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Chinese Spy Balloons: Potential Purposes For The High Altitude Invasion

My home state of Montana was recently featured in news feeds this week as the first to observe and identify what the US Air Force says is a Chinese spy balloon. The Chinese claim it is a civilian weather apparatus that was blown off course, but the equipment visible in photographs suggests that this is […]

Lend-lease: A Declaration of Proxy War on Russia for all Practical Purposes?

The American policymakers, when wanting to isolate and antagonise Russia, must have asked, “What ‘redline’ would have to be crossed for Putin to act?” In retrospect, in light of Putin’s Victory Day Speech which coincided with Russian successes in the Donbass region and the East of Ukraine as a whole, the answer is clear. Did […]

Robert Deutsch: Update on Australian Weather Manipulated for Purposes of Land Grab/Agenda 2030

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Production of advanced uranium fuel is for peaceful purposes: Iran

Production of advanced uranium fuel is for peaceful purposes: Iran – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh has reacted to a statement by the foreign ministers of Britain, France and Germany about Iran’s decision to produce silicide fuel using 20-percent enriched uranium, saying the fuel was produced for peaceful purposes. Khatibzadeh noted […]

Iran unveils new radar system for defense purposes

IRNA — Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami unveiled a new radar system named Afaq (Horizons) on Monday. The new radar system developed by the electronics industries affiliated to the Defense Ministry was unveiled in attended by General Hatami. ‘The radar, he said, would be used for coastline surveillance,’ the Iranian defense minister said. […]

The Real Purposes of the Macron Leaks

By Thomas Müller of The New Nationalist As anticipated, the Crime Syndicate’s selection for the president of France, Emmanuel Macron, won handily. Per usual, the last-minute drama of this election involved tawdry, sleazy-sounding leaks surrounding the new president. Some of the leaks were concerning drug use and homosexuality. Some spoke to the hiding of offshore money and […]

Meet The CoyWolf

Scientists are marveling at a keenly evolved canine, not only because of its physical qualities, but for the rapid expansion of the population as well. One key question remains unsettled by biologists with regards to the coywolf: Is it actually a different species? ~ Videos – Documentary In the northeastern region of North America, a […]

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