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Lockdown Prevented as Many as 740,000 Urgent Cancer Care Referrals

People avoiding hospitals or being unable to obtain healthcare due to lockdown prevented as many as 740,000 urgent cancer care referrals in the UK, it has been revealed. Medics are warning of “the biggest cancer catastrophe ever to hit the NHS” after a report by the report by the National Audit Office (NAO) found that […]

WHISTLEBLOWER: Doctors Prevented From Treating COVID With Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, ‘Lots Of People Will Die’

Doctors in the US are being threatened with the loss of their careers overusing alternatives to treat COVID-19 such as Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, a doctor-turned-whistleblower told radio host Stew Peters. Doctors treating COVID-19 with Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are reportedly facing threats of losing their careers as the Biden regime pushes for mass vaccinations across the […]

CCTV could have prevented custodial murder

The rule of law is under a serious challenge since the inception of Constitution of India, as far as killings in police custody are concerned. The Supreme Court recently ordered installation of CCTV cameras in every place of custodial activity under the control of the police. But it appears no state or no police personnel […]

Portugal acknowledges it could have prevented spread of Delta COVID-19 variant

Portugal could have “acted differently” to prevent the spread of the Delta variant of COVID-19, the country’s health minister has acknowledged. Marta Temido said Portugal may have made a mistake by opening its borders to tourists for three weeks as the coronavirus variant was spreading. Her comments came one day after German Chancellor Angela Merkel […]

Sixth Man to Walk on the Moon: Aliens Prevented a Nuclear War on Earth to Ensure Our Existence

The Sixth Man to walk on the Moon – Edgar Mitchell made fainting claims about alien life when he stated that the existence of the alien visitors is kept a secret from the public – not due to fear of widespread disbelief – rather, a fear that the monetized interests of big business could go […]

Two glorious U-turns prevented an Israeli-Palestinian flare-up

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Alexei Navalny’s Doctors Prevented From Seeing Him At Prison Clinic

MOSCOW (AP) — Several doctors were prevented Tuesday from seeing Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny in a prison hospital after his three-week hunger strike and prosecutors detailed a sweeping, new case against his organization. Navalny was transferred Sunday from a penal colony east of Moscow to a hospital unit at a prison in Vladimir, a […]

Dutch philosopher calls Diaspora ‘blessing’, prevented Jews to have power

The Netherlands’ foremost philosopher called the dispersal of Jews in the Diaspora a “blessing” because it prevented them from achieving the power they have in Israel today that has resulted in “religiously motivated violence.” Hans Achterhuis, the first recipient of the prestigious and royally recognized title of “thinker of the Fatherland,” made the remarks in […]

Biden Official Admits That Trump Policies Prevented Illegal Immigration

One of Joe Biden’s senior border advisors has admitted that Trump’s policies stopped illegal immigration while Biden’s are encouraging it. During Wednesdays White House press briefing Biden official Roberta Jacobson said that President Trump’s policies, which were reversed by Biden, were successfully preventing illegal immigration. You can unsubscribe any time. By subscribing you agree to […]

Netanyahu: I Prevented Iran From Acquiring an ‘Arsenal’ of Nuclear Weapons

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivers a joint statements with Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades (not pictured) in Jerusalem February 14, 2021. Marc Israel Sellem/Pool via REUTERS/File Photo. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday that his campaign against the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran prevented the Islamic Republic from acquiring “an arsenal” of nuclear weapons. […]

Facebook: Banning Trump Prevented a Terrible ‘Coup’ From Happening

Facebook executives have given themselves a pat on the back for banning President Trump, claiming that their intervention prevented a “coup” from happening in America. In a recently published article, NBC News were given access behind the scenes at Facebook and Twitter before the two companies permanently suspended the President of the United States from […]

Lao Christians Evicted for Faith Prevented From Rebuilding Demolished Homes

Photo Credit: Chris Hilbert/Pixabay (Barnabas Fund) — Seven Christians in Laos, evicted for refusing to renounce their faith in Christ, were denied permission to rebuild their demolished homes in Pasing-Kang, Salavan province, after returning to their village early in November. The two families, forced to leave their homes on Oct. 10, spent a month living […]

People Prevented From Buying “Non-Essential” Items Due to Lockdown

Joe Biden was roundly criticised Thursday for stating during the presidential debate that the best way to defeat COVID-19 is to “wear a mask all the time”. Biden accused President Trump of having ‘no comprehensive plan’ to deal with the virus, and declared that his plan is to “make sure everyone was encouraged to wear […]

Child support debts: record number of parents prevented from travelling overseas

Record numbers of parents with outstanding child support debts are being stopped from travelling overseas, with more than one parent a day being prevented from travelling at airports and sea ports until they pay. The human services minister, Michael Keenan, said many of those stopped were able to immediately pay their debt, […]

