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‘It’s not over,’ Netanyahu says, as Israel continues to pound Gaza with airstrikes

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to “reach” Palestinian Hamas militants “everywhere,” adding that they will pay a “heavy price” for attacking Israeli cities amid ongoing Israeli airstrikes targeting Gaza. “I said we would exact a very heavy price from Hamas and other terror groups, and we are doing so and will continue to […]

Israeli Tanks Pound Gaza Ahead Of Possible Ground Incursion

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — Israeli artillery pounded northern Gaza early Friday in an attempt to destroy a vast network of militant tunnels inside the territory, the military said, bringing the front lines closer to dense civilian areas and paving the way for a potential ground invasion. Israel has massed troops along the border […]

Alan Turing, LGBTQ WWII Code Breaker, Honored On Britain’s 50-Pound Note

LONDON (AP) — The rainbow flag is flying proudly Thursday above the Bank of England in the heart of London’s financial district to commemorate World War II codebreaker Alan Turing, the new face of Britain’s 50-pound note. The design of the bank note was unveiled before it is set to be formally issued to the […]

Rockets pound air base hosting US troops in Iraq, two days before Pope visit starts

A barrage of rockets pounded an Iraqi base hosting US-led coalition troops on Wednesday just two days before Pope Francis is due to arrive in Iraq for the first ever papal visit to the country.  At least 10 rockets hit Ain al-Asad airbase in Anbar province at 7.20am, coalition spokesman Colonel Wayne Marotto said.  Speaking to […]


[embedded content] Source The United States has already started bearing the consequences of the decision of the Biden administration to halt the troop drawdown from the Greater Middle East. On February 15th, 14 rockets struck the area of the US military base near Erbil International Airport, 4 of them within the compound, 10 of which […]


South Front [embedded content] The first month of 2021 was marked by a new round of violence in Syria. The situation was especially complicated in Greater Idlib, northern Aleppo and in the central desert. On January 8, ISIS terrorists launched a large attack on government forces in the eastern countryside of Hama. After a series […]

Lobster Pound Used By Mi’kmaw Destroyed By Fire

Above photo: Twitter photo by Pierette d’Entremont. Mi’kmaq Warrior Peacekeepers now present as protection. Nova Scotia, Canada – Early this morning, a fire destroyed a lobster pound (building/facility) used by Mi’kmaw fishers in the fishing village of Middle West Pubnico, Nova Scotia. Global News reports: “The lobster pound is the same one that was swarmed, vandalized […]

‘Little Warrior’ Born Weighing Less Than a Pound Goes Home

Photo Credit: (The Christian Institute) — The parents of one of the smallest babies ever born in Australia have shared how their tiny baby has defied the odds to be allowed home. Baby Mimi Marks weighed just 13 oz. when she was born in April at only 26 weeks — 14 weeks premature. Since […]

The presidential election: “A 200-pound sack of concrete” vs. “the orange menace”

At a time when long-winded polemics and punditry about the upcoming presidential election are all over the place, a longtime progressive populist author and agitator has just summarized it all in less than a minute. “Hi, Jim Hightower here,” a just-released video begins, “with a message for progressives who don’t like Joe Biden’s corporate-hugging politics. Neither do […]

Sherborne Missal: 44-Pound Medieval Masterpiece Goes Digital

The British Museum has digitized one of the most remarkable Medieval books ever made in England. The Sherborne Missal contains many paintings on a vast array of subjects. Many of the images are masterpieces of English illumination art. Putting the Sherborne Missal into a digital format means that more people can admire this work of […]

Photos & Videos: Houthis Pound Saudi Capital And Military Facilities With Missiles

South Front The Houthis have released videos and photos showing their missile launches at the Saudi capital of Riyadh and military targets in Saudi Arabia. The videos and photos reportedly show tha April 12 launches. Recently, the Houthis have increased their missile attacks on Saudi Arabia. Some experts have already linked this move with the […]

MI6’s Secret ‘Multi-Million Pound’ Cold War Slush Fund

MI6’s Secret ‘Multi-Million Pound’ Cold War Slush Fund November 21st, 2017 Via: BBC: What was it for? C’s answer in 1952 is revealing. “He thought it right to have a large sum to meet such contingencies as (a) a very large inducement to some […]

Britain says no link between 400 million pound debt owed to Iran and jailed aid worker

Reuters – British Prime Minister Theresa May’s spokesman said on Thursday there was no link between a 400 million pound ($528 million) debt owed to Iran and the fate of a jailed Iranian-British aid worker. The Sun newspaper reported that Britain was preparing to pay the long-standing debt to help free Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, a project […]

Phenix City Man Died After Being Hit With Taser 19 Times and Pinned by 385-Pound Deputy

Alabama – The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals will hear arguments Thursday in the March 24, 2013 death of Phenix City resident Khari Neville Illidge after he was shot with a Taser 19 times and pinned on the ground by an officer. Attorney John Paul Schnapper-Casteras is representing Illidge’s mother, Gladis Callwood, in her civil […]

How to Make a Twenty-Pound Bag of INTENSE SURVIVAL SUPPLIES for a Fifteen-Mile Walk

Joe JonesDaily Stormer August 11, 2017 In a world where all of civilization collapses suddenly without any warning, one man working an office desk job will survive. Even though he probably has his car, running water at his work, food at his work, and only has to walk for about four hours, […]

