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Egyptian Head Cones: Mini Pyramids and Status Symbols

One of ancient Egypt’s most-enduring embalming enigmas has to be its cryptic head cones. These unusual objects can be seen in tomb paintings perched atop the heads of both mummies and living people. They resemble white domes or cones, and are often decorated with lines and dots and covered in a reddish colour, assumed to […]

Fossil Suggests the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx Were Once Submerged Under Water

Apparently the entire landscape of the Giza Necropolis, including the Pyramids and the Sphinx, display signs of erosion. This has led researchers to suggest that certain areas of this mighty necropolis were once submerged under the sea and a newly discovered fossil makes this theory look a lot more believable. A pretty cool theory right? […]

The land of the Pyramids is not biblical Egypt

“The original text of the Exodus story is written in ancient Hebrew and it tells a different story” By Ashraf Ezzat “I have been wanting to visit Egypt for so long … especially ever since I have watched the “The Prince of Egypt” film … you know that animated Hollywood film about the story of […]

Brand New Mandela Effects – Pyramids – Lindbergh BREAKING: CA will require our kids to get the COVID-19 vaccine to come to school. This will go into effect following full FDA approval. Our schools already require vaccines for measles, mumps and more. Why? Because vaccines work. This is about keeping our kids safe & healthy. — Gavin Newsom (@GavinNewsom) October 1, […]

Aztec Pyramids in Wisconsin? Welcome to Aztalan State Park

The enormous earth mounds which can be visited at Aztalan State Park in Wisconsin are remnants of an ancient culture that first settled the area around the 11th or 12th century AD. These massive architectural earthwork features were sculpted by a Native American civilization that existed in the United States in the Mississippi River Valley […]

Pyramids Of The Ancient Aryan Kingdom Of Kush — Ethiopia And Sudan

We have previously featured the work of historian and anthropologist, Robert Sepehr — whose specialty is tracing the history of the Genesis 10 Aryan-Adamic peoples — such as the Chachapoyas or “Cloud People” who built the remarkable pyramids of Central and South America. Here we have transcribed one of Sepehr’s lectures on the ancient kingdom […]

Experts Claim There is a Lost, Underground ‘City’ Beneath the Pyramids of Giza

There is an incredible ‘Lost’ underground city located beneath the Pyramids of Giza, and despite the fact that only a few know about it today, it was extremely well documented in the past. Despite the fact that only a few know about it today, the vast underground city was extremely well documented in the past. […]

‘Divine Race’ Of Blonde-Haired, Blue-Eyed ‘Cloud People’ Built The Pyramids Of South America

Historian and archeologist Robert Sepehr has written extensively about the Chachapoyas — The Cloud People — an ancient Aryan people who built great civilizations — which featured massive pyramids and mummies — in Central and South America long before the Incas and Aztecs — and their civilization even pre-dates the Egyptians by almost 2,000 years. […]

Reptilian PCR Test: The Easiest Way To Control People To Do Anything – In The Same Way Egyptians Bui lt The Pyramids

Reptilian PCR Test: The Easiest Way To Control People To Do Anything – In The Same Way Egyptians Built The Pyramids / Medeea Greere Why is this brutal, painful, aggressive false test, which gets in people’s noses, breaking the brain barrier? And then I remembered… When I read about the hieroglyphs of Hatchepsout Temple […]

Could the Directions of Pyramids and Sphinx Hint at Hidden Chambers?

The Giza Sphinx faces east, while the pyramids’ sides are aligned precisely in the cardinal directions. There is little doubt that the Sun or stars must have been used to align the Giza pyramids, but was there an actual use for the directions in which they were built? And what might we deduce from their […]

Egypt’s Buried & Layer Pyramids: Unsolved Homicide & Hidden Heritage

Beneath the sun scorched sands of the Giza Necropolis sleeps the enchanted ruins of ancient Egyptian civilization. While the secretive  Sphinx and the spectacular  Great Pyramid  rush to mind, there are many tombs and pyramids most have never heard of. These monuments and tombs could simply be lost in the myriad of magnificent historical treasures, but […]

Elon Musk Says Aliens Built The Pyramids

Egyptian experts have hit back at Elon Musk after he tweeted about a ‘conspiracy theory’ that aliens built the pyramids. The SpaceX founder tweeted: “Aliens built the pyramids obv”. Aliens built the pyramids obv — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 31, 2020 His tweet was liked by more than 500,000 people and retweeted more than 84,000 […]

The Giza Labyrinth & How the Pyramids Saved Humanity

It was denied for years by the Egyptian authorities but beneath the Giza plateau, underneath the pyramids and the sphinx, is a huge labyrinth of ancient caves and tunnels, some of which are said to date back 15,000 years. It is an enormous underground world that has been conveniently kept away from the history books, […]

Atlantic Found….Ancient Alien Pyramids Discovered On Ocean Floor Off The US Coast

“Yes, they could have been built by ancient aliens and probably were.” Some viewers were left gobsmacked by his claims. One said: “Very good find, hats off to the person who discovered them.” Another viewer said: “Hell yeah I’m going scuba diving in Nassau and now I have an exact coordinate to dive to.” A […]

Ancient Ruins Older Than Pyramids Discovered In Canada

Next Story A team of students from the University of Victoria’s archeology department have uncovered the oldest settlement ever to be found in North America. They were digging on Triquet Island, located about 300 miles north of Victoria, British Columbia’s capital, when they discovered the ruins. The team found many ancient artifacts, including fishhooks, spears, […]

