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COVID Purge: UCLA Med Center Doctor Escorted Out By Security For Refusing Shot

Pfft. Who needs those board certified doctors, anyway? Walk ’em off the property without notice. Take their id badge away. Tell ’em not to come back. Ruin their careers while you’re at it. Maybe they can get retrained by writing some computer code, or something. ⁃ TN Editor “This is what happens when you stand […]

Hospital systems PURGE thousands of workers to engineer health care COLLAPSE just as the Dark Winter die-off accelerates

By Mike Adams|NaturalNews The purge of hospital workers with natural immunity is now underway, with The Epoch Times reporting that a large New York health care system has fired 1,400 employees for refusing to be injected with toxic spike protein nanoparticle bioweapons that are mislabeled “vaccines.” In Michigan, the Henry Ford hospital has seen the resignation […]

UK Labour Party pro-Israel purge continues: celebrated film maker Ken Loach latest member to be expelled

Among today’s myriad stranger-than-fiction political dramas, none hold a candle to the UK Labour Party in terms of sheer bizarre spectacle. A brief history: When in 2015, Jeremy Corbyn, a Member of Parliament with a half-century track record of progressive activism, threw in his hat for Party leadership, it was widely seen as a joke. […]

Twitter’s Purge Of Dr. Naomi Wolf Proves Bans Are Over Issues, Not Political Philosophy

This article ignorantly smears Dr. Naomi Wolf for her anti-vaccine views, even though she is a major voice for progressivism and feminism. This underscores the fact that Big Tech censors issues rather than ideologies and is not just anti-conservative. When examining the issues that are being censored, a clear pattern of Technocrat agenda emerges. Conservatives […]

Socialist Presidential Candidate Vows to “Purge” French Military After Letter Warning of Civil War

Michel Barnier has called for a 3-5 year suspension of immigration into EU countries, warning that the bloc’s external borders have become a “sieve” for criminals and terrorists. “I think we have to take the time for three or five years to suspend immigration,” Barnier told French media. The EU’s former Brexit negotiator cited links […]

New York City said it would purge its DNA database. A year later, it’s expanded.

“They’re doing it at a snail’s pace on the removal, and they’re adding people more quickly. It really neutralizes any sense of reform,” said Terri Rosenblatt, supervising attorney of the DNA Unit at Legal Aid. Advocates are pushing for state legislation that would ban New York City and other municipalities from maintaining their own DNA […]

Collateral damage? Facebook’s purge of Australian news ‘inadvertently’ hits charities, health organizations & government pages

Facebook’s mass ban of news publishers in Australia has misfired against numerous unrelated pages, including official state institutions, multiple charities and even health departments and hospitals. The blanket ban was meant to target only Australian news publishers, and prevent users across the country from sharing and viewing news content, amid a bitter rift with the […]

Secret Israeli Military Unit Formed To Purge Archives Of Evidence Of Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians

Israel’s ministry for military affairs has formed a secret unit tasked with concealing sensitive historical documents, with a special focus on censoring chilling revelations related to the expulsion of Palestine’s original inhabitants, according to a report: Malmab, also known as the military affairs ministry’s department for “defense establishment security”, has been conducting the operation for […]

Russian Attack Helicopters Purge ISIS Cells In Central Syria

[embedded content] South Front January 29, 2021 The Syrian Army and its allies continue active efforts to hunt down and neutralize ISIS cells in the Homs-Deir Ezzor desert. In a recent series of raids, government forces eliminated at least 8 ISIS members that were involved in recent attacks on civilian and military columns moving between […]

Democrats Attempt to Purge Civil Servant from Job over Prior Work for Nunes, Trump Administration

Democrats are attempting a politically-motivated purge of a highly-qualified intelligence professional from a non-partisan career civil service position at the Pentagon’s National Security Agency over his prior work for Republicans, according to two former Trump administration officials. Michael Ellis, who last served as the former senior director for intelligence on the National Security Council during […]

What’s really Behind the Recent Social Media Purge?

Story at-a-glance In recent days and weeks, we’ve seen an unprecedented wave of censorship sweep across the internet. The only solution will be decentralized platforms that virtually eliminate censorship In what appears to be a coordinated attack, Google, Apple and Amazon destroyed Parler, a main competitor to Twitter and Facebook, literally overnight by yanking it […]

Evading Twitter ​Purge, Jack Posobiec Peddles ​More Conspiracy Theories Ahead of Biden’s Inauguration

While his more vocally extreme far-right counterparts have been booted from social media platforms, Jack Posobiec remains on Twitter, trafficking in some of the same conspiracy theories that encouraged the Capitol insurrection—despite his role in supporting the ​so-called Stop the Steal movement from its earliest stages. On Nov. 4, as absentee ballots piled up in […]

THE GREAT PURGE: Banks Shutting Down Trump Accounts

In a chilling move, two major banks have announced they are banning President Trump, and will shut down accounts he holds with them. German based Deutsche Bank, and the New York based Signature Bank have both announced that they will no longer service President Trump following last week’s riots in the Capitol. “We believe the appropriate action […]

PURGE: Banks Shutting Down Trump Accounts

In an unprecedented move, two major banks have announced they will refuse to do business with President Trump, and will shut down accounts he holds with them. Bloomberg News reports that the German based Deutsche Bank, and the New York based Signature Bank are both refusing to do further business with Trump following the events of last […]

