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World Famous Pathologist Dr. Arne Burkhardt’s Autopsy Slides Presented at European Parliament Proving COVID Vaccine Deaths

Tweeted and summarized by @DrJohnB2 Professor Arne Burkhardt’s testimony at the International Covid Summit, European Parliament, May 3, 2023. Dr. Burkhardt taught at the Universities of Hamburg, Berne and Tübingen. He published more than 150 scientific articles in international scientific journals, and has audited and certified institutes of pathology. Dr. Burkhardt died in May of […]

Nanotechnology to be used to realize 13 out of 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030: the Science was Presented in 2007!

From OUTRAGED HUMAN @ Substack, posted by Dr Ana Mihalcea MD PhD“This is one of the most important whistleblowing research articles I have read to date. I have downloaded every link provided, and so should you. Outraged human has given us a systematic reveal of how nanotechnology is part of the 2030 Agenda – one […]

‘Non-Human’ Bodies Presented at Mexican Congress

At a recent Mexican Congress UFO hearing, scientists and pilots have shared their experiences with “anomalous phenomena”, in an attempt to shed light on the escalating global discussion surrounding unidentified flying objects and their potential extraterrestrial origins.  Read more Section:  News General Read Later  Source

Satanism Powerpoint Slide Presented to US Army: ‘How Many Children Have Been Sacrificed to Satan for the Vaccine?’

Host Tucker Carlson revealed a bizarre powerpoint slide Monday that was presented to U.S. Army service members in an effort to get them on board with mandatory COVID vaccinations. The slide sardonically asks “how many children have been sacrificed to Satan for the vaccine?” before claiming only three people have died from side effects, and […]

New Austrian national antisemitism strategy presented to ministers, EU officials

A new national strategy for combating antisemitism in Austria to bolster the security and safety of the country’s Jewish community was presented to Austrian ministers and officials on Thursday morning.The new initiative will see the creation of a coordinating staff unit in the federal chancellery to tackle antisemitism and its consequences, a tripling of investments […]

Japanese were already privately SUING FOR PEACE, which presented a grave crisis. The atomic bomb would not be ready for several more months. “We have already lost Germany,” Stettinius said. “If Japan bows out, we will not have a live population on which to test the bomb.” [Proof the U.S. is the #1 Evilest Nation in the World.] Motivated by Racial Hatred and Religious Bigotry.

“But, Mr. Secretary,” said Alger Hiss, “no one can ignore the terrible power  of this weapon.” “Nevertheless,” said Stettinius, “our entire postwar  program depends on terrifying the world with the atomic bomb.” “To  accomplish that goal,” said John Foster Dulles, “you will need a very good  tally. I should say a million.” “Yes,” replied Stettinius, […]

Look at the NWO globalists who have judged and presented the Templeton Prize.

THE TEMPLETON PRIZE honors individuals whose exemplary achievements advance Sir John Templeton’s philanthropic vision: harnessing the power of the sciences to explore the deepest questions of the universe and humankind’s place and purpose within it. Established in 1972, the Templeton Prize was celebrated investor Sir John Templeton’s first major philanthropic venture. He created the Templeton […]

LAST MEN IN ALEPPO: Al Qaeda Presented as ‘White Helmets’ for the Annual Terrorist ‘Oscar’ Nomination

Vanessa Beeley 21st Century Wire “A lion from Jabhat Al Nusra (Al Qaeda in Syria) died today and went to Paradise, I pray that God will accept his soul” No, that is not a quote from a terrorist group member in Syria. It is a statement taken from the Facebook page of Hasan Kattan, the Assistant […]

Jew Memes Presented on House Floor

From a US House Committee where jews, such as Rep. Goodlatte and ADL’s Greenblatt, kvetch over Goyim knowing too much. From 2:20:30 in this video:… Source Article from

Trump’s U.N. Speech Presented Him as The Most Dangerous President Ever in US History (and that’s saying something)

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BEWARE: The Documentary Deception, Fiction Presented as Fact to Deceive and Mislead

Tim Hayward “All art is propaganda. It is universally and inescabably propaganda; sometimes unconsciously, but often deliberately, propaganda.” ~ Upton Sinclair When we watch a documentary film I imagine most of us suppose it to be portraying factual information, not fiction. That, after all, is what would differentiate a documentary from other genres like drama […]

Azerbaijan’s tourist attractions presented to Iranians

Azer News– Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to Iran Bunyad Huseynov has presented the country’s tourist attractions in Tehran. Huseynov, addressing a conference on tourism, encouraged Iranian tour operators to launch tours to rural regions of the country and take part in international events in Azerbaijan. Speaking about measures taken by Azerbaijan’s government to simplify the procedure for […]

israel imposes “general closure” on Palestinian territory for israeli Independence Day

Israel imposes “general closure” on Palestinian territory for Israeli Independence Day  BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israeli authorities declared a “general closure” on Gaza and the occupied West Bank since midnight on Tuesday and continuing until midnight on Thursday, as Israel celebrates its Memorial and Independence day. Filed under: Gaza, Israeli Aggression, Jewish Ideology, Jewish Mentality, Jewish […]

Zarif: Certain powers support Daesh

Singapore, March 8, IRNA – There are still some people in the region who see their interests in supporting the terrorist group of Daesh (ISIS), visiting Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said Tuesday.  Terrorism is a global threat that has no border, Zarif said in a meeting here on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of […]

Still in shock from Dawabsha murders, West Bank village of Duma fears settlers will attack again

Baraa Dawabsha slowly paces the ground outside the burned out house of his relatives in the small village of Duma, central West Bank. “This is where my aunt got to before she fell to the ground,” he says pointing to a concrete slab about two meters from the house door. He walks a few more […]

How best to teach History – The case of Malaysia

Azly Rahman (nsnbc) : There is a nagging debate emerging: either to teach Social Contract or Malaysian History. I feel that the framers of the debate are getting confused and asking the wrong questions about how to teach History. Here are my thoughts on what actually History teachers need to do. Those who think that we […]

US Imperial Strategy in Disarray. Russia’s Intervention has Potential Global Implications

Russia’s intervention has changed the dynamic in Syria and the region with potential global implications. Washington is reeling, stumped about what to do next. Kerry’s Friday power play meeting with his Russian, Turkish and Saudi counterparts in Vienna changed nothing. Nor will other discussions he plans. Russia and Washington agree to disagree. Putin’s arm won’t […]

9/11 In-Depth: Suppressed Academic Evidence Presented at Toronto International Hearings

  International Center for 9/11 Studies September 7, 2011 (PRNewswire) – Recent opinion polls show that nearly half of New Yorkers continue to doubt the official account of 9/11: that’s 10 million people. It’s not hard to understand why. Military billions justified by 9/11 continue to deplete a fragile world economy – yet persistent doubts […]

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