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Fluoride Lawsuit Against EPA Prompts Pending Release Of Potentially Damaging Report


Rampant theft prompts NYC grocery stores to consider locking up food

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Smash-and-grab incidents are on the rise in many of America’s urban centers, including New York City where local retailers are considering putting food items in locked cases to keep them from getting stolen.Criminals are reportedly stealing so many products right in plain sight these days that desperate businesses all … [Read More…] […]

Opening of Israel news channel in Morocco prompts backlash

A decision by Israel's i24News to open two offices in Morocco has caused widespread anger among the local media and members of the public. The offices in Rabat and Casablanca are thought to be the first instances of an Israeli media company operating in the kingdom, since Morocco agreed to resume diplomatic ties with Tel […]

“2000 Mules” documentary prompts Michigan Republicans to call for new probe into 2020 election

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Michigan Republican legislators have called for a new probe into the 2020 election as documentary film “2000 Mules” presented evidence from the True the Vote investigation.The True the Vote investigators utilized cell phone location data and surveillance video to reveal what they claim as a well-organized operation in … [Read More…] Source

Carcinogen found in Pfizer drug prompts recall

» Australia to exclude the unvaccinated from the economyToday at 9:06 am by PurpleSkyz » Investigation: Majority Of NYC Restaurants Not Enforcing Vax Mandate — Backlash Against Tyrannical Mandate GrowsToday at 9:01 am by PurpleSkyz » Carcinogen found in Pfizer drug prompts recallToday at 8:55 am by PurpleSkyz » Could The Volcanic Eruption In The Canary Islands Create A Giant Tsunami That […]

COVID-19 Infection Rise in Southeastern China Prompts New Mass Testing

Hundreds of thousands of residents in a county of Fujian Province on China’s southeastern coast received orders to undergo nucleic acid testing as a fresh COVID-19 outbreak hit the region. Fujian Province reported at least 102 new infections within three days, with 64 in Xinyou county, according to statements released by local authorities on Sept. 14. […]

Suspected homophobic attack prompts Spain to convene commission on hate speech

Spain has been left in shock after a violent homophobic assault on a man in broad daylight in central Madrid. The 20-year-old victim was attacked by eight masked men in the lobby of his apartment building in the fashionable Malasaña district on Sunday evening. Police said the attackers used homophobic language, slashed the man’s mouth […]

Athens: Major fire prompts evacuation of residential areas

A fire broke out on Tuesday afternoon in Varybobi, a northern suburb of Athens. The Greek national road, which runs from Athens to Lamia has been closed due to the blaze. The fire is thought to have started in the nearby heavily forested area of Kryoneri, but has spread significantly throughout the afternoon. Evacuation of […]

Mystery of dozens of California Pelicans with broken wings prompts authorities to hunt for human culprit

Dozens of brown pelicans have been attacked and had their wings snapped in California, and now authorities are investigating whether the culprit is human. Officials say that more than 30 injured birds have been found along the Orange County coastline since last October. And, of those, 22 were suffering from compound fractures with the broken […]

Nationwide weapon amnesty prompts citizen to turn TANK and ARTILLERY GUN over to the authorities (PHOTOS)

Police officers in Czech Republic were left stunned after a local man surrendered a pink Soviet T-34 tank and a self-propelled gun as part of the country’s weapon amnesty. The police joked on Twitter that when they used a tank in a video clip to promote the policy earlier this year they couldn’t have imagined […]

Nazi memorabilia at Paraguay art fair prompts call for new law

A trove of Nazi-themed objects found at an art fair in Paraguay moved a Jewish watchdog group to call on the country to enact anti-discrimination legislation. Photos of Hitler, “Mein Kampf” books, Nazi clothing and more were sold at the fair in San Bernardino, a small town about 30 miles from the capital city of […]

‘Blackout challenge’: Death of child participating in TikTok game prompts investigation by Italian authorities

Prosecutors have opened an investigation into the death of a 10-year-old girl who reportedly took part in the ‘blackout challenge’, a viral game that has gained popularity on TikTok. The girl passed away in Palermo, Italy on Wednesday. She was found by her younger sister after the viral challenge she was reportedly attempting to recreate […]

CNN’s Acosta Prompts Fake News Wave After Reporting Abe Lincoln Bust Was “Leaving” the White House

CNN’s Jim Acosta set off a fake news wave when he reported that a bust of Abe Lincoln was “leaving” the White House, leading many, including Keith Olbermann, to claim it was being stolen. The item was one of a number of things being removed by members of the Trump administration before Joe Biden’s inauguration […]

‘Old A** Idiot’: James Mattis’ Call to End ‘America First’ Prompts Swift Backlash

President Donald Trump’s first former Defense Secretary, James Mattis, prompted a swift backlash from conservatives after he penned an article that called for eliminating “America First” from the nation’s national security strategy — a direct attack on his former boss’s world view. In a Foreign Affairs piece co-authored with Never Trumper and Atlantic contributor Kori Schake, […]

Deadly firefight in Lebanon prompts warnings of more sectarian trouble

Download App© Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, and analysis from Israel and the Middle East © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved

