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Hands Biden Says We Were Just Blowing Sunshine Up Ukraines Keister Promising To Defend Them To Get Them To Murder Ethnic Russians In Ukraine “US Forces Are Not Going To Fight In Ukraine” While Unveiling ‘Devastating Sanctions’

If one is going to have dealings with Uncle Sugar, one best be damn good at translating zionist speak.The whores of DC are masters of the double speak.You think they promised you one thing when in their mind they said something completely different. I am sure the Ukrainians were convinced Uncle Sugar promised them he […]

Very promising future: Russia says Pandemic is Infinite, ‘No End in Sight’

    Russia’s decision to extend the country’s Covid-19 prevention measures until 2024 was made because the authorities see ‘no end in sight’ to the pandemic, which is currently killing more than 1,000 people per day there. That’s according to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, who also noted that the measures could be canceled early if […]

Very Promising Gubernatorial Candidate Takes Lead in California

Why was such an unflattering black & white image of Larry Elder selected by “the paper of record?”AUGUST 26, 2021 NY Times: Brace Yourself for the Man Who Could Become California’s GovernorREBUTTAL BY In all of American history, only two Black men have ever been elected to the office of state governor. That’s just two out […]

Promising Next Careers For The Now Unemployed Andrew Cuomo

Brought to you by: Andrew Cuomo has had a rough couple of weeks. As he exits his role as the most desirable bachelor governor of all time, sources say he is excited to look at some new career prospects. According to sources close to Cuomo, here are the options he’s currently looking at:  TSA Agent: […]

Afghanistan’s Promising Socialist Future Killed Off By US Imperialism

Above Photo: Women attend a rally in Kabul in the late 1970s. Pinterest. Since the horrific events of Sept. 11, much has been said about the desperate situation of the Afghani people now crushed under the heel of the theocratic, dictatorial Taliban, and about the role of the Northern Alliance and other Taliban opponents who […]

10 Promising Republican Candidates For 2024

Biden, who is the most popular candidate to ever be elected president, will be a tough opponent to beat in 2024. To face Biden, the Republican Party will need to bring out their best and brightest to run for office! Here are 10 candidates we desperately hope will run.  Barron Trump: We don’t know much about […]

Why One State in India Is Showing Promising Signs of Democracy

Above Photo: Kerala morning / Bruno Arunjunai Just before the state elections in Kerala, in southern India, a television channel ran a program called “The Great Political Kitchen.” The anchor went to kitchens across the state to talk to homemakers about their views on politics. In one kitchen, the anchor asked a woman about a dispute surrounding […]

The Great Power Democracy Con: Promising the Moon to Destroy Humanity

The United Kingdom is rightly proud of its National Health Service. When London hosted the Olympics in 2012, the opening ceremony included a little tableaux about the NHS, which was presented as one of the finest achievements of the host nation. However for over 40 years, whenever some public figure says “NHS” the next word […]

IMIDRO identifies 1,700 new promising mineral zones across Iran

TEHRAN – Head of the explorations department of the Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO) has announced the identification of 1,700 new promising mineral zones across the country, IRNA reported. According to Ali Asgharzadeh, the mentioned regions cover a total area of 110,080 square kilometers. The official noted that IMIDRO carried […]

Why The Time Has Come to Revive  A  Highly Promising Plan For Improving Rice Cultivation   Prepared By A Great Scientist

                       In many parts of the world there is a yearning on the part of farmers to break free from the increasingly exploitative grip of big business interests trying to dominate farming and food systems. As a result, despite the very worrying reality of the increasing domination of big business in many countries led […]

Condemning BDS and promising to visit Israel are price of entry in Democratic race for NY mayor

The race for the Democratic nomination to be NY’s mayor is heating up, and Israel is a big part of the discussion. This makes sense because there are so many Jewish Democratic voters in New York; and support for Israel is still a reliable Jewish issue, especially among the orthodox. And so we see the […]

Promising New Vaccine Data Shows Death Rates Declining Rapidly Among Israelis Over 60

A woman receives a vaccination against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) as Israel continues its national vaccination drive, during a third national COVID lockdown, at a Maccabi Healthcare Services branch in Ashdod, Israel December 29, 2020. REUTERS/Amir Cohen. New data published Thursday indicates that Israel’s ongoing vaccination campaign may be working, with a steep fall in […]

Vaccine vs. Variant: Promising Data in Israel’s Race to Defeat Pandemic

A technician is reflected in a surface as she works at Healthcare Maintenance Organisation (HMO) Maccabi’s coronavirus disease (COVID-19) public laboratory, performing diverse and numerous tests, in Rehovot, Israel February 9, 2021. REUTERS/Ammar Awad Israel’s swift vaccination rollout has made it the largest real-world study of Pfizer Inc’s COVID-19 vaccine. Results are trickling in, and […]

Israel presents promising vaccine data as it races to contain COVID strains

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Promising change or clinging to power? Behind the Palestinian leaders’ vow to hold elections

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How Donald Trump abandoned workers after promising to bring manufacturing back to the U.S.

