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Liz Glass – A Jewish Reader Replies

(left, Liz Glass) I ASSUME YOU READ THIS? The Jewish Plot to Destroy Christian Civilization “The first task of Our World Revolution is Destruction,”  Nahum Goldman, founder of the World Jewish Congress Liz Glass became an activist when she had to pull her children  out of school to prevent them from being vaccinated. She […]

Failed State — Lebanese Banks Steal Reader’s Money

“Run by an unholy, mostly undeclared, coalition of warlords, businessman and clerics, this trinity has recently orchestrated what could be defined as the only government-sponsored Ponzi scheme the world has ever witnessed. Citizens’ (and Expats’) bank deposits – the majority of which in the form of lifelong savings, mine included – have evaporated overnight.”  “Prior to […]

Washington Post Censors Anti-Hamas Cartoon After Reader Complaints, Staff Revolt

The Washington Post has taken down a cartoon by conservative artist Michael P. Ramirez that mocked Hamas, after criticisms by readers and a revolt by staff members. Source

These VICE Reader Bestsellers Are on Mega Sale for Prime Big Deal Days

Prime Big Deal Days have arrived! Taking place today and tomorrow (October 10–11), this blowout sale extravaganza is a time when you can get crazy-low prices and a bona fide big-boi wave of deals, both on Amazon and from a cornucopia of other sites that simply love an excuse to serve fuego sales. Our editors […]

Reader Explains Why Christians are Wimps

Christian armies expelled Muslims from Spain and Mongols from Eastern Europe. Where are they today when Christian children are being groomed for pedophiles at school or “drag queen story time,”, and Christian values are trampled with impunity? Christians today turn the other cheek so often, that their heads are on a swivel.  from   Why are […]

Robert Kennedy Jr. Is a Substack Reader!

“We’re living in a weird period of history,” expressed Democratic Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Kennedy is a complex figure who defies easy categorization. Hailing from one of America’s most prominent political families, RFK Jr. has taken up the mantle of activism and public service, but often in ways that break with the mainstream […]

At the request from a reader, Hellstorm. A view from the other side.

A repost, but well worth watching. Source

These VICE Reader Faves Are on Big-Time Sale for Black Friday

Bonjour, reader. Have we told you lately that we love you? Well, we do! But you know what we learned from getting ghosted by rolled-beanie sk8r fuckboiz and having our accounts emptied by Tinder bots named Lacey? Actions speak louder than words. That's why instead of just telling you that you're our toasted Tartine bread […]

“France has Lost all her Freedom” Reader Laments as France Rolls Out Compulsory COVID-19 Vaccine Policies

by Brian ShilhavyEditor, Health Impact News A distraught Health Impact News subscriber from France emailed me today regarding new COVID-19 mandatory vaccine policies that were just announced by the President of France, Emmanuel Macon. The President has spoken and the vax is compulsory for people working in hospitals, medical center, with old people event at […]

EMF Reader shows a vaccinated person emitting a high level of EMF radiation

Wireless radiation coming from the vaccine area of a vaccinated person. This could be responsible for the vaccine transmission that is being reported also backs up previous reports that the vaccine can connect you to the cloud or a network. Source

Culture Wars reader sees communist narratives, warns Michael Jones ‘trying to fool you’

Front cover of E. Michael Jones’ magazine Culture Wars in 2009. By Tradition In ActionLetters to the Editor SectionMay 13, 2014 Anno Domini TIA, When I found a Culture Wars magazine left for people to circulate at a Latin Mass Church, I became concerned about the content of this magazine. It seems that conservative Catholics […]

Boulder Mass Shooting Suspect Was Anti-Trump, WaPo Reader – Media Blackout

The Boulder, Colorado mass shooting suspect was a Trump-hating, Washington Post reader who shared the paper’s hatred of Donald Trump. Ahmad Al-Issa was arrested after killing 10 people, including a police officer, during a shooting spree inside the King Soopers grocery store on Monday afternoon. You can unsubscribe any time. By subscribing you agree to […]

Washington’s Blog Reader Comments

Both Disqus – which runs the comment program here – and writer Eric Zuesse have noted that the comments have dropped to near zero. Please let us know whether: (1) Your comments are being blocked by Disqus; (2) You haven’t had anything to say recently; or (3) You’ve lost interest in the website If your […]

False Flags are Pretext for Police State, says Reader

  October 8, 2017 Source Article from

California’s Top Court Says Cops Have To Hand Over Automatic Plate Reader Records

The EFF and ACLU have achieved a victory in an acronym-heavy public records case. The California Supreme Court has ruled the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD) will have to turn over data acquired by their automatic license plate readers (ALPRs). Both entities tried to keep these records from the […]

‘Everyone’s a vet’ in Israel, says Junger. Well not really

Sebastian Junger has a new book out called Tribe, about the tribal pull inside human societies, the need to belong to a subgroup to derive meaning in life. Much of his book involves the bonding and closeness that soldiers experience by being together in armies, in which people are equal, and everyone suffers the same […]

Censorship in Brooklyn: Food Coop bars ‘any events related to BDS or Israel’ from meeting room

This is disturbing. The Park Slope Food Coop staff is trying to shut down discussion of the Israel/Palestine issue with a strict censorship policy of discussions in its members’ meeting room on the subjects of Israel or BDS, Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions. It’s bad enough that the Brooklyn institution’s board is opposing boycott; though it […]

U.S. Suicide Rate Soars in 21st Century – Up 80% For Middle Aged White Women

Police were also vague about the sign, saying only that it related to “social justice.” Bishop said two others who witnessed the shooting told him that it said, “Tax the one percent,” and that he seemed to raise it just before pulling the trigger. Jim White was at the Capitol […]

“Red Light Robin Hood” Hero Strikes Again, Risks Years in Jail Destroying Red Light Cameras

Long Island, N.Y – Last year, 42-year-old Stephen Ruth was arrested for disabling traffic cameras, and even making YouTube videos of himself in the act, showing other people how they too can disable traffic cameras fairly easily. As soon as the video went viral, Ruth quickly became known as the “Red Light Robin Hood” […]

First it was Germany ‘BANS’ sexy women in adverts after Cologne sex assaults

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