Aram. Jacob was the one, the Bible tells us, who was the dweller in tents. The Midrash explains that this does not mean that he dwelt in tents at the campsite, but rather studied in the tents of “Shem and Eber,” the […]

Love Like Jacob – a poem for Torah portion Vateze

So Jacob worked for Rachel seven years,but they appeared to him like a few daysbecause of his love for her.            Genesis 29:20 I first knew about love when I wasthirteen years old, in junior high schoolwhich was kind to me in no other way. I don’t want to deceive youIt’s […]

Russia Currently Holds A Large Portion Of America’s Debt

Russia has continued its trend of buying up American debt, gobbling a whopping $13.5 in U.S. government bonds in March alone. This racks up the former Soviet empire’s total holdings of U.S. Treasury securities to nearly $100 billion, as reported by CNN Money. March marked the third month in a row that Putin focused on […]

FLASHBACK: WikiLeaks Clinton cables portray Saudi Arabia as a cash machine for terrorists

     Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest source of funds for Islamist militant groups such as the Afghan Taliban and Lashkar-e-Taiba – but the Saudi government is reluctant to stem the flow of money, according to Hillary Clinton. “More needs to be done since Saudi Arabia remains a critical financial support base for al-Qaida, the […]

Reporter gets angry and tells us the REAL news

Reporter gets angry and tells us the REAL news Filed under: Britain, Cameron, Jeremy Corbyn, UK, War on Syria Source Article from

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