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Food Producers Caught Quietly Adding Insects in Children’s Food

Anybody who care about the health of their family and does not wish to introduce bugs, insects and crickets to their diet will need to start reading labels on food items very closely. Mainstream food producers have been caught quietly, deceitfully sneaking bugs and various species of insects into ingredients lists for popular, everyday snacks […]

US Government Agency Blocks Bank Transaction by Producers of “POLICE STATE” Movie

The Biden regime’s brutal and unprecedented political persecution of ordinary Americans was released at theaters around the US last week. Source

‘Start Reading Labels’: Food Producers Caught Quietly, Deceitfully Putting Insects In Our Food

People who care about their health and do not wish to introduce bugs, insects and crickets to their diet will need to start reading labels on food items very closely. Food producers have been caught […] The post ‘Start Reading Labels’: Food Producers Caught Quietly, Deceitfully Putting Insects In Our Food appeared first on The […]

Chinese lithium producers set floor price as demand for the metal drops

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) China’s top lithium firms agreed to set a floor price for the metal amid dwindling demand, six individuals confirmed.Ten companies – including Tianqi Lithium and Ganfeng Lithium – that met on the sidelines of a conference in the city of Nanchang in Jiangxi province agreed on the lowest minimum price of 250,000 […]

Sequel ‘Rehab Bear’ Green-Lighted By Producers

LOS ANGELES, CA — Due to the overwhelming popularity of the film Cocaine Bear, movie studio executives and producers announced they have already green-lighted a sequel — an emotional, psychological film reportedly titled Rehab Bear. Source

Peloponnese wine producers to hold festival in Cyprus

A large group of Peloponnese producers will return to Limassol to present their unique wines to Cypriot professionals and oenophiles during the latest edition of the Peloponnese Wine Festival. This celebration of Peloponnese wineries will occur at the Ceronia Hall of Carob Mill Restaurants on February 6, welcoming industry professionals and wine enthusiasts alike. From […]

BARGE-POCALYPSE unfolding as rivers DRY UP, leaving farmers and coal producers with no transportation

(Natural News) Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, now there’s a “barge-pocalypse” unfolding that you might find rather disturbing. This is a problem with massive global implications that very few people saw coming because barges don’t exactly attract a lot of attention. But they are critical for efficient […]

One of the world’s largest fertilizer producers, Yara (in Norway), slashes production due to skyrocketing natural gas prices

(Natural News) Another European fertilizer manufacturing plant is cutting production due to skyrocketing natural gas prices across the continent. Yara, based in Norway, is one of the world’s largest fertilizer producers – or at least it was one of the largest fertilizer producers before the ongoing energy crisis destroyed its bottom line. No longer does […]

Livestock producers now just DAYS away from running out of animal feed due to supply chain disruptions

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Food and other consumer goods are no longer making their way from point A to point B in the United States, which faces crippling supply chain bottlenecks that threaten to cause mass starvation.The latest complaint comes from the livestock industry, which says it is just days away from an animal feed crisis […]

Hackers Successfully Penetrated 21 U.S. LNG Producers Just Before Ukraine Invasion

Two-week blitz. Twenty-one major energy companies. State-sponsored hackers. “Pre-positioning.”  This is clearly a warning shot to tell the U.S. “We know where you live and we have a key to your house.” Expect the next great event to be a massive cyber-attack to cripple American infrastructure. ⁃ TN Editor In mid-February, hackers gained access to […]

Engineered Energy Shortages: US Coal Producers Have Already Sold Their Coal Inventories for 2022

When Donald Trump promised during his 2016 campaign to ‘make coal mining great again,’ little did he know that the industry would rebound the way it will in 2022. But that’s not going to be a good thing, either. Trump as the president worked to revive the coal mining industry because even though fewer and […]

Swine flu advisers’ ties to drug firms: Five WHO experts linked with vaccine producers

By SOPHIE BORLAND FOR THE DAILY MAILUPDATED: 02:34 EDT, 13 August 2010 Just a reminder how our world is working! A third of the experts advising the World Health Organisation about the swine flu pandemic had ties to drugs firms, it has emerged. Five of the 15 specialists who sat on the emergency committee had received funding […]

Selling American: Helping Small Producers Go Global—A Conversation With Mickey’s CEO Alex Rabens

The U.S. trade deficit has never been bigger, and it’s only growing. While Americans are stocking up on foreign-made goods, in return, foreigners are stocking up on American real estate, stocks, and government debt. But an innovative new American start-up just got $10 million in funding to help narrow the gap. Mickey is an online […]

Jewish LA Entrepreneurs of D’vash Organics Partner with World’s Largest Date Producers in Dubai

For Los Angeles businessmen Brian Finkel and David Czinn, dates are not just delicious and nutritious fruit. They are a source of spiritual connection and forming international relationships. It’s also why they went into the date syrup business in 2013. Now, their California-based company, D’vash Organics, produces a wide variety of vegan date syrups sold […]

Steel ingot output by major producers rises 7%

TEHRAN- Production of steel ingot by the subsidiaries of Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO) and the other major companies active in the mining sector has increased seven percent during the first ten months of the current Iranian calendar year (March 20, 2020 – January 19, 2021), compared to the same […]

OPEC, Russia and other producers propose curbing oil inventories to five-year average

     The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and non-members are committed to reducing global oil inventories to a five-year average, said Saudi Energy Minister Khalid Al-Falih in Moscow on Wednesday. The goal could be reached in the very near future, he said at a meeting with his Russian counterpart Aleksandr Novak. Russian and […]

Sugary drink producers drop prices around the world to keep people addicted to their deadly drinks

(Natural News) It’s a basic tenet of business that with the passage of time a product’s price will have to increase to keep pace with inflation, right? Consistently dropping your prices would be business suicide for most people, but not so for the multi-billion dollar soda industry. A study published in the journal Preventing Chronic […]

Iran should phase out 166 planes by next year: Minister

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, the minister said Iran’s civil aviation fleet includes a total of 266 aircraft, 100 of which are now grounded. Most of the other 166 planes in service have an average age of 23 years, and need to be retired by next year, he added. According to the minister, Iran has […]

When the Indoctrination Crumbles

I have a daily routine of lurking around, trying to gather information and gain insight of my enemies. In the last article I told you that I do such a thing on twitter, but I do the same on other social media, such as Facebook. There is one particular group that I like to follow around […]

Talmudic Liars: Masters of Mendacity

By Professor Arthur R. Butz This is an an extract from Arthur R. Butz: The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, Historical Review Press, 1976, pp. 245-247. The purport of the extract is to demonstrate that Jews throughout history have been the masters of mendacity. Their tendency to grotesque exaggeration, especially of statistics, is clearly set out […]

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