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Critical Quotes by President Donald Trump


LOXISM: Numerous quotes from prominent Jewish leaders over the past 150 years about perpetrating a white genocide and creating a multicultural bloodline worldwide (Video)

Loxism is the hatred of White people by Jews. It is the most pervasive form of racial hatred on the planet, and yet it is never mentioned by the mainstream of society. It is the driving force behind global events, and yet we are threatened with imprisonment or social ostracization for mentioning it. Jewish hatred […]

I Read RFK Jr.’s Entire Announcement Speech: Here Are His 5 Best Quotes, In My Opinion

#5 – “Instead of two parties, we have a uniparty, a monster with two faces loudly bickering with itself as it lumbers over a cliff. At the bottom of that cliff lies the destruction of our country.” #4 – “People suspect that the divisions are deliberately orchestrated, and that getting us to hate each other […]

Germany Must Be Destroyed – A Collection of Quotes

By David Thomas Published: 1998-05-25 Introduction „Germany must be destroyed“ is a collection of quotes made by various Source

Here are the Zelensky ‘treason’ quotes the Washington Post deleted

READ HERE: The Washington Post has deleted a large tract of an interview with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky in which he lashed out at alleged “traitors” in his ranks. RT is publishing the entire section that the US newspaper would rather keep hidden. The following section appeared in an interview with the Ukrainian president published […]

Reactions to Iran and Saudi Arabia resuming ties – Quotes

Here are some key quotes and reactions after Iran and Saudi Arabia agreed on Friday to re-establish relations in a deal announced after four days of previously undisclosed talks in Beijing. Statement issued by Iran, Saudi Arabia and China Tehran and Riyadh agreed "to resume diplomatic relations between them and re-open their embassies and missions within a […]

Mike Lee Quotes Breitbart News, Saying Media Cartel Bill Would Lead to Censorship of Free Speech

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) said during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday that the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA) would likely violate the Constitution by compelling speech and could serve as an “Obamacare for the free press.”

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry Quotes Rapper Pusha T To Report Russian Combat Losses

Since Russian President Vladimir Putin’s troops invaded Ukraine in February, the Russian military has lost more than 50,000 troops, 4,500 armored combat vehicles and 2,000 tanks, according to the defense ministry’s Twitter post. “I put numbers on the boards,” the post reads, tagging Pusha T. The post is part of a broader effort by Ukraine […]

Quebec General Election: Selection of Quotes From Party Leaders on Day 1 of Campaign

MONTREAL — Quebecers are going to the polls for a general election on Oct. 3; here are a series of quotes from the leaders of the province’s five major parties on Day 1 of the campaign. François Legault, Outgoing Premier and Leader of Coalition Avenir Québec “I am not perfect; you have seen it. It […]

Are Bible Quotes That Make Christians Uncomfortable Really Taken Out of Context?

The bible is revolting. It is sickening. It is nowhere NEAR as nice a book as what an ethical human could come up with, so why on earth does it have this reputation as having been written by the very author of love itself? It wasn’t. It was written by human men – and pretty […]

Jews Have Meltdown When Navy Chaplain Quotes Bible That The ‘Men Of Israel’ Crucified Christ And Need To Repent

A Jewish-dominated anti-Christian group called the “Military Religious Freedom Foundation” had a mouth-frothing meltdown recently when a Navy chaplain posted a sermon for Easter Sunday in which he quoted Peter’s admonishment to the “men of Israel” that they must repent for crucifying Christ: Lt. Aristotle Rivera serving as a Navy chaplain for the Second Marine […]


Conspirators’ Hierarchy Quotes ― John Coleman “How the Committee of 300 Arranges Elections The term “fair and free elections” has no meaning in the U.S. The candidates for the presidency are selected by the Committee of 300 so in reality it does not matter who “wins” the election and goes on to the White House.” […]

Golden Globes: Aaron Sorkin Quotes Leftist Rioter Abbie Hoffman While Condemning Capitol Hill Riots

Screenwriter-director Aaron Sorkin used his Golden Globes win on Sunday as an opportunity to get on his political soapbox, quoting radical leftist Abbie Hoffman to condemn the Capitol Hill riots of January 6. Aaron Sorkin won an award for his screenplay for the Netflix movie The Trial of the Chicago 7. In his acceptance speech, […]

Bulgarian game show host quotes Bobby Fischer in antisemitic rant

The host of a popular game show on Bulgarian public TV quoted on air the antisemitic rantings of the late chess master Bobby Fischer, then apologized the following day, a day after the broadcasting company’s top official. On Tuesday, Orlin Goranov of Bulgarian National Television’s “The Last One Wins” posed a question to contestants on […]

John le Carre in quotes

John le Carre in quotes: Machiavellian “Intelligence work has one moral law — it is justified by results.” – “The Spy Who Came in from the Cold” (1963) Get The Times of Israel’s Daily Edition by email and never miss our top stories Free Sign Up Love hurts “Do you know what love is? I’ll […]

“Fear I have not, fear I have not, Even if all the world opposes me” : Modi quotes Subramanya Bharati

In November alone, the Allahabad High Court issued orders providing relief to couples in more than 125 cases, web journal reported on Dec.1. They were involved in inter-caste and inter-faith marriages. But UP’s CM, his colleagues in power, and UP police have no fear indeed…they uphold rabid hindutva. PM Narendra Modi quoted Subramanya Bharathi, […]

Abortion Supporter Joe Biden Quotes St. John Paul II

Democrat nominee Joe Biden, an avid supporter of abortion rights, closed a campaign speech in Pittsburgh on Monday by citing Saint John Paul II, who urged Christians to “be not afraid.” Blaming President Donald Trump for the violent riots left-wing anarchists have staged in American cities, Biden said, “Donald Trump is determined to instill fear […]

Biden 2020: Key promises and quotes from the Democratic National Convention

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Talmud Torah Quotes

Talmud Torah Quotes    Jewish Talmudic Quotes – Facts Are Facts From Acharya S7-26-9  Talmudic Quotes   The decisions of the Talmud are words of the living God. Jehovah himself asks the opinions of earthly rabbis when there are difficult affairs in heaven.   Rabbi Menachen, Comments for the Fifth Book   Jehovah himself in […]

Top quotes from Putin’s Austrian interview – so tense he had to resort to German to make his point

Putin is meeting Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache on Tuesday. The visit to Vienna will be his first trip abroad since his inauguration for the second consecutive term – and the fourth in total – in March. Before arriving in the Austrian capital, Putin spoke to Armin Wolf from the state ORF […]

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