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“Completely Reckless” – Louisiana High School Under Investigation For Vaccinating Teenage Students Without Parental Consent

“Completely Reckless” – Louisiana High School Under Investigation For Vaccinating Teenage Students Without Parental Consent Date: October 26, 2021Author: Nwo Report Source:  Julian ConradsonA mother was left stunned and outraged this week when she was made aware of her son receiving a Covid-19 vaccine at his high school without her consent.Jennifer Ravain – the mother […]

Monsanto Ordered to Pay $87M Following Reckless Disregard of Roundup Verdict

The 1st Appellate District in the Court of Appeals for California rejected a bid from Bayer-owned Monsanto to overturn its decision, indicating that Monsanto acted with “reckless disregard” against its cancer-causing weed killer, Roundup. by Mary Villareal The appeals court in San Francisco refused to overturn the 2019 verdict, in which a jury awarded over […]

Former Chief Science Officer and VP at Pfizer to FDA: “You reckless idiots!” Do NOT Take So-Called “Vaccines” (Clot Shots)

Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Chief Science Officer and VP at Pfizer for 16 years, makes a powerful presentation. — Pfizer/Moderna mRNA shots are NOT safe. — Scientists of conscience at these companies should resign in protest, to wake up the world. (View at Bitchute) Senator Rand Paul: Time to Resist. They Can’t Arrest Us All […]

FBI “Domestic Terrorism” Unit Is Composed Of Reckless Sexual Predators Who Keep Rainbow Dildos In Their Office and Show Up To Work Drunk, Explosive New Lawsuit Alleges

Sending a colleague a picture of you pleasuring yourself with a rainbow colored dildo at work would get you immediately fired if you worked at McDonalds, but the rules are different at the FBI.  The photo above was submitted as evidence in a bombshell civil rights lawsuit by Supervisory Special Agent Karen Veltri against the Department of Justice over allegations of systematic sexual harassment, […]

Israeli officer who killed Eyad al-Hallaq charged with reckless manslaughter

Israeli prosecutors filed an indictment against a border police officer for his role in the fatal shooting of Eyad al-Hallaq, a 32-year-old Palestinian man with autism, in the Old City of occupied East Jerusalem in 2020.  The border police officer, who remained unidentified, was charged with reckless manslaughter, which can carry a maximum sentence of […]

Contacting ET is ‘reckless’, say astronomers

Contacting ET is ‘reckless’, say astronomers Posted on Tuesday, 15 June, 2021 Is it wise to try to contact aliens ? Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 CSIRO A group of astronomers have warned of the potential dangers of trying to contact intelligent extraterrestrials.Most people involved in the search for signs of intelligent alien civilizations tend […]

MISTAKEN IDENTITY: Reckless Gestapo-Like Search Shines Light on Today’s FBI

If you aren’t familiar with the story, Pelosi’s laptop – which  was used “only for presentations” – disappeared from her office during the Capitol riot on January 6. Back in January, a woman was arrested in connection with the laptop, though it has yet to be recovered.  Marilyn Hueper, owner of Homer Inn & Spa […]

Biden’s Reckless Syria Bombing Is Not the Diplomacy He Promised

Written by Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J. S. Davies Photo: CODEPINK The February 25 U.S. bombing of Syria immediately puts the policies of the newly-formed Biden administration into sharp relief. Why is this administration bombing the sovereign nation of Syria? Why is it bombing “Iranian-backed militias” who pose absolutely no threat to the United States […]

Greenwald: “Obscene and Reckless” for Schumer to Compare Pro-Trump Protest to Pearl Harbor

Journalist Glenn Greenwald slammed Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer as “obscene and reckless” for comparing Wednesday’s Capitol Hill protest to Pearl Harbor – an attack which resulted in 2,400 American deaths. Following Wednesday’s unrest in the Capitol, Schumer gave a speech on the Senate floor in which he said January 6 was a date which would […]

Deep State Brennan Mourns ‘Criminal, Reckless’ Killing of Iran Nuclear Scientist

Deep State spy chief John Brennan on Friday angrily lashed out at the killing of the head of Iran’s nuclear program, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, condemning his death as a “criminal act.” Tehran announced that Mohsen was assassinated in Damavand Friday afternoon. Footage of the incident shows two vehicles, one with extensive fire damage and the other covered […]

John Brennan Frets over ‘Criminal, Reckless’ Killing of Iran Nuclear Scientist

Obama-era CIA Director John Brennan on Friday lashed out at the killing of the head of Iran’s nuclear program, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, labeling his death a “criminal act.” Iran announced that Fakhrizadeh was assassinated in Damavand Friday afternoon. Images of the scene show two vehicles, one with extensive fire damage and the other riddled with bullet holes. Iranian […]

Brute Force Approach To Reopen Benefits Reckless CEOs, Endangers Workers

Above photo: The Pilgrim’s Pride poultry processing plant at the intersection of Webber Street and West Frank Avenue. According to one worker, the plant can have upwards of 1,500 employees working per shift. Joel Andrews/The Lufkin Daily News. A GOP proposal would give corporate CEOs a five year “get out of jail free” card for jeopardizing […]

UK government’s reckless kowtowing of Trump on Syria – and contempt for the British people