Robert B. “Bull” Bulman stood up to FreightCar America because of the poor pay and hazardous working conditions at its Cherokee, Alabama, factory. But the company savagely retaliated with threats to close the plant and relocate to Mexico. Then, after thwarting the union drive, FreightCar America opted to offshore those 500 jobs anyway in a […]

700 UK Music Industry Members Sign Letter Promising Never To Criticize The Jews They All Work For

More than 700 UK music acts, record label bosses and managers have backed a plea for “unity” in the music industry in the wake of the ‘antisemitism’ and ‘racism’ row sparked by the grime star Wiley: Lewis Capaldi, Rita Ora, Little Mix,Nile Rodgers and The 1975 are among the signatories of a letter published today […]

Big Pharma’s contradictory JUNK SCIENCE: Merck pulls "promising" Alzheimer’s drug from trials the same day Cleveland Clinic hails its success

(Natural News) Testing on what drug giant Merck & Co. had tried to claim was going to be a breakthrough new remedy for Alzheimer’s disease came to a sudden halt recently after it was determined that the drug in question actually doesn’t work at all. But interestingly enough, the trial’s cessation occurred […]

UN Envoy to Yemen: Talks in Iran promising, constructive

IRNA – United Nations secretary general’s special envoy for Yemen Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed described his recent visit to Iran and talks with Iranian officials on Yemen crisis as promising and constructive. He underlined again that the only political solution may end Yemen crisis and praised the outcomes of his meetings with Iranian officials on […]

6 Promising New Technologies for Creating a Thriving Future

Paul A. Phillips, GuestWaking Times The saying, ‘we are the imagination of ourselves’ is worth remembering when inventing new technologies for creating a thriving future. Further, for visionary, innovative, outside-of-the-box thinking, inventors in their imagination must realize that possibility is not something to be judged in terms of a capacity to comprehend it, as this could seriously limit […]

Analysis: Russia, US Have Promising Starting Points for Cooperation in Syria

  Analysis: Russia, US Have Promising Starting Points for Cooperation in Syria Moscow is ready to cooperate with the United States on settling the Syrian crisis, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on April 29. The statement was made at a time the much-awaited round of Astana talks were to kick off on May 3-4 […]

‘Every American citizen’s right’: Armed men parade outside GOP convention in Cleveland, Ohio

     On the opening day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, a dozen members of the West Ohio Minutemen paraded through the streets, armed with assault rifles, exercising their right to do so under the state’s “open carry” laws. Among the Minutemen marching through the streets, one carrying a 9mm Carbine hi-point rifle, […]

Most Wanted? Hacker puts German interior minister on Interpol list for 5 weeks

READ MORE: Hack the Pentagon, win $150,000 An Interpol “wanted” page said that Ulbig had been charged with “requesting the mass surveillance of over 55,000 cellular phones and gathering over one million call detail records” and was “wanted by the judicial authorities of Germany for prosecution.” Hired hackers find over 100 bugs in Pentagon computer systems […]

EU condemns terrorist attack in Turkey

In a statement, released a few hours after the attack, the regional organization expressed its solidarity and condolences to the families of the seven military men and the four civilians killed when a bomb, which was presumably operated remotely, blew up a police bus. The explosion, whose authors are still unknown, occurred in the area […]

Trump’s Son Has IRRESISTIBLE Offer For Critics Promising To Leave U.S. If Father Elected

During a Monday appearance on Fox and Friends, Donald Trump’s son, Don Jr., spoke with host Ainsley Earhardt about his father’s presidential hopes, and when asked about the critics promising to leave the country should Trump be elected, he made an irresistible offer. While it’s likely only rhetoric and hyperbole from those promising to leave […]

Iran’s coverage: Iran loads 4mb crude for Europe buyers

Daily look at Iran’s late-breaking news and upcoming events:   Iran to send 4mb of oil to Europe in 24 hours  Iran says it has loaded 4 million barrels of crude oil on tankers headed for European destinations.   Iran president orders single forex, lower lending rates Iran must unify multi-tiered foreign exchange rate and […]

From paradise to nightmare: Sweden’s collapse and the declining west

From: Youtube description: This video is my attempt at turning the tides that is the decline of western civilization, with focus on Sweden. Source: Source Article from

Mystery of how snakes lost their legs solved by reptile fossil

Modern snake skull, with inner ear shown in orange. Credit: Hongyu Yi Fresh analysis of a reptile fossil is helping scientists solve an evolutionary puzzle – how snakes lost their limbs. The 90 million-year-old skull is giving researchers vital clues about how snakes evolved. Comparisons between CT scans of the fossil and modern reptiles […]

Mischievous penguins try to break out of Danish zoo (VIDEO)

In a video posted online by Odense Zoo in Denmark, several penguins seem to be missing. But the zookeeper doesn’t seem particularly worried because the route of the would-be escapees was pretty obvious. Following the tracks led the zookeeper to the five fugitives, who were waddling as fast as they could down a hallway. It […]

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