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Rainbow Warrior To Defy Glasgow Port By Sailing To COP26

The Rainbow Warrior is planning to sail to the COP26 summit in Glasgow in defiance of port authorities, environmental group Greenpeace has said. The campaign group’s famous ship is carrying youth strikers from communities most hit by climate change to demand world leaders “stop failing us”. Greenpeace said port authorities had warned the group not […]

The Difference Between God’s 7 Color Rainbow and Counterfeit LGBTQ 6 Color Rainbow Will Amaze You

God’s rainbow, the one that He set in the sky as a sign to Noah, has 7 observable colors in it – red, orange. yellow, green, blue, violet, and indigo. I was reading earlier how Skittles traded in its iconic rainbow packaging for a monochromatic black-and-white design in honor of LGBTQ+ P for Pedophile Pride parade celebrations in London this week. […]

Homosexuals, ‘Transgenders’ Claiming So-Called ‘Rainbow Flag’ is Not ‘Inclusive’ Enough, Want Replaced

(6ABC) SAN FRANCISCO — The Rainbow Flag is perhaps the most well-known flag in the world, created in San Francisco. But more than 40 years later, some in the LGBTQ+ community think it’s time for a new flag: one that is more inclusive to replace the existing one. People still stop to look and appreciate […]

God showed the rainbow to Noah

God showed the rainbow to Noah as a promise that he wouldn’t destroy the world again due to sin. That’s why Satan’s zionist minions mock it.

FBI “Domestic Terrorism” Unit Is Composed Of Reckless Sexual Predators Who Keep Rainbow Dildos In Their Office and Show Up To Work Drunk, Explosive New Lawsuit Alleges

Sending a colleague a picture of you pleasuring yourself with a rainbow colored dildo at work would get you immediately fired if you worked at McDonalds, but the rules are different at the FBI.  The photo above was submitted as evidence in a bombshell civil rights lawsuit by Supervisory Special Agent Karen Veltri against the Department of Justice over allegations of systematic sexual harassment, […]

Muslim Parents Organise Protest Against Rainbow Dildo Butt Monkey

A Muslim parents activist group has organized a protest against the ‘Dildo Butt Monkey’ hired by a British library to perform in front of young children. As we reported yesterday, a ‘woke’ library in London was forced to apologise after young children were exposed to a man dressed up in a monkey costume with a […]

‘Rainbow Dildo Butt Monkey’ Invited to London Library to Teach Children About Literacy

Redbridge Libraries in London has a Summer Reading Challenge for children aged 4-14. As part of this program they invited some “heroes” from Mandinga arts to come perform for children to teach them about the wonders of reading. One of these “heroes” is a “rainbow dildo butt monkey”, who is seen on their promotional poster […]

Rainbow flag burned and marchers assaulted at Zagreb gay pride march

Croatian police have detained several people over incidents during and after this weekend’s Pride march in the capital of Zagreb. The incidents included verbal and physical attacks on some participants and the burning of a rainbow-colored LGBT flag, the Zagreb police said Sunday. Police are still looking for some of the perpetrators. Franko Dota, from […]

Tony Perkins Offers Tips on ‘Surviving the Rainbow Onslaught’ During Pride Month

It is a well-known fact that religious-right activists and organizations are vehemently opposed to Pride Month, so it was no surprise to see the Family Research Council dedicate last Wednesday’s episode of its weekly “Pray, Vote, Stand” program to railing against the celebration of LGBTQ equality and offering conservative Christians tips on “surviving the rainbow […]

Homophobic Pentagon Upholds Trump Ban on LGBTQ from flying the Rainbow Pride Flag at Military Bases

    Blanket policy to continue as part of efforts last year to ban displaying the Confederate flag in midst of racial tensions. The Pentagon will not make an exception to allow US military installations to fly rainbow pride flags in June, it said on Friday, keeping a policy set by Donald Trump that limited […]

Rainbow-Colored BLM Statue in Budapest Demolished Within 24 Hours

The revelation that ‘Cash Me Outside girl’ made a million dollars in 6 hours after joining OnlyFans days after her 18th birthday underscores once again the predatory nature of how the entertainment industry grooms teenage girls for de facto prostitution. “The rapper claimed she made six figures in just first six hours on the subscription […]

Biden’s Iran Policy Is Just Trump’s Iran Policy With A Rainbow Flag Emoji

In a new interview with CBS Evening News, President Biden confirmed that his administration will not be lifting sanctions imposed upon Iran in order to bring Tehran to the negotiating table for the restoration of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), commonly known as the Iran nuclear deal. “Will the U.S. lift sanctions first in order […]

Randy Rainbow’s uniquely sarcastic musical sendoff to Trump

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Qatar to allow rainbow flags at 2022 World Cup despite strict anti-LGBTQ laws

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Oreo Giving Away Rainbow-Themed Cookies in Partnership With Homosexual Advocacy Group

Nabisco’s Oreo brand has announced that it is giving away 10,000 packages of its limited edition rainbow-themed cookies, which it created out of a partnership with the group Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG). While some have supported the effort, others have denounced Oreo for promoting sin and not just making cookies. The […]

Hungarian PM Says Schools Must Protect Children from ‘Gender Ideology & Rainbow Propaganda’

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has slammed liberal ideology saying that conservatives must defend school children from destructive leftist propaganda. In a written address, Orbán argued that there were “irreconcilable differences in education policy” between liberals and conservatives and said that conservatives focus on helping children “to be capable of becoming patriots who can carry […]

Deadly rainbow: Will 5G precipitate the extinction of all life on Earth?