5 Pyramids of the Ancient World that You May Not Have Heard About

The Great Pyramid of Giza is undoubtedly one of the most well-known icons of the ancient world. But thousands of other pyramids exist, not just in Egypt, but across the entire globe, including Europe, Asia, Oceania and the Americas. The reason why so many ancient civilizations, many of which had no contact with each other, […]

‘Elaborate underworld’ of Mayan pyramids to be explored by archaeologists

Built more than 1,000 years ago, the ancient Mayan pyramid in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula will be explored using a modified ground-penetrating radar (GPR) to locate passageways and rooms in El Castillo, also known as the Temple of Kukulcan. “Something on this scale has never been attempted, but we’re confident that it will help us understand […]

The Fascinating Link Between The Pyramids & Otherworldly Visitors

There is in fact documentary evidence – from Sumerian clay tablets unearthed in the great historical library of Nineveh – that the Great Pyramid was known to the Sumerians of 10,000 years ago, 6000 years before the first Pharaoh of Egypt was even born! 9. It is built to face true North, supposedly at a […]

Indecipherable Message Of The Shigir Idol—Statue 3 Times As Old As The Egyptian Pyramids

The Shigir Idol is an ancient statue carved from larch discovered on January 24, 1894, at a depth of 4 meters in the peat bog of Shigir. At 11,000 years old, it is considered the oldest wooden statue ever discovered, it is covered with an indecipherable message three times as old as the Pyramids of Giza. According to experts, this ancient time […]

Ancient Pyramids in an Icy Landscape: Was There an Ancient Civilization in Antarctica?

The World Wide Web is all abuzz with Google Earth images of Antarctica that appear to show pyramids in the icy landscape.  The images show what appears to be three pyramids with four sides similar to the famous Giza pyramids in Egypt. Could these be authentic man-made pyramids created by an ancient civilization? Who Made […]

Crystal Clear Footage Of UFO’s Above Giza Pyramids Goes Viral

A bizarre video of what appears to be three upside-down pyramids UFOs floating above the pyramids of Giza has gone viral across social media. SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO The mind blowing footage was uploaded by Youtuber Section 51 2, which shows the triangular pyramid UFOs hovering above the Giza Pyramids whilst stunned tourists look on […]

German Oceanographer States: Pyramids and Technology Found Under The Bermuda Triangle Are Unknown To Modern Science

Is this the news everyone has been waiting for in regards to the Bermuda Triangle? According to an oceanographer, the technology that lies hidden beneath the ocean in the Bermuda Triangle is anything but ordinary and is very likely to have not originated on Earth. Also known as the “Devil’s Triangle“, the Bermuda Triangle consists […]

Meet The Enigmatic ‘Pre Flood’ Pyramids Beneath Lake Fuxian In China

At the bottom of Lake Fuxian—rising 1,720 meters above sea level and encompassing an area of 212 square kilometers—experts discovered the remains of a massive city, and several pyramids-shaped structures believed to be the remains of an advanced ancient pre-flood civilization Pyramids are a global phenomenon. For thousands of years, ancient cultures around the globe […]

You Think Egypt is The Country With Most Pyramids in The Worl – You Are WRONG, This Country Has Approximately 255

The area of the Nile valley known as Nubia, which lies within present-day Sudan, was home to three Kushite kingdoms during antiquity. The first had its capital at Kerma (2600–1520 BC). The second was centered on Napata (1000–300 BC). The last kingdom was based around Meroë (300 BC–AD 300). Kerma was Nubia’s first centralized state […]

US Senator: Lavrov’s right, US has teamed up with al Qaeda in Aleppo

     Senator from the US State of Virginia Richard Black claims that the US government has likely acted to prevent the Syrian government’s armed forces from recapturing the city of Aleppo from the al-Qaeda affiliated al-Nusra Front. The US government has likely acted to prevent the Syrian government’s armed forces from recapturing the city of […]

Japanese master can control animals with the power of chi

     We too often take it for granted that human beings only have five senses, and whenever something cannot be immediately explained within the framework of modern science, we tend to brush it off as an anomaly, or an oddity. “I exchange energy with the animals, and then they go to sleep.” -Master Kanzawa Sensei […]

The Ancient Off Grid Heater That’s Far Better Than A Wood Stove

It’s the most reliable, safe and efficient way to produce heat with wood. So why do so few homes nowadays have them? Masonry stoves have been used for centuries — across Scandinavia, France, Germany and Poland. But they were seldom found in Britain and it’s the early British influence on North America that may account […]

Scientists develop way to ‘unboil’ an egg

(NaturalNews) Don’t look for a kitchen product that will recover hard boiled eggs and allow you to change your mind to make an omelet […]

Sugar Is Toxic, Says New Study

From: That’s what scientists have concluded from a first-of-its-kind diet study involving overweight kids Fat was the food villain these past few decades but sugar is quickly muscling in to take its place. As rates of sugar-related disorders such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease climb, many experts believe that […]

Philippines cancels flights, alerts hospitals over haze

A thick haze, believed to be from Indonesia’s forest fires, enguls the city of Davao on the southern island of Mindanao on October 23, 2015 The Philippines cancelled flights and put hospitals on alert on Sunday, as its southern and central islands were covered by thickening haze from Indonesian forest fires. Smog from Indonesian slash-and-burn […]

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