40 Journal Prompts for Spiritual Growth and Insight

August 6th, 2020 By Nikki Harper Staff Writer for Wake Up World Do you keep a journal? Millions of people worldwide do, whether it’s a specially chosen, precious notebook of some kind, or simply a collection of random thoughts in a daily notepad. People journal for all kinds of reasons, from finding themselves to increasing […]

‘Crypto-jacking’: Bitcoin rise prompts hackers to ditch ransomware for mining fraud

The sky-rocketing value of some cryptocurrencies in 2017 apparently prompted hackers to move away from tried and tested ransomware as a source of extortion and direct their attention towards crypto-jacking. Hacking incidents known as ‘crypto-jacking’ jumped 8,500 percent over the year, according to IT security firm Symantec. READ MORE: Bitcoin soars above historic $20,000 mark Crypto-jacking […]

London: Machete fight video goes viral prompts Khan to seek emergency meeting

     London Mayor Sadiq Khan has called for a meeting with Prime Minister Theresa May as knife crime in the capital hits crisis levels. Two people were stabbed to death on February 20 – the 14th and 15th knife deaths in 2018. London Assembly figures showed there were 14,521 knife crime offenses in the capital […]

Huge sinkhole swallows cars, prompts evacuations in Rome (VIDEO)

The incident happened in the Italian capital’s Baldunia neighborhood on Wednesday evening. Although no injuries were reported, police and several fire brigades were deployed at the scene to ensure that two residential buildings are safely evacuated. The area was cordoned off by rescue teams due to the risk of further land subsidence, Corriere della Sera […]

Trump Global Warming Tweet Prompts Mass Triggering

Trump Global Warming Tweet Prompts Mass Triggering Even the dictionary was triggered Steve WatsonPrison December 29, 2017 President Trump’s tweet poking fun at global warming alarmists has prompted a mass triggering, with the blue check brigade once again losing its shit over a Trump trolling. Trump tweeted the following late last night in response […]

Knife-Wielding Man Prompts Dutch Police to Open Fire at Amsterdam Airport

Dutch police opened fire after a man threatened to use a knife at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. The suspect was injured in the shooting and taken to hospital; his motives remain unclear. “A man at Schiphol was shot by the military police after threatening with a knife. Situation safe,” the Marechaussee police service said on Twitter. […]

Balfour Declaration’s 100th birthday prompts calls on Britain to apologize and recognize Palestinian rights

The 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, on November 2, is turning out to be an important occasion for Palestinians to register their sense of betrayal by Britain for colonial-era promises that still govern the lives of so many people in Israel and Palestine, and to call on Britain to make the declaration “right” by […]

First-ever 360 degree spacewalk video prompts melt downs from flat earthers

     In space nobody can hear you scream, but back on Earth in the RT comment section the outcry of reality-rejecting flat earthers is loud and clear. Space exploration is a conspiracy, they say, and not even a groundbreaking spacewalk 360 will convince them otherwise. The first-ever 360-degree footage captured during a spacewalk gives people […]

Paris: Unnamed ‘direct security threat’ prompts evacuation of British Airways flight

     A British Airways flight was evacuated in Paris this morning after the pilot warned a “direct security threat” had been made against the plane. Passengers were escorted onto the tarmac of Charles de Gualle airport by armed cops where they were rigorously searched and their luggage checked by sniffer dogs. Passenger James Anderson, 20, […]

Syrian Army’s success along Jordanian border prompts further questions about presence of US – Norwegian special forces

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and allied forces regained control over some 1,300 square kilometers along the Syrian – Jordanian […]

Two Clinton Deaths On Same Week Prompts Calls For Investigation

A Haitian government official who was about to testify against the Clinton Foundation’s corruption and a GOP operative who was close to recovering Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 deleted emails were both found dead last week in suspected “suicides.”  Investigative journalists are now putting together the pieces and asking whether the deaths of these two men, as […]

SOTT FOCUS: Behind the Headlines: Trump Jr. Meeting Prompts Full-Scale Meltdown: Russia!

     The big news this week – just like every other week – is all about Trump. But this time it’s Trump Jr. A year ago a shady British publicist set up a meeting between the junior Donald and a Russian. Now that the whole world knows about it, people are freaking out. Meeting with […]

G20 Violence Prompts Calls For New Curbs On Anti-Capitalist Militants

Above Photo: Residents in the Schanzenviertel district of Hamburg pass by a pile of burned debris following looting and rioting by G20 protesters. Photograph: Zuma Wire/Rex/Shutterstock German politicians call for Europe-wide extremism database as minister says events highlight ‘leftwing scene’s readiness to use violence’ Allies of the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, have called for new curbs […]

Radioactive material theft in Mexico prompts alert in 9 states

The company which handles the equipment, Tecnología No Destructiva, SA de CV, reported the theft of a white Nissan pickup truck on Sunday, saying it contained a metallic box with radiography tools filled with Iridium-192. The loss of the unknown amount of radioactive material prompted the head of national emergency services, Luis Felipe Puente, to […]

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