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Oil-soaked birds found near oil spill at refinery after Ida

Wiebe said efforts to capture and save more birds are ongoing. The affected species include black-bellied whistling ducks, blue-winged teal and a variety of egrets. Other animals were also seen covered in oil, include alligators, nutria and river otters. A summary issued Thursday by the Environmental Protection Agency said it had received 43 notifications of […]

EXPLOSION and fire rock Mexican oil refinery in Veracruz state (VIDEO)

Fire has broken out at a Pemex oil refinery in Minatitlán, a town in the Mexican state of Veracruz. Video from the scene shows a plume of black smoke as the facility is engulfed in flames. No casualties have been reported so far. The incident occurred at the Petróleos Mexicano (Pemex) refinery named after former […]

Iran sends second cargo of refinery materials to Venezuela

TEHRAN – Iran has sent a second cargo of refining materials to Venezuela to help the country resume operation at the 955,000 barrel-per-day (bpd) Paraguana Refining Complex (CRP) in western Venezuela, Reuters reported, quoting people familiar with the matter. Iran had previously sent more than a dozen cargoes of catalysts to the country to help […]

WATCH: Striking French refinery workers & climate protesters clash with police outside office of oil giant Total

Protesters have clashed with French police outside of Total’s head office in La Defense, Paris as striking employees and climate activists accuse the oil giant of jettisoning jobs while failing to protect the environment. Employees of the Grandpuits refinery, who have been striking for five weeks following the announcement that the plant would be converted […]

Washington Rejects Massive Methanol Refinery

Fracked Gas Refinery and Export Terminal Would Have Significant Climate Impact. Kalama, WA —The Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology) denied permits for the massive fracked gas-to-methanol refinery proposed in Kalama, WA. Ecology nixed the fossil fuel processing and export proposal after deciding it would have a significant negative impact on the climate, Washington’s shorelines, and the public […]

S. Korean credit line tapped for financing Iran refinery project

SHANA – A project to optimize Iran’s Isfahan Refinery will be financed by a South Korean credit line. South Korea will provide €1.9 billion worth of credit for upgrading and optimizing the refinery. “A contract for improving process and optimizing Isfahan Refinery was signed and sealed in March 2017, based on which, it was envisioned […]

Iran to launch $1b refinery in Syria

SHANA — Iran’s Research Center of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) is to launch a refinery in Syria, a RIPI official said. Addressing a press conference on the center’s latest activities and achievements, Deputy RIPI Head of Technology and International Relations Mansour Bazmi said the facility it to be developed with the technologies RIPI has developed. He […]

Bidboland refinery 60% complete

SHANA– Iran’s Bidboland Persian Gulf Refinery project has so far made nearly 60% progress, the facility’s managing director said. Mahmoud Amin Nejad said construction of the refinery, which is to feed to Dena Ethylene Pipeline, has made 59% progress so far. He said the project’s pipe-lay operation has made 65% progress and its storage facilities […]


MOTIVA: FLOODING SHUTS LARGEST U.S. REFINERY August 31st, 2017 Via: CNBC: The largest U.S. refinery was shutting down completely on Wednesday morning as heavy rains from Tropical Storm Harvey flooded the 603,000 barrel-per-day (bpd) Port Arthur, Texas, plant, owner Motiva Enterprises said in a […]

New refinery to make Iran exporter of gasoline: IRGC Chief

Tasnim – A new gas condensate refinery constructed in southern Iran by an entity affiliated with the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) will not only help meet the country’s domestic demands for gasoline, but also allow for the export of petroleum, the commander of the IRGC announced. After coming into operation, the ‘Persian Gulf Star’ […]

Support for Iranian mobile messaging apps

The Iranian government has announced a new measure to support the production of indigenous mobile messaging applications in the face of tough competition from foreign counterparts. Due to the popularity of instant mobile messaging, localizing the technology has always been one of the main concerns of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology that consider […]

Israel, Turkey ‘reach normalization deal’

Israel and Turkey have reached an agreement on the normalization of their relations six years after an Israeli raid on a Gaza-bound Turkish aid flotilla killed 10 Turkish activists in high seas and sent their ties spiraling into a cycle of tensions. An Israeli official said on condition of anonymity on Sunday that the deal had been […]

US, Canada assigned to make human rights gestures: Iranian MP

June 26, The Iran Project – An Iranian lawmaker says US and Canada are assigned to make human rights gestures and put pressure on countries like Iran, referring to the Westerners’ division of labour. Speaking to a reporter on Sunday, Mohammad Javad Jamali Nobandegani, a member of parliament’s National Security Council and Foreign Policy Commission pointed out that […]

Thank Reagan for Orlando

The Orlando shooting has nothing to do with Islam and everything to do with US policies, both domestic and foreign. By domestic, I’m referring to soft power cultural destablization, intended for export around the world to keep the natives distracted and happy. Think Disney on steriods. By foreign, I’m referring to US imperialist policies, neoliberalism […]

Iraq army, Peshmerga forces start closing in on Mosul

The Iraqi military and Kurdish Peshmerga forces have reportedly launched operations to tighten the noose around the Takfiri Daesh terrorists in their stronghold of Mosul, as part of larger-scale attempts to fully liberate the northern Iraqi city. On Wednesday, the Iraqi government forces and their allies started a planned and multi-pronged offensive to first encircle, […]

