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Israel’s new radical leadership wastes no time provoking anger

Itamar Ben Gvir’s raid of the Al Aqsa compound has strained the Abraham Accords and made it harder for Arab states to justify continued normalization with Israel. These increasingly provocative actions by Israel don’t merely raise serious concerns for the UAE and other Abraham Accords participants; it also raises worries anew in Egypt and, especially, […]

Al-Aqsa Mosque Stormed By Israeli Cabinet Minister Provoking International Backlash

On Tuesday morning, far right Israeli Security Minister, Itamar Ben-Gvir, stormed the al-Aqsa Mosque compound, provoking the convening of a UN Security Council meeting and setting the tone for the new Israeli government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu. On the same day that Israeli settlers desecrated a Protestant Christian graveyard by smashing gravestones, Israel’s new security […]

ANALYST: USA / NATO deliberately provoking war escalation with Russia, and Putin may “leap” past a measured response and go right for the nukes

(Natural News) Today’s article and podcast analysis features Robert Griswold, a highly experienced military analyst who has traveled the world and witnessed firsthand the ravages of war and failed diplomacy. Today he shares with us a stern warning about where the war in Russia is headed and why it could be catastrophic for Western Europe… […]

Provoking Beijing

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US is Now Provoking Taiwan

Expansionism knows no bounds. After taking Europe to the verge of a major war by pushing for NATO’s expansion further into Eastern Europe to encircle Russia, the US is now increasingly focusing on Taiwan for what the US officials have been, for over a year now, calling an ‘increasing possibility’ of a Chinese invasion of […]

Israel Seeks To Quadruple Population Of Golan Heights Provoking Confrontation With Syria

Israel’s Prime Minister has announced plans to expand the population of the illegally occupied Golan Heights, four fold, deploying tanks to the border as the Syrian government vows to liberate the territory. Although small skirmishes have taken place in recent years, the move now threatens a larger military confrontation between the two. This Monday, speaking […]

Israel And The PA Are Provoking A New War On Gaza

As the Palestinian Authority (PA) loses further legitimacy, it holds tight to its occupying boss, strangely HUrting the Palestinians of both the West Bank and Gaza, using tactics which may lead to a new Israeli war on Gaza. The President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, is reportedly set to meet with Israel’s newly instated […]

Provoking A Russian Siege Mentality Is Counterproductive For US Foreign Policy

Posted on March 21, 2021 by Zara Ali By Andrew Korybko Source Leading Russian Senator Alexey Pushkov warned that the US is pursuing the aim of a “prolonged siege of ‘Putin’s Russia’” through “sanctions from hell”, “push[ing] Ukraine into a new war in the Donbass”, and “building up the armed forces on the borders with […]

Watching The Hawks – Navy Laser Wars & Provoking Korea Into Peace

Watching The Hawks – Navy Laser Wars & Provoking Korea Into Peace Watching The [713] The U.S. Navy takes warfare into the 21st century with new laser weaponry. Amid a potentially historic peace deal, North Korea accuses Washington of needless provocation. RTs Brigida Santos previews the upcoming special Corrupt Transparency on how heightened government […]

Putin’s clear message: West needs to stop provoking a war we don’t want, no one can win

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Media Silent as Israel Attacks Iranian Military Base, Provoking War Just Like They Said They Would

By Rachel Blevins As the mainstream media focuses on President Trump’s latest Tweet, his administration continues to support a close ally that appears to be pushing for yet another war. Israel has reportedly attacked an Iranian military base in Syria. According to a report from Ynet News, the attack was reported by Arab media outlets on Saturday. They […]

Planned U.S. ‘humanitarian intervention’ in Venezuela means "provoking armed confrontation"

     Translation by Tortilla con Sal. As Southern Command chief Admiral Kurt Tidd put it, “The growing humanitarian crisis in Venezuela could make necessary a regional response.” The military option against Venezuela mentioned recently by President Donald Trump has been active since even before he made his remarks. In an unconventional warfare scenario, conventional military […]

This Provoking Video Explains What You’ve Secretly Felt Your Entire Life In Less Than 150 Seconds

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US Recklessly Provoking Russia. The Unthinkable Could Happen by Accident or Design

The Provocation Deception: Is North Korea Provoking the US or the Other Way Around?

The North Korea provocation is dominating the attention of the media and many people around the world, who are fearful the tensions between North Korea and the US may erupt into a war. If China gets involved (and let’s face it – how can China not get involved if fighting breaks out on the Korean […]

EU army? New security strategy says bloc should ‘go beyond NATO’

The EU cannot any longer rely on NATO on various security issues and must instead develop an ability to “act autonomously if and when necessary,” a document named European Union Global Strategy says as it outlines new foreign policy and security proposals for the EU. Europe needs united army, EU parliament committee head urges after Brexit […]

ALERT! Everyone who lives in these states needs to contact their governor and representatives to encourage this action to stop Obama’s invasion…

Why the high fat, low carb diet may be ideal for most people

     Jeff Volek, Ph.D., and registered dietitian and professor in the Human Science Department at Ohio State University, has done enormous work in the field of high-fat, low-carbohydrate diets, investigating how it affects human health and athletic performance. Volek has published many scientific articles as well as several books, including The Art and Science of […]

Marine’s SCATHING Open Letter To Teary Obama, You INSULT The Memory Of…

Dean James III% AMERICAS FREEDOM FIGHTERS – Mike Shepard is a patriot that served nine years in the Marines and he has penned an open letter to Obama that we think you all will LOVE. Here is Mr. Shepard’s blistering letter: Mr. Obama, you are surrounded by those who only say things you wish to hear. […]

Video: Kremlin Proves Russian Jet Never Entered Turkish Airspace

The Russian Defense Ministry have released a video that they say proves the Su-24 Russian jet did not enter Turkish airspace.  While Turkey maintains that they shot down the plane due to it entering their airspace for 17 seconds, the Kremlin say that flight data contradicts their claims. reports: But flight data released by Russian […]

Patriotic Germans In Rural Areas Embrace Adolf Hitler

By Lee R | The Express has written a piece about patriotic Germans in rural areas who are embracing Adolf Hitler. The writer is obviously not pleased about this phenomenon as evidenced by the biased tone in his article. He basically claims that these people are part of some cult and […]

Pennsylvania… HB 883 and SB 696… Immunization Exemptions in Serious Danger of Being Eliminated

State Senator Daylin Leach (D-Montgomery/Delaware) today commented on revisions to immunization regulations for school children and urged his colleagues to pass his bill to eliminate the statute allowing parents to exempt their school children from vaccination requirements for philosophical reasons. ~ Videos   Source   VACCINE EXEMPTIONS SHOULD NOT BE LIMITED BY THE GOVERNMENT Hyperlinked […]

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