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A ‘temporary ceasefire’ means realizing how much we’ve lost

The streets were suddenly flooded. People could now inspect the destroyed buildings in Khan Younis, in Nuseirat, in Deir al-Balah, and other cities in the south, able to venture farther away from their shelters to bring supplies for their families. Above all, they could now check in on the members of their family who were […]

Realizing 7th NDP economic goal requires $160b of annual investment

TEHRAN – A former deputy at Iranian Finance and Economic Affairs Ministry has said the country requires $160 billion of foreign and domestic investment every year to realize the economic growth goal of eight percent set for the seventh National Development Plan (2022-2026). “To achieve eight percent economic growth, we need 60 billion dollars of […]

Michele Bachmann Claims a ‘Fog of Delusion’ Is Preventing Americans From Realizing the 2022 Elections Were Rigged

On election night in 2020, former congresswoman Michele Bachmann boldly declared that conservative Christians had no reason to worry about the outcome because God had “sealed this election in the heavenlies,” ensuring that former President Donald Trump would be easily reelected. When Trump lost, Bachmann, like so many others in the MAGA movement, refused to […]

NASA Delays Artemis Launch After Realizing Female Astronaut Forgot To Fill The Rocket With Fuel After Last Trip

ORLANDO, FL — NASA officials were forced to postpone the eagerly anticipated Artemis launch after discovering a female astronaut had failed to refuel the rocket following its last mission. “We had everything prepared and made sure the rocket was fully equipped for its trip to orbit the moon, but we were left scrambling for solutions […]

Conservatives Stop Saying ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ After Realizing It Makes Liberals Sad

Conservatives Stop Saying ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ After Realizing It Makes Liberals Sad U.S.—Everyone has had a great time with the cool new phrase “Let’s go, Brandon!” — a euphemism for an expletive directed at President Joe Biden — and it has popped up everywhere, from NASCAR races to t-shirts to everyday conversations. There’s one problem, […]

Matt Couch Urges ‘Self-Inoculation’ Instead of Vaccinations Without Realizing They’re Basically the Same Thing

Right-wing activist Matt Couch appeared on “The Todd Coconato Show” last week, where he declared that rather than getting vaccinated, wearing masks, and taking steps to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus, people should be intentionally exposing themselves to the virus as a form of “self-inoculation.” Couch, who earlier this year was forced to […]

Iran realizing the rights to participate in Beach Soccer World Cup

TEHRAN – Iran beach soccer national team are pursuing their right to participate in the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Russia 2021. Following the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) announcement, and based on two agreed criteria, Japan, Oman, and United Arab Emirates have been chosen to represent the AFC in the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup. […]

Google employees are suddenly realizing their employer is pure EVIL; now they’re freaking out over Pentagon AI "terminator" project

(Natural News) The aesthetic appeal of its sprawling, modern campus with sun-lit cafeterias and lush outdoor gardens is no longer shielding the Google corporation from the scrutiny it deserves, as more than 3,100 of the search engine’s employees recently signed onto a petition demanding that their employer cease its role in advancing […]

Israeli town halts property sales after realizing most buyers were non-jews

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Israeli town halts property sales after realizing most buyers were Palestinians

Tamara Nassar Rights and Accountability 21 March 2018 A town in the Galilee region of Israel has suspended future building tenders for a 2,200-household residential development after its mayor learned that around half of the buyers were Palestinians. The town of Kfar Vradim was established in 1984 by billionaire Israeli Stef Wertheimer, one of the […]

Most of Us Are Ingesting Plastic Fibers Without Even Realizing It

Anna Hunt, Staff WriterWaking Times Plastic, once regarded as convenient and versatile, has actually become one of the biggest environmental problems of our time. It’s easy to see the extend of the contamination when you visit the oceanside. Even the most remote beaches are often littered with plastic debris. Now, new evidence reveals the problem […]

Oil show key in realizing 2nd Iran petchem leap

Shana – Managing Director of National Iranian Petrochemical Company (NPC) Marziyeh Shahdaei says Iran Oil Show 2017 is instrumental in realization of the second giant leap of the country’s petrochemical industry. Speaking on the sidelines of the 22nd Iran International Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemical Exhibition (Iran Oil Show-2017) on Sunday, the official said NPC […]

State of Emergency Declared in Michigan City After Lead Found in Children’s Blood

Flint, Michigan– “The City of Flint has experienced a Manmade disaster,” said the city’s mayor Monday evening, as she declared a state of emergency over evidently staggering levels of lead in the city’s tap water. Mayor Karen M. Weaver has requested federal assistance to deal with the fallout from over a year’s worth of tainted water delivered to […]

Princeton University Students Are Right On Racist Woodrow Wilson

Print Friendly Above Photo: From Princeton University’s long-overdue uproar over Woodrow Wilson’s racism barely scratches the surface of the damage he did to US democracy. At the core of his foul legacy is the fact that he dragged the United States into a hated world war based on a monstrous lie, and that he […]

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