Iran, Norway hold a seminar on JCPOA, opportunity for cooperation

Oslo, June 13, IRNA – A seminar entitled ‘JCPOA and the opportunities for cooperation between Iran and Norway’ began in Oslo on Monday. The seminar, which is being held in cooperation with Foreign Ministries of Iran and Norway, Iranian Embassy in Oslo and a research center for Foreign Trade called Prio Innovation, Norway, is participated […]

Swiss Banker Whistleblower: CIA Behind Panama Papers

Swiss Banker Whistleblower: CIA Behind Panama Papers April 12th, 2016 Via: CNBC: Bradley Birkenfeld is the most significant financial whistleblower of all time, so you might think he’d be cheering on the disclosures in the new Panama Papers leaks. But today, Birkenfeld is raising […]

Zarif challenges US to defend its military program as ‘defensive’

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) successfully test-fired three ballistic missiles — Qadr-H, Qadr-F and Qiam — during large-scale drills, code-named Eqtedar-e-Velayat last week. The US reacted to the missile tests by vowing to continue pushing for UN Security Council action on Iran’s recent ballistic missile tests, calling for new sanctions. Washington accusations were responded […]

Iranian cleric confers with Lebanon speaker of parliament

Beirut, March 12, IRNA – Member of Assembly of Experts, Ayatollah Mohammad Mohammadi Rey-Shahri, on Saturday held talks with Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri on the latest developments in Lebanon and the region. Iran’s Ambassador to Lebanon Mohammad Fathali was present in the meeting. Rey-Shahri told reporters that the meeting was a valuable opportunity to […]

Investigators Release Synced Video Of LaVoy Finicum Traffic Stop And Shooting

From: WARNING: This video contains graphic footage. Investigators release synced video of LaVoy Finicum traffic stop and shooting, March 8, 2016. Courtesy Central Oregon Major Incident Team Source: Source Article from 00

Pan-Turkism beyond Turkey in powers’ spotlight

Alwaght-Concerning the presence and influence of the Pan-Turkism beyond Turkey’s borders, it must be said that such powers as China and Russia are seen as major international rivals for the Turks. Due to the Russian sway in the Central Asian countries in terms of politics, culture, security and the existence of Russian speaking population in […]

Acting responsibly is a power that opens possibilities in our lives

     “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.” — William Shakespeare We all know someone who chronically avoids responsibility. Things just happen to them — nothing they did contributed to their circumstances. They were late because there was traffic, not because they didn’t leave earlier. They didn’t drop the ball […]

US dreams for Syria’s south

Alwaght- As the talks about establishing a no-fly zone this time in southern Syria heat up these days, some political circles have said that the US and Russia have reached an agreement on the case. But the substantiality of such news is subject to doubts. Should this plan implemented on the ground, the Syrian crisis […]

Religious minorities’ high turnout in Iran’s parliamentary elections

Tehran, February 20, The Iran Project – Iran’s religious minorities who have always played an important role in various arenas, massively attended Iran’s parliamentary elections. Regardless of their religion, religious minorities recognized in Iran’s constitution, namely Zoroastrians, Jews and Christians (Chaldeans, Assyrians, and Armenian), turned out en masse in the fifth parliamentary elections on Friday to choose their […]

Hadi gives pro-Saudi general general top military post

Yemen’s fugitive former president, Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, has given a top military post to a veteran pro-Saudi general with links to the Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabi groups. General Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar, who enjoys the strong support of the Saudi regime, was named as deputy supreme commander of the pro-Hadi forces currently fighting against the Yemeni […]

Man killed in massive house explosion in Yorkshire, UK

     Police declare major incident after suspected gas explosion at property in Haxby kills 63-year-old man A 63-year-old man has died after a suspected gas explosion destroyed a house in Haxby, near York, police said. Insp Steve Breen of North Yorkshire police said: “At this stage we believe it to be a gas explosion. We […]

Churches Bent on Suicide

by Dr. William Pierce (1979) There is no more striking symptom of the terrible illness of Western civilization than the self-destructive behavior of the Christian churches in recent years, and that behavior is displayed nowhere more starkly than in the attitude and actions of the churches relative to the Black-White conflict in Africa. It […]

Iran capable of becoming Islamic countries’ economic hub

Tehran, Dec 21, IRNA – Head of Islamic Monetary Association Ali Salehabadi said here on Monday that Iran has capacity of becoming the Islamic countries’ economic hub in the Middle East, adding that 1st international gathering of that association will be held in Tehran on Dec 27. Speaking in a press conference on the establishment […]

Terrorist Watch List Includes 72 DHS Employees!

At least 72 employees at the Department of Homeland Security are listed on the U.S. terrorist watch list, according to a Democratic lawmaker. Rep. Stephen Lynch (D., Mass.) disclosed congressional investigations recently found that at least 72 people working at DHS “were on the terrorist watch list.” ~ Adam Kredo “Back in August, we did […]

Pamir Blaur Group Refinery Factory

Salt refinery inaugurated in Balk   by Zabi Rashidi   On 25 September, 2011 MAZAR-I-SHARIF a multimillion dollars private salt refinery opened in Mazar-i-Sharif, the capital of northern Balkh province, on Sunday, an official said. Set up by the Mullah Azad Group, the plant cost $4 million (200 million afs), Director of the factory, Eng. […]

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