3 Attempts to Use Chemical Weapons in Syria Prevented Last Week: Russian Defense Minister

March 20, 2018 The terrorist groups in the eastern suburbs of Damascus may stage new chemical attacks in the war-plagued country amid the ongoing ceasefire and the general stabilization of the situation. “There is a possibility that terrorists will use poisonous substances in order to accuse the Syrian troops of using chemical weapons in the […]

The FBI Now Admits It Could’ve Prevented The Florida High School Shooting

Amid the fallout from the February 14 school shooting in Parkland, FL, that left 17 dead, the FBI and local law enforcement received widespread criticism for their inability to prevent the shooting despite multiple warning signs and opportunities. On Tuesday, the FBI admitted these failures to the House Judiciary Committee during a hearing focused on […]

Delta Airlines Prevented Woman From Singing National Anthem On Flight With Fallen Soldier

A Georgia woman says she and her fellow Delta passengers were prevented from singing the national anthem as crews unloaded the casket of a fallen soldier at Atlanta’s airport last weekend. Pamela Dee Gaudry was on a flight toward Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport when she says she learned that the body of a fallen soldier — […]

Melanoma (skin cancer) found to be easily prevented with low-cost Vitamin B-3

(Natural News) Researchers from the University of Sydney, Australia believe that nicotinamide (vitamin B3) can be used to prevent the incidence of melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer. The study, published in Photodermatology, Photoimmunology, and Photomedicine, demonstrates the efficacy of vitamin B3 in reducing or even reversing DNA damage and inflammation caused by ultraviolet […]

Locked and Loaded: War with North Korea Cannot be Contained but Must be Prevented

‘Technical Issues’ Prevented Body Cams From Filming Long Beach Police Shooting

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90% of Breast Cancer Could be Prevented With These 12 Things

Breast cancer is probably one of the most feared diagnoses a woman can get. The mere mention of it conjures up images of death, despair, or at best, disfigurement. According to,1 one in eight women will develop invasive breast cancer in her lifetime, and nearly 40,000 women lose their lives to the disease each […]

A Third of All Cancers Could Be Prevented With These Plant Based Nutrients

Each year, over 10 million people worldwide are diagnosed with cancer, one million of them are Americans. While there is a common misconception that whether or not you will get cancer is pretty much luck of the draw, in reality, only about 10 percent of cancers are attributable to genetic factors. As many as 90 […]

A third of all cancers could be prevented with these plant-based nutrients

(Natural News) Each year, over 10 million people worldwide are diagnosed with cancer, one million of them are Americans. While there is a common misconception that whether or not you will get cancer is pretty much luck of the draw, in reality, only about 10 percent of cancers are attributable to genetic factors. As many […]

Texas: Homos Outraged They Could be Prevented from Molesting Boys

ZeigerDaily Stormer May 11, 2017 Only evil people would want to prevent this. Why are faggots so obsessed with adopting little boys? Could it be that they’re perverts who really want to spread their mental illness, and intend to molest their adoptive “sons?” Tough question. Luckily, famous sociologist Sam Hyde has a […]

Police Brutality Prevented Pro-Runner from Competing in Olympics: Lawsuit

“As a result of the excessive force used on [Shay], he was unable to train for the Olympic Trials, which were 3 ½ weeks after the aforementioned incident,” the complaint says.… According to the complaint, both officers have been the subject of other excessive force complaints by people in […]

EU leaders fear repression, strained relations after Turkey’s attempted coup

Arrests after coup attempt in Turkey LIVE UPDATES The European Union has given its full support to Turkey’s elected government following the attempted coup in the country, with European Council president Donald Tusk, European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker and EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini calling for “a swift return to Turkey’s constitutional order” in […]

Syria army retakes control of 90% of Mallah farms: Report

The Syrian armed forces have managed to wrest control of more than 90 percent of the Mallah farms near the northwestern city of Aleppo, says a report. The recapture of almost all of the farms, situated on the northeastern edge of Aleppo, came on Tuesday, the Lebanon-based al-Mayadeen television channel reported. The gains enable the Syrian troops to fire […]

‘Disaster is Imminent’… Constitutional Attorney: "States Have The Legal Authority To Defend Border Under Constitution"

Supporting terrorists by proxy: Another CIA-backed group gives its weapons to al-Qaeda

     Syria’s Idleb province is held by Jabhat al-Nusra, aka al-Qaeda in Syria, and Ahrar al Sham with a sprinkling of “moderates” added to the mix. While Nusra and Ahrar have support from Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the “moderates” are supported by the CIA which provides them with anti-tank weapons. When in 2013 these […]

The Realist Report: Martin Hill – The Man Who Confronted Trump on 9/11

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by Martin Hill of In this podcast, Martin and I discussed his activism, 9/11 research, and, most importantly, his confrontation with Donald Trump in which he exposed the fact that Jews connected to the Mossad and the Israeli military were arrested on 9/11. This […]

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