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Rail workers blame fiery train crash in Ohio on Wall Street profit-seeking

An inter-union alliance of rail workers argued Tuesday that the massive freight train crash in East Palestine, Ohio late last week was a predictable consequence of Wall Street-backed policy decisions that have hollowed out the industry’s workforce, pushed remaining employees to chronic exhaustion, and sacrificed safety for profits. In an assessment of the Norfolk Southern […]

In New York Times op-ed, US physician blasts ‘lucrative system of for-profit medicine’

“Doctors’ sense of our complicity in putting profits over people has grown more difficult to ignore.” Source

GM Sidesteps Economic Headwinds; Q3 Profit Jumps Nearly 37 Percent

DETROIT—General Motors’ third-quarter net profit rose 36.6 percent as vehicle sales began to rebound from persistent supply chain troubles. The Detroit automaker on Tuesday reported earnings of $3.3 billion from July through September, compared with $2.42 billion a year earlier. The increase was fueled largely by a 24 percent sales increase in the United States, GM’s […]

Gazprom Says the First Half Net Profit $41.8 Billion, Will Pay Dividends

MOSCOW—Russian gas giant Gazprom made a record 2.5 trillion rubles ($41.75 billion) in net profit in the first half of 2022 and its board recommended paying interim dividends after skipping its annual payout for the first time since 1998, the company said on Tuesday. Gazprom dividends are a sensitive issue for the market, which was […]

The Vaccine Business – Poison, Profit And Corruption

Published March 26, 2022 Hands down, this is by far the best short documentary about vaccines and the revolving door of corruption that exists between the CDC, pharmaceutical corporations, gov’t and the media. Featuring Dr. Suzanne Humphries, Del Bigtree, Dr. John Bergman and others, three questions are answered using current and historical evidence based upon FACTS: […]

Did a social justice-focused Jewish non-profit give in to a right-wing harassment campaign by firing an anti-Zionist employee?

Avodah claims it was not influenced by a right-wing smear campaign when it fired Anna Rajagopal, but the organization’s actions legitimized the harassment of anti-Zionist activists.  Source

 AZ Republic: “2000 Mules” Search Warrants Served to Non-Profit in Yuma County

Via Arizona Republic, May 31, 2022 By Ray Stern A state search warrant served on an employee of a southern Arizona nonprofit organization has ignited a firestorm among election conspiracy believers who tie the action to a documentary about supposed anti-Trump voter fraud in 2020. The makers of “2000 Mules,” who drew inspiration for the […]

Prophets For Profit: Telling The Future – Fiction, Fact Or Funny

Technically speaking, a prophet is one who is believed to speak for God, but generally speaking, when people hear the word ‘prophet’, they tend to think of one who sees the future. In popular parlance, ‘prophesying’ or ‘telling the future’ is the same thing. Read more Section:  News History Read Later 

Oil pipeline Canada bought will cost over $25 billion and never turn profit

Climate activists on Wednesday reiterated calls to cancel Canada’s expansion of the Trans Mountain oil pipeline after a new analysis found that a recent pledge to not put any public money into the project “is a promise that the government can’t keep.” “The only solution is to cancel it.” “The only solution is to cancel it,” tweeted Wilderness Committee campaigner […]

Gravitas: How Vaccine Makers could profit from boosters and variants

Dec 22, 2021 Bernie Sanders claims investors of Pfizer & Moderna made $10 billion as news about Omicron spread. Through secret contracts & vaccine patents – vaccine makers want to control the prices of boosters. Palki Sharma tells you how they could profit from boosters and variants. [embedded content] _______________________________ If you are looking for […]

A For-Profit Company Is Trying To Privatize Public Libraries

CounterSpin interview with Caleb Nichols on defending public libraries. Janine Jackson interviewed librarian Caleb Nichols about defending public libraries for the December 17, 2021, episode of CounterSpin. This is a lightly edited transcript. Janine Jackson: Even if we don’t see a written-out master plan, the banning of books, the attacks on teaching real US history, the efforts to push […]

Big Oil’s new strategy: Profit today, fight again tomorrow

This article is published as part of Covering Climate Now, a global collaboration of news outlets strengthening coverage of the climate story. Despite countless investigations, lawsuits, social shaming, and regulations dating back decades, the oil and gas industry remains formidable. After all, it has made consuming its products seem like a human necessity. It has […]

In Tree Plantations In Paraguay, Public Money Is Driving Private Profit

Above Photo: Omar Yampey, Centro de Estudios Heñoi. Forestry and land-use are a hot topic in the current climate debate, and play an important role in German climate finance. This article looks at tree plantations that have received support from the Green Climate Fund (GCF) that Germany is supporting and the impacts that they are […]

Big Pharma Vaccine Makers Making $1,000 In Profit Every Second From Covid Jabs

New figures reveal that the top three Covid vaccine makers Pfizer, BioNTech, and Moderna are making around $65,000, in combined profit per minute, from their jabs. According to new analysis, the big pharma giants are getting richer as wealthy nations snap up their products, as plans to offer the covid jab to poorer nations at […]

Private For Profit CDC Green Light COVID Jabs For Young Children

Some 28 million children, who are at extremely low risk from COVID, will now be eligible for coronavirus shots. DavidMcLoone Wed Nov 3, 2021 – 2:14 pm EDT WASHINGTON, D.C. (LifeSiteNews) – U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) director Dr. Rochelle Walensky announced Tuesday the organization’s endorsement of the Pfizer COVID-19 jab being administered to […]

