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3,200-Year-Old Mesopotamian Perfume Recreated from Ancient Text

A woman named Tapputi carried the distinction of being the first female chemist in Mesopotamia and the first female perfume maker anywhere in the world, approximately 3,200 years ago. Read more Section:  Artifacts Ancient Writings News History & Archaeology Read Later  Source

Egyptian Olive Oil Production Method Recreated With Delicious Results!

Dr Emlyn Dodd, an archaeologist specializing in the study of ancient food and drink, has attempted to recreate the ancient and original method of Egyptian olive oil pressing called the torsion method,  Read more Section:  Artifacts Ancient Technology News History & Archaeology Read Later 

Ice Age Scotland Recreated In “Incredible” New Film

A new 3D visualization is revealing what the Scottish city of Dundee looked like during the Ice Age of 20,000 years ago. At this time, the location of the east coast city was packed flat beneath a 0.6-mile-thick ice sheet. A report in Science Alert explains that Glaciologist Max Van Wyk de Vries, of the […]

Mysterious Elongated Skull Discovered in Russia’s Stonehenge, Recreated in 3D

Russian archaeologists have managed to recreate a computer model of the enigmatic elongated skull that was discovered in Russia’s Stonehenge: Arkaim. The mysterious skeleton with an extremely elongated skull found in Russia. This proves that elongated skulls are a global phenomenon present all around the world. The question that remains is: Why were elongated skulls […]

8,000-Year-Old Elk Teeth “Dancing Rattlers” Are Recreated

Imagine this: 8,000-years-ago ancient hunters ritualistically danced wearing rattling elk teeth to enhance their hypnotic states of consciousness. Now, a Finish researcher has recreated an ancient elk tooth rattle and danced while wearing it for six hours, thereby accessing the soundscape of the ancient world. The researcher recreated the 8,000-year-old ritual clothing and after a […]

Astronomers discover several new trans-Neptunian objects beyond the orbit of Neptune

     Several new trans-Neptunian objects beyond the orbit of Neptune have reportedly been discovered by US astronomers. American astronomers have managed to discover an array of new trans-Neptunian objects. The planetoids are located beyond the orbit of Neptune, media reports said. A total of eight such objects were tracked, including 2014 FZ71, 2015 FJ345, 2004 […]

TOP APE Trying to Become UN Secretary General, Jews Plan to Thwart

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer January 11, 2016 Though many international persons support Obongo’s plan for ruling the UN, others fear they will slip on the banana peels he leaves in his wake. The worst President in American history, the African tribal chieftain Barack Obongo, is attempting to become the head of the UN. He is especially […]

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