A word to my Westminster MP on Syria Stuart Littlewood writes on 12 April: A reminder to my MP that his party boss Theresa May and her out-of-control Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson impatiently jumped the gun on Iraq and look like making the same mistake on Syria in an apparent attempt to provoke a wider […]

Edward Snowden: Facebook Is A Reckless Surveillance Company

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has blasted Facebook following the suspension of Cambridge Analytica, calling the social media giant a “reckless surveillance company.”  Facebook accused the data analytics firm of improperly harvesting data from millions of Facebook users, but Snowden lashed out saying the blame lies squarely on Facebook. reports: “Businesses that make money by collecting […]

Latest 2 Violations In Energy Transfer Partners Reckless Practices

Latest 2 Violations In Energy Transfer Partners Reckless Practices Above Photo: Dissent Magazine/ Flickr Mariner East 2 violations mark latest in reckless practices by Energy Transfer Partners affiliates Today, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) suspended construction permits for the Mariner East 2 pipeline due to a number of safety and environmental violations.1Mariner East 2 […]

The ‘deal of the century’ struck between reckless leaders

One of the issues, which had been taken widely with discussions since the start of Trump’s term, is the “deal of the century.” It might and might not deserve this discussion. Let’s see! The “deal of the century” is the mystery phrase used amid the ongoing tension in the Middle East. It seems that this […]

Gwinnett Police Officer Indicted For Reckless Driving and Homicide by Vehicle After Teen Killed in Crash

The former Gwinnett police officer who accidentally hit two teenagers with his patrol car in January — killing one — was indicted by a grand jury Wednesday. Scott York has been indicted on three charges, including reckless driving, exceeding maximum speed limits and homicide by vehicle. A previous investigation found the former Gwinnett officer was […]

Pike County Sheriff’s Deputy Joel Jenkins Pleads Guilty to Reckless Homicide

WAVERLY, Ohio – Former Pike County sheriff’s deputy Joel Jenkins will never be a peace officer again or be able to legally own a gun after pleading guilty in the 2015 shooting death of his neighbor. Jenkins appeared calm Monday as he pleaded guilty to reckless homicide, a third-degree felony, as part of a plea […]

South Carolina State Trooper Charged With Reckless Homicide After 81 Year Old Dies in High Speed Crash

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The Big Picture – Trump Too Reckless To be President?

The Big Picture – Trump Too Reckless To be President? By The Big Big Picture Panel: George Landrith, Frontiers of Freedom & Julio Rivera, Reactionary Times/Newsmax/Right Wing News/Politichicks. Conservatives are supposed to be the defenders of stability and order. So how can they possibly defend Donald Trump’s reckless threat to nuke North Korea into […]

Danbury Police Officer Jamie Hodge Charged With Reckless Driving After Fatal Crash

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Reidsville Police Sgt. Lynwood Hampshire Fired For Reckless Disregard For The Truth

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US-Sponsored Genocide in Syria

Emotions like fear & anxiety can trap you – clinical psychologist says facing them helps

     Fear and anxiety are emotions that can trap you, but facing them can help, explains a clinical psychologist. Phobias and anxieties, such as social anxiety, are best dealt with by facing them. It is not easy, but if done step-by-step most people can learn to deal with anxieties and fears — even overcome them. […]

Assad Approves New Syrian Cabinet

nsnbc : Syrian President Bashar al-Assad approved the new Syrian Cabinet headed by Imad Mohammad Deeb Khamis who had been tasked with forming the new Cabinet. President Al-Assad, Photo courtesy of SANA. Al-Assad formalized the approval of the new Cabinet by signing Decree No. 203 for 2016. The members of the new Cabinet are Prime […]

Economic insiders warn of upcoming system failure

     With each passing day, systemic risks in the financial system become greater. Smart money insiders and billionaire investors are taking note – and taking defensive actions. Mega-billionaire Carl Icahn, whose long-term track record is unrivaled, recently warned that “there will be a day of reckoning unless we get fiscal stimulus.” Icahn’s hedge fund is […]

CIA tip led to arrest of ‘dangerous communist’ Nelson Mandela, former US spy confesses

     A former CIA agent has finally confirmed what the world has long suspected: the US agency was behind the arrest that put Nelson Mandela in prison for 27 years. Two weeks before “unrepentant” 88-year-old Donald Rickard died, the CIA spy confessed to filmmaker John Irvin that his tip led to Mandela’s arrest, according to […]

Judge Exposed as Serial Molester After Thousands of Nude Photos, Some of Children, Found on PC

Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project Cross County, AR — In a vulgar abuse of his power, an Arkansas judge stands accused of swapping sex for reduced sentences. His accusations come after investigators discovered thousands of photographs on his computer that depicted nude male defendants. After being ousted […]

Iran to inaugurate ‘Karrar’ battle tank soon

Conservation of Asiatic Cheetah Project (CACP) – Phase II What is the Project About The Conservation of Asiatic Cheetah Project (CACP) is a long standing initiative between Iran’s Department of Environment,… Source Article from

They Live: John Carpenter’s Exposé of Jewish Power

A detailed analysis of “They Live” by John Carpenter. Is it a movie misunderstood by Hollywood or is it a movie very much understood, which is why they wanted it hidden from the mainstream public? The more political elements of the film are derived from Carpenter’s growing distaste with the ever-increasing commercialization of 1980s popular […]

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