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Univision Anchor Opens 2nd GOP Presidential Primary Debate in Spanish

A Noticias Univision anchor helped open the second Republican Presidential Primary debate on Wednesday night on Fox Business, telling viewers in Spanish that the candidates are trying to win their votes. Source

New survey indicates tight presidential race as both Biden and Trump receive support from 44% of potential voters

(NaturalNews) President Joe Biden’s lead over former President Donald Trump has completely disappeared as both candidates received support from 44 percent of… Source

Libya: lack of a unified crisis management hinders international aid, says Presidential Council

Libya’s Presidential Council said on Sunday that the lack of a “unified crisis management system” in the country has disrupted international aid efforts related to the flood disaster that struck the east of the country on 10 September. “International support for those affected by the flood disaster that struck eastern Libya requires the gaining of […]

Six women who could disrupt the 2024 presidential race 

Their only common ground is a “relationship” with Donald Trump, who either loves or loathes them. Source

Polls: Donald Trump Leads Biden Nationally in Head-to-Head Presidential Race

Former President Donald Trump leads President Joe Biden in a hypothetical 2024 presidential election matchup, according to a CBS News/YouGov poll and a Harvard-Harris poll. The CBS News/YouGov poll released Sunday shows that 50 percent of 4,002 U.S. adults sampled would vote for Trump in a rematch of the 2020 presidential election while 49 percent would back […]

G77 in Havana proves Cuba is not alone: Cuban presidential advisor

September 16, 2023 Source: Agencies By Al Mayadeen English Advisor to the Cuban President, Horhi Nuñez, confirms in an exclusive interview with Al Mayadeen that there is no longer any development today except through the revival of scientific and technological knowledge and innovation. Advisor to the Cuban President, Horhi Nuñez, confirmed on Thursday that the G77-China […]

Foes using 14th Amendment to try to derail Trump’s 2024 presidential bid

(NaturalNews) Calls are growing to block Donald Trump from running for president in 2024, with allegations that his actions on Jan. 6, 2021, violated his… Source

Cornel West’s U.S. presidential run will center the rights of all people – including Palestinians

Cornel West on American militarism, the rights of Palestinians, and the importance of upholding the dignity of all people — within the U.S. empire and outside it. Source

Macron calls French presidential term limit ‘bulls**t’

The Rothschild’s gay boy toy “married” to a cradle robbing tranny who is f##king the French people up the ass so hard at one point the entire French Guard which is tasked with protecting the French president resigned in mass and the French people spread liquified horse shit on the French presidential palace is whining […]

GOP presidential primary debate: No one came out to challenge Trump’s dominance

(NaturalNews) The recent GOP presidential primary debate seemed more like a reunion than a clash of opinions. The candidates were eager for a glimpse of… Source

Five takeaways from the first GOP presidential debate

Eight Republican presidential candidates took the stage in Milwaukee on Wednesday night for the party’s first primary debate of the 2024 cycle.  Fox News hosts Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum moderated a raucous debate, struggling at times to rein the candidates in and keep them to time limits as they sparred over topics like Ukraine… […]

Lebanon’s presidential elections: Between Scylla and Charybdis

The presidential crisis in Lebanon has gone beyond the competition over names and has reached the point of searching for a new formula for the Lebanese system. This may pave the way for settlements that French envoy Jean-Yves Le Drian will work on through his mediator role, as well as what is currently happening in […]

Lebanon: FPM Chief Gebran Bassil Announces Preliminary Presidential Agreement with Hezbollah

 August 8, 2023 Head of Free Patriotic Movement Gebran Bassil announced on Tuesday that his political bloc has reached a preliminary agreement with Hezbollah regarding the presidential elections. In a press conference, Bassil said that the agreement is based on a consensual process to facilitate the nomination and vote in return for a number of […]

Mexican Presidential Candidate Marcelo Ebrard Announces “Angel Plan” Surveillance State Nightmare

Mexican Presidential candidate Marcelo Ebrard recently announced a security plan which calls for using several digital technologies with the potential to create a nationwide surveillance state. On July 10th, Mexican politician Marcelo Ebrard announced the Angel Plan, a security program which would use eight digital technologies in an attempt to end the infamous instability and […]

Far-Right Pastor E.W Jackson Becomes the Latest to Seek the GOP Presidential Nomination

It seems that every week another candidate announces that they are seeking the Republican presidential nomination. With more than a dozen candidates already declared, the field got even more crowded last week when right-wing pastor and radio host E.W. Jackson announced that he too is running for president. Jackson declared that he has decided to run […]