Smart Meter News ‘You cannot contaminate the global electrical circuit with millions of pulsed, modulated electronic signals without destroying all of life.’ Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Become a powerful force for change In his recently revised and updated book The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life, scientist Arthur Firstenberg has made both […]

‘Rainbow’ halos light up Brazilian skies following staggering celestial event (VIDEO)

The 22-degree-halos, known as solar and lunar halos respectively, occur around both the sun and moon. The extraordinary phenomenon happens when light interacts with thousands of ice crystals trapped in cirrus clouds in the troposphere, about 5-10 km (3-6 miles) above us. READ MORE: Holy sheet! Shaolin monk throws needle through pane of glass (VIDEO) […]

The Breaking of the Rainbow Coalition and the Rise of the “Negro Imperialist”

On Thursday, December 4, 1969, at about 4:30 AM, three unmarked Chicago police cars and a panel truck left the 26th Street office of the Cook County state’s attorney and headed west. The lakefront air was bitterly cold, and the vehicles moved deliberately past the empty lots, gutted warehouses, and walk-ups that dotted the city’s […]

Fascism Came To America Wrapped In Rainbow Flag & Wearing A Pussyhat

Above Photo: Flickr/ this.nik Google is blocking our site. Please use the social media sharing buttons (upper left) to share this on your social media and help us break through. November 25, 2017 “Information Clearing House” – There’s a popular quote of unknown origin that usually goes something like “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in […]

McDonald’s Introduces Rainbow-Themed Fries in Support of “Gay Pride”

McDonald’s restaurants on both coasts are serving up the restaurant chain’s famous french fries sporting a rainbow-themed box in celebration of homosexual “pride” events. The “gay” themed fries are being served between June 9 and 11 at three specific Washington, D.C., area McDonald’s restaurants located along the route of the June 10 Capital […]

Rainbow Colored Village! Indonesian Government Invest Over $20K To Pain 232 Slum Houses

Housing communities have various stipulations owner’s must adhere to. On a recent trip, I asked a friend why every single house was the same color. The rules, they said, were to ensure no one painted their house a bright, or unsightly color. Cars are not allowed on the streets, nor in the driveway, but must […]

Internationally accredited heavy metals testing services just launched by the Health Ranger’s food science laboratory (CWC Labs)

(NaturalNews) At long last, we are now officially announcing the availability of heavy metals analysis and nutritive minerals analysis services at my laboratory, CWC Labs. This announcement is for commercial clients and health care professionals who have five or more samples to analyze, but we will be launching testing services for individuals in […]

FLASHBACK: Austerity for the masses while the elites hide $21 to $32 trillion in tax havens – conservative estimate

     A new Tax Justice Network (TJN) USA report reveals an estimated $21 – $32 trillion of hidden and stolen wealth stashed largely tax-free secretly. Titled “The Price of Offshore Revisited,” it explains what finance insiders know but won’t discuss because many of them have their own hidden wealth. TJN describes a “subterranean” and systemic […]

Lavrov: Lack of response by West to attacks on Russian embassy in Kiev shows their duplicity and hypocrisy

     The West’s lack of response to recent attacks on Russian diplomatic missions in Ukraine, particularly the embassy in Kiev, is a sign of “hypocrisy and duplicity,” Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said. Amid a spate of attacks, Moscow is monitoring the situation around its embassy in Kiev and frequently communicates with the Russian ambassador […]


Late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died during a meeting of an Austrian secret society founded by the Bohemian Grove as a feeder group for the real Illuminati – and the resort hosting the society is filled with esoteric artwork. During a visit to Cibolo Creek Ranch in Presidio Co., Texas, Scalia died among members […]

Iranian Film Institute screens ‘A Cube of Sugar’ in Malaysia

Iranian Film Institute was formed in Malaysia last month to make use of Iranian cinematic experiences and developing cultural ties with Malaysia. In its first presentation, the institution showcased Iranian feature movie A Cube of Sugar, directed by Reza Mir Karimi, Friday at the Cultural Center of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Kuala Lumpur […]

British Woman Given 6 Year Jail Sentence For Joining ISIS

The British woman who took her 18-month old son to Syria, has been sentenced to six years in prison for joining ISIS. After telling her family she was going on holiday to Turkey in October 2014,  26 year old Tareena Shakil traveled to the terrorist stronghold of Raqqa in Syria. Her father claims that his […]

Police Chief With 120 Files of Child Porn Will Have to Pay $100 Fine, Released After 18 Months

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (CN) – Child-pornography possession sent a former police chief from suburban New York to prison for 18 months on Wednesday. At the time of his January 2014 arrest, Brian Fanelli was in his second month on the job as chief of police for the Mount Pleasant […]

Recovery: Target Is Closing Even More Stores

Recovery: Target Is Closing Even More Stores November 4th, 2015 Via: Money: Minneapolis-headquartered retailer Target is having a rough go of it. Following months of layoffs and a bungled Canadian expansion—and two years after a massive customer credit card data breach—the company has decided […]

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