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How Jewish Holocaust Survivors And Proponents Exhibit Textbook Criteria Of ‘Pathological Liars’

The formal study of lying — especially pathological lying — has become a serious academic field of its own, and many of the so-called “Holocaust survivors” would fulfill all four criteria that researchers use to determine if someone is a habitual liar — whether knowingly or not: The iconoclastic social philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900), in […]

PROOF that "gun control" proponents actually don’t want school shootings to stop

(Natural News) Nearly all Americans were horrified by the latest school shooting — this one at a high school in Florida by a teen who was a well-known problem to local police as well as a potential threat to the FBI, no less. And most Americans would really like to see something […]

Comcast Threatens Legal Action Against Net Neutrality Proponents

“This is exactly why we need Title II net neutrality protections that ban blocking, throttling, and censorship,” said Evan Greer, campaign director of Fight for the Future.(AP/Matt Rourke) Open Internet proponents who have been fighting the Trump administration’s rollback of net neutrality protections, which has been enacted at the bidding of the telecom industry, said […]

Climate change proponents ridiculously believe the Earth was a calm, peaceful planet until humans started burning fossil fuels

(Natural News) Researchers from Stanford University are doing their best to find a link between extreme weather events and climate change, but is it all for naught? While these researchers are admittedly conservative with their efforts, they are at least somewhat echoing the rhetoric that events like tornadoes are solely being caused by climate change. […]

The Pokemon Pied Piper zombie apocalypse has begun: Hoards of mindless, obedient sheeple now stampede anywhere the puppet masters plant fictitious monsters

(NaturalNews) By now, you’ve probably heard of Pokemon Go, the new “hybrid reality” mobile app game that overlays real world geographic locations with virtual monsters that are collected for points. What you may not yet know is that the game was actually developed by a CIA-funded software front group for the purpose of […]

VAXXED is now playing in Los Angeles

(NaturalNews) The explosive new documentary exposing the true story of CDC scientist and whistleblower Dr. William Thompson is now playing at select theaters in Los Angeles, the country’s second-largest media market (see here and here). In the film, VAXXED: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe (see the trailer here), Dr. Thompson discusses his role in […]

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