Hate PLC: A Multimillion Pound Industry

By Gilad Atzmon In March 2016, the British government pledged 13.4 million pounds to the Community Security Trust (CST), a Jewish body that is committed to fighting hatred against one group only.  One would expect that with all that money, the CST would do its job and curb anti-Semitism. But the miracle is that the opposite […]

Large hailstones storm pound Omaha, Nebraska

     People across the Omaha area called insurance agents, roofers and glass repair shops Friday after a hailstorm tore through the region Thursday night. Rick Gobble spent his Friday morning doing what he called an “odd kind of spring cleaning”: vacuuming glass shards from his car and sweeping the remnants of the back windshield from […]

Brexit Britain on the Brink. Collapse of the Pound Sterling. “Theresa May, the Wrong Leader for this Perilous Moment”


The Trial of Ezra Pound

To mark 2008’s 50th anniversary of his release, historian Sean Street investigates how Ezra Pound (1885-1972), one of the 20th century’s most important poets, was accused of treason by the US Government and held for years in a mental hospital after he made a series of anti-American and anti-Semitic broadcasts in Italy. The programme investigates […]

Turning Disappointment to Advantage

When invited to address the prestigious London Forum event due to be held in Central London on July 2nd a variety of reasons precluded my being there. It was regrettable but unavoidable. Here was opportunity ~ a rare chance to meet old comrades and new. Set against such a wonderful backdrop of British Movement expansion, the […]

Brexit Infects Global Markets as Unprecedented Moves Accumulate

Email Us For general inquiries and advertising, email: Admin (at) Article submissions, tips, and feedback, email: Tips (at) Send us Snail Mail: P.O Box 8526 Round Rock, Tx 78683 Voicemail/TXT: Feel free to send us a message anytime (512) 222-3067 Source Article […]

TV Crew Accidentally Find Castaway on Deserted Island

In a story almost too surreal to be true, Animal Planet’s River Monsters crew was surveying the water near Australia’s Gulf of Carpentaria for plane crash ruins when they came across a fisherman on a deserted island who’d been separated by his boat and was “prepared to die,” the show’s director Stephen Shearman told He’d […]

48 Kemps Ridley turtles have washed ashore dead on Gulf Coast so far in 2016

     Dead turtles have recently washed ashore along the Gulf Coast, and members of the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies are working find out why. Officials are trying to determine if the turtle deaths are linked to the BP oil spill in the Gulf that happened in 2010, WLOX-TV reports. Wendy Hatchett, IMMS veterinarian technician, […]

4 Signs the Brussels Terror Attacks Timed to Support the New World Order Agenda

Makia Freeman, ContributorWaking Times A Brussels attack occurred yesterday on Tuesday March 22nd, 2016, in the capital city of Belgium and the European Union. Bombs were set off in Brussels metro station Maelbeek (right next to EU and NATO headquarters) and its Zaventem airport. At the time of writing, the toll is reported […]

Autonomous Weapon Systems and US Military Robotics: Unmanned Aerial and Ground Vehicles (UAV and UGV)

Ever since the second World War and especially during the Cold War era the idea of engineering an autonomous weapon system, also known as military robot, has taken deep roots throughout military circles all across the globe. From first specimens like Goliath tracked mines and Soviet Teletanks, which now look rather funny, to top tier […]

Dr. David Duke with new info exposing Zio Shabbat Goy Cruz and the Jewish Oligarchy that rules America!

Dr. David Duke with new info exposing Zio Shabbat Goy Cruz and the Jewish Oligarchy that rules America! Dr. Duke started the show by listing numerous examples of Ted Cruz’s dishonesty, from hiding the massive loans he has received from Goldman Sachs to the dirty tricks he played to steal Ben Carson’s Iowa supporters. He […]

Dr. David Duke with new info exposing Zio Shabbat Goy Cruz and the Jewish Oligarchy that rules America!

Dr. David Duke with new info exposing Zio Shabbat Goy Cruz and the Jewish Oligarchy that rules America! Dr. Duke started the show by listing numerous examples of Ted Cruz’s dishonesty, from hiding the massive loans he has received from Goldman Sachs to the dirty tricks he played to steal Ben Carson’s Iowa supporters. He […]

BREAKING: Louis Farrakhan and Donald Trump Just Teamed Up, We NEVER Expected THIS

Dean James AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS– Presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s controversial proposal to limit Muslims entering the United States until vital improvements are made in the vetting and screening process has caused a firestorm across the nation. Liberals, Muslims and even republicans have been hammering the Donald over his common-sense proposal but strangely enough, he has attracted support […]

The Saudi Dirty Role!

The Syria Times The ongoing in the region proves  further that the Saudi Monarchy of Al-Saud was created and invented as to achieve every sinister objective as to dismember, exploit and weaken Arabs’ desire for a suitable place in the life of world nations. The Saudi Monarchy, as a tool in the overt as well […]

The "Evil" that men do – Israel’s killing machine: "Bloody Friday" in Palestine

     Israel’s killing machine raged on Friday, continuing into Saturday. The Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) said Israeli forces wounded over 290 Palestinians yesterday alone, many seriously – 48 from live fire, 44 using rubber-coated steel bullets. Hundreds suffered from toxic tear gas inhalation. Maan News said “Israeli forces used Palestine TV reporter and cameraman […]

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