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“Full-Blown Famine” ravages northern Gaza, U.N. official declares amid prolonged conflict

Nearly seven months into the Gaza conflict, the World Food Program warns of a spreading famine in the north, intensifying humanitarian crises despite increased aid efforts. Source

U.N. Security Council Silence Prolonged as China, Russia Tank Statement Condemning Hamas

Another attempt by the United Nations Security Council to address the October 7 Hamas massacre of over 1,400 people in Israel failed on Wednesday as permanent members China and Russia vetoed an American-drafted resolution, supported by most Council members, that would have condemned the jihadist terrorist group. Source

Prolonged US Manufacturing Slowdown Barely Dents Energy Use

Prolonged US Manufacturing Slowdown Barely Dents Energy Use By John Kemp, senior market analyst U.S. manufacturers reported that business activity declined for the 10th month running in August, though declines are becoming less widespread implying the trough in the cycle may be approaching. The Institute for Supply Management’s purchasing managers index increased slightly to 47.6 […]

America’s Prolonged Economic Stagflation 

Here is a large caliber smoking gun. The BEA series for real personal income less transfer payments is a pretty serviceable proxy for private market output before the impact of Washington stimmies and distortions caused by transfer payments and government borrowing. After all, earned income – wages, salaries, bonuses, profits, interest and dividends – is […]

A Prolonged Drought Drove Out the Greenland Vikings, Says New Study

European Nordic seafaring pirates and raiders, known as the Vikings, would come to Greenland to settle around 950 AD, but mysteriously the Greenland Vikings vanished with the onset of the Little Ice Age, which lasted from the early 14th century to the mid-19th century. A new study by a group of scientists from University of […]

Manama Manipulates Covid-19 Pandemic as Part of Its Alarming Prolonged History of Shiite Crackdown

By Sondoss Al Asaad, AHT It’s been roughly seven months since the first cases of the coronavirus were reported in Bahrain. Although various states have wisely dealt with the pandemic, thereby transcending all debates, Manama; however, has unethically leaned towards a radical political and sectarian policy to approach the issue with its majority Shiite population. […]

Prolonged US Military Presence In Syria?

Prolonged US Military Presence In Syria? Above Photo: From Note: When the US Empire puts in place troops and bases, it rarely leaves. Bases in the Kurdish areas of Syria will be a foothold that the US will use when the time is right to either create a new Kurdish country allied with the US […]

Envoy: Iran, Turkey enjoy complementary economies

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Ambassador to Ankara Mohammad Ebrahim Taherian Fard described Tehran and Ankara’s economies as complementary, and stressed the need for the further consolidation of ties and cooperation. “Capacities of Iran and Turkey’s economies are complementary and we hope that synergy and using the two countries’ scientific and economic capabilities will lead to development […]

Rwandan Parliament Makes US Ally and Military Partner, Paul Kagame President for Life

Rwanda has never, since its independence from Belgium, experienced peaceful transfer of power from one “elected” president to another. Each president that grabs power declares himself the only Rwandan capable of ruling. Each regime comes in power because they want to remove the dictator from power and hand the mantle of state power to ” […]

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