Joe Biden’s Ties to Big Tech Emerge Amid Massive Pro-Trump Purge

As the Big Tech war against Trump and his supporters ramps up, Joe Biden’s ties to the top five Silicon Valley giants have emerged. Biden has picked at least 14 people who have worked at the social media companies behind the recent crackdown on Trump supporters The chief adviser to the Biden transition team is […]

Right Wing Round-Up: The QAnon Purge

Katelyn Burns @ Vox: Twitter purged thousands of QAnon-spreading accounts, including some of the conspiracy’s most prominent backers. Ron Dicker @ HuffPost: Melania Trump Makes Herself The Victim In Statement On Capitol Attack. Will Sommer @ The Daily Beast: ‘Stop the Steal’ Organizer in Hiding After Denying Blame for Riot. Hemant Mehta @ Friendly Atheist: […]

THE GREAT PURGE: Facebook Blacklists POTUS ‘Indefinitely’

Following the unrest on Capitol Hill, Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has permanently blacklisted President Trump from the platform. Zuckerberg stated in a blog post on Thursday that he made the decision to ban a sitting U.S. President from Facebook and Instagram following Trump’s comments on social media about Wednesday’s protests. Zuckerberg declared in a Facebook post: […]

Federal judge blocks voter purge of 4,000 Georgia voters

U.S. District Judge Leslie Abrams Gardner has blocked the state of Georgia from purging thousands of voters.  Two counties, Muscogee County and Ben Hill County sought to purge these voters using unreliable data from national change-of-address forms. Gardner ruled this move was both improper and illegal as the voters were not given proper notice and […]

‘Night of the Beating’: Details Emerge of Riyadh Ritz-Carlton Purge

Source November 20, 2020 In early November 2017, nearly 400 of Saudi Arabia’s most powerful people, among them princes, tycoons and ministers, were rounded up and detained in the Ritz-Carlton hotel, in what became the biggest and most contentious purge in the modern kingdom’s history. The arrests shook the foundations of Saudi society, in an […]

Pentagon Purge

By infostormer -November 11, 20201 This news has been overshadowed by all the election fuckery that has been going on but Donald Trump has gone ahead with a massive purge of the Pentagon’s top leadership. Win or lose, there is a chance that Trump will declare some form of martial law. If he wins, you are going […]

Israeli history channel latest victim of YouTube’s anti-Nazi purge

Download App© Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, and analysis from Israel and the Middle East © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved 00

Facebook Permanently Bans Reporter Retweeted By Trump In Mass Purge Of Conservative Accounts

Facebook released a statement on Wednesday announcing that it was mass-removing pages tied to QAnon, militia groups, and violent anarchists such as Antifa. Owen Shroyer and Deanna Lorraine watch Trump’s live press conference and react to the media trying to frame him. Trejo, however, was not a member of a militia group, and had previously […]

The Purge Begins: Deutsche Bank Fires 400 US Bankers

As part of its latest disastrous earnings, which saw trading revenues tumble by 17% as new CEO Christian Sewing took over, we reported that Deutsche Bank announced a sweeping restructuring plan, abandoning its long-running ambitions to be a top global securities firm, scaling back U.S. rates sales and trading, reducing the corporate finance business in the U.S. […]

YouTube Purge: The End Of Freedom Of Expression Or The Great Awakening For Alternatives?

By Aaron Kesel The censorship is ramping up as YouTube has begun deleting channels at a rapid rate including more recently a friend of Activist Post, Health Ranger Mike Adams of Natural News. I spoke to YouTube alternative BitChute for their opinion on the recent purge against independent thoughts and how we are […]

A Stalinist Purge In America?

By PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS Is America doomed to a Stalinist purge? This year could turn out to be a defining year for the United States. It is clear that the US military/security complex and the Democratic Party aided by their media vassals intend to purge Donald Trump from the presidency. One of the open conspirators […]

The Truth About the YouTube Purge

The Truth About the YouTube Purge The real agenda behind the censorship Paul Joseph Watson March 2, 2018 Is this the beginning of the end for free speech on YouTube? Please share this video! SUBSCRIBE on YouTube: Follow on Twitter: Follow @PrisonPlanet Facebook: ********************* Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large […]

Facebook Teams Up With Deep State To Purge Independent Media

Facebook has launched all-out war against independent media by publicly joining forces with the Deep State, who wish to take total control of our lives.  Last year saw the globalist tech agenda take major grievous blows as Britons voted for Brexit and Americans voted for Trump. In both instances the Deep State and Facebook had […]

Soros Vows To Purge ‘Disease’ Of Nationalism

Billionaire globalist George Soros has promised to aggressively ‘fight back’ against the ‘disease’ of nationalism in Europe and America.  Writing for the Financial Times, Soros sent a warning to people “proud” of their country, promising that their “dominant ideology” of nationalism will soon come crashing down around them. reports: Soros, alluding to the collapse of the […]

Germany to Censor Media in Upcoming Nazi-Style Purge

Germany to Censor Media in Upcoming Nazi-Style Purge German government using Hitler-style law to censor news reports Kit DanielsPrison Jan. 2, 2017 German officials will start censoring Infowars and other media that report on Germanys migrant crisis which makes Chancellor Merkel look bad. Germany is ramping up enforcement of a Nazi-style censorship law that […]

Freshening Stalin’s Murderous Image & The Great Purge Show Trials For Nuremberg

From Wear’s War After Germany’s defeat in WWII, the Nuremberg and later trials were organized primarily for political purposes rather than to dispense impartial justice. Wear’s War brings to you each week a quote from the many fine men and women who were openly appalled by the trials. All of these people were highly respected and prominent […]

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