Colon Powell holds up a glass vile of yellow talcum powder and lies his ass off. So based on a lie the DC war criminals and political whores made up themselves USA Illegally in a war crime bombed Iraq back to the Stone Age, Illegally invaded, Gang raped little children and Holocausted Iraqi civilians and […]

Turkey’s foreign policy during Erdoğan’s third presidential term

On June 3, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was sworn in as president of Turkey for another five-year term. The inauguration and the subsequent ceremony, attended by approximately 80 international and regional leaders, suggested that a significant change in Turkey’s foreign policy priorities may be under way. Observers have predicted that the Turkish president is likely to continue with […]

Presidential Candidate Tells Biden to ‘Get off the Crack Pipe’

Third party presidential candidate Cornel West told President Biden to “get off the crack pipe,” during his first interview since announcing his run for office. Source

GOP presidential candidates slam FBI over Durham report

“THEY ARE SCUM, LIKE COCKROACHES ALL OVER WASHINGTON, D.C.,” the former president posted to Truth Social early Tuesday morning. “Congratulations to John Durham on a Report that is being praised for its quality, importance, and professionalism, by friend and foe alike.” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has yet to announce a presidential bid, said there’s […]

Turkiye set for presidential runoff, as neither Erdogan nor Kilicdaroglu secure 50% of the vote

Turkiye is set to have a runoff between current President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and main opposition rival, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, later this month, as both candidates failed to secure the necessary 50 per cent of total votes in yesterday's presidential election. According to a statement today by Ahmet Yener, the head of the High Election Board, […]

Turkey Presidential Election Will Go To Runoff As Erdogan Outperforms Expectations

The incumbent president fell just short of an outright victory, the country’s electoral chief confirmed. Source

Gearing Up For Another Utter Peanutbutter US “presidential” “election”-SEND IN THE CLOWNS

War is not needed to free humanity from the evil of the “elite” and their owned and controlled bitch political whores who make war on humanity. They are few, you are many. Just stop complying. Stop listening to them. Stop obeying their rules which steal from you your God Given Rights. Stop helping them make […]

The 64-million-voter question: who will win Sunday’s presidential election in Turkey?

Turks go to the polls on Sunday in combined presidential and parliamentary elections. Three candidates remain in the presidential race. Source

Jon Rappaort: THIS is what I mean by a REAL Presidential campaign

THIS might be the most dangerous article you’ve ever read, he said, knowing no one would believe him—until they read the article ALL THE WAY THROUGH Source

Regarding the distribution of political power in Nigeria following the presidential elections in March 2023

According to the Independent National Electoral Commission, during the March 2023 general elections, the candidate of the ruling party of Nigeria Bola Tinubu’s All Progressives Congress (APC) won a landslide victory with 37% of the vote. Meanwhile, opposition leaders called the voting results falsified and called for a new vote.   Bola Tinubu received support […]

ABC Censors Presidential Candidate RFK Jr.’s Vaccine Danger Remarks, as FDA Refuses to Release Safety Data

ABC reveals they censored “extensive portions” of their interview with RFK Jr due to “false claims about the COVID-19 vaccines.” Funny how these mainstream outlets make a point to highlight the anti-vaccine views of anyone who speaks up about — Michael P Senger (@michaelpsenger) April 28, 2023 Via Epoch Times: FDA Refuses to Provide […]

Archbishop Elpidophoros of America Welcomes the Presidential Guard of the Hellenic Republic to Doxology Service at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and National Shrine

On Friday, April 28, 2023, His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros of America welcomed the Presidential Guard of the Hellenic Republic to New York City during an official Doxology service for Greek Independence at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and National Shrine. Among the community members and diplomatic leaders in attendance were His Excellency Ambassador Evangelos Sekeris,… […]

Pompeo passes on a presidential run

Mike Pompeo, the former secretary of State and CIA director under Donald Trump, announced on Friday that he will not be seeking the Republican nomination for president. “I have made a decision,” Pompeo told Fox News host Bret Baier. “I was on your show a number of months back and you asked what I was […]

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Announces 2024 Presidential Bid

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., best known for his positions on environmental law and vaccine safety, filed the paperwork to run in the 2024 race for president of the United States on April 5. Source

Turkey: The Fight over the Presidential Election Grows

Due to the fact that May 14 falls on the 77th anniversary of the elections in 1950, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan endorsed the decision made by the Turkish parliament to hold national elections on that date this year. The Republican People’s Party of Turkey, which was founded in 1923 by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, lost its monopoly […]

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