Dem Pols Profit From Forcing COVID Tests on Cops, Firefighters

We are wearily accustomed to political corruption in Los Angeles. Seldom does a week go by without some new scandalous revelation or criminal indictment involving a city councilman or some other scrounger at the local public trough. Right on schedule recently came the news that Mark Ridley-Thomas, a career politician currently serving on the L.A. […]

Big Pharma Fraud Perpetrated On The People In The Name Of Profit, This Why They’re Not To Be Trusted [COMPILATION VIDEOS]

All this doesn’t seem shady at all. 🙄 BY ZACH HEILMANOCTOBER 24, 2021 HTTPS://TV.GAB.COM/CHANNEL/REDVOICEMEDIA/VIEW/BIG-PHARMA-FRAUD-PERPETRATED-ON-THE-61755FB7810C542583437F6C Think Big Pharma and their massive marketing campaign for everyone to get fully vaccinated and take even more booster shots it moral, ethical, and honest? The videos in this article will make you question all of it. MORE NEWS: DeSantis Tells Out-Of-State Cops […]

Reconciling profit and morality

Is “corporate ethics” an oxymoron? Do you have to be a jerk to be a successful CEO? Is exploitation the only path to profit? The good news is that many companies, big and small, in the food economy are blazing a different path through Wall Street’s jungle of greed, demonstrating that money and morality can […]

Fauci Botched AIDS Crisis So Big Pharma Could Profit – Is He Doing the Same with COVID-19?

It is widely known that Anthony Fauci did great harm while leading the nation’s response to AIDS in the 1980s – but is he guilty of doing the same during the Covid-19 pandemic? In a new video on The Hill’s “Rising,” political commentator Kim Iversen analyzes Dr. Anthony Fauci’s controversial support for azidothymidine (AZT) to treat HIV/AIDS and compares […]

Designing Humans for Fun and Profit

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Welcome, Esteemed Globalist Supergopher. Here is your access link to the secret online briefing session of the Committee of United Nazis, Tyrants and Sociopaths. On today’s livestream, your deep state briefer will walk you through what we’re telling the public about our ambition to transform the human species through biodigital […]

What the Pegasus Project has revealed about the rise of for profit surveillance

In the years since Edward Snowden’s 2013 leaks pulled the veil of secrecy away from the NSA and its ‘Five Eyes’ partners, security conscious journalists began to use encrypted services like WhatsApp and Signal for communications with sources whose identities they wanted to protect. The growing availability of encryption was also hailed by activist communities […]

Designing Humans for Fun and Profit (video)

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Watch on Archive / BitChute / Minds / Odysee / YouTube Welcome, Esteemed Globalist Supergopher. Here is your access link to the secret online briefing session of the Committee of United Nazis, Tyrants and Sociopaths. On today’s livestream, your deep state briefer will walk you through what we’re telling the public about our ambition to […]

Episode 405 – Designing Humans for Fun and Profit

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Welcome, Esteemed Globalist Supergopher. Here is your access link to the secret online briefing session of the Committee of United Nazis, Tyrants and Sociopaths. On today’s livestream, your deep state briefer will walk you through what we’re telling the public about our ambition to transform the […]

People above Profit: Thousands Demonstrate in Brazil in New Wave of Protests in 350 Cities

In Brazil, social movements, trade unions, and human rights activists on Saturday demonstrated in at least 350 cities to condemn the recent corruption scandal linking President Jair Bolsonaro with the purchase at inflated prices of Indian-produced Covaxin COVID-19 vaccines. The protests supported the impeachment petition submitted by unions, left political parties and social organizations to the Lower House on Wednesday. […]

Tech Giants Putting Profit Ahead of Child Safety, Warns Outgoing Police Chief

Social networks can make it much harder for paedophiles to share indecent images but they choose not to invest in such technology, an outgoing senior British police officer will say on his last day. Chief Constable Simon Bailey—the National Police Chiefs’ Council’s lead on child protection and head of Norfolk Constabulary—is expected to point the […]

IRS Denies Christian Non-Profit Tax-Exempt Status: ‘Bible’s Teachings Affiliated with Republican Party’

A Christian non-profit is challenging the Internal Revenue Service after the agency denied them tax-exempt status saying “the Bible’s teachings are typically affiliated with the Republican Party and candidates.” Christians Engaged describes itself as educational, Christian, and non-partisan, and operates out of Garland, Texas. Its three main goals, as described by the non-profit, include: To […]

A New Vision That Puts Health Over Profit And Drives Innovation

By Margaret Flowers, Clearing the FOG. June 7, 2021 There is a struggle right now to push the World Trade Organization to waive patent protections for medicines, vaccines and technology used for the COVID-19 pandemic. James Love of Knowledge Ecology International explains why that would be an important but not sufficient step to increase access […]

As pandemic spread pain and panic, congressman chased profit

In the early days of the pandemic, New Jersey Rep. Tom Malinowski scolded those looking to capitalize on the health crisis, saying it was “not the time for anybody to be profiting” from selling goods to combat the pandemic. The two-term Democrat did not heed his own admonition. Since early 2020, Malinowski has bought or […]

Limitations and Distortions of Profit-Based Health Systems

            In the course of facing the ongoing challenge of the pandemic, a sad reality that has  manifested itself time and again is that profit-driven health systems are unable to respond effectively to such crisis situations. There are several disturbing anecdotes  of how the profit driven systems and the individuals running them behaved in a […]

Peoples’ Vaccine, Not For-Profit Vaccine!

Urgent call to three rich Asian country governments – Japan, South Korea and Singapore to stop opposing TRIPS waiver at WTO Press Release by people’s Vaccine Alliance, Asia Chapter   The Peoples Vaccine Alliance (PVA) in Asia is calling on Japan, Singapore and South Korea to take action on the voices of citizens across Asia […]

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