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Candace Owens ‘Stakes Entire Reputation’ On Fact That ‘Brigitte Macron Is a Man’

Candace Owens has stated she is willing to stake her entire reputation on the fact that the first lady of France Brigitte Macron was born male. The conservative pundit shared the results of her investigation […] The post Candace Owens ‘Stakes Entire Reputation’ On Fact That ‘Brigitte Macron Is a Man’ appeared first on The […]

Dr. Robert Malone Reveals How The Government Tore His Reputation Apart, “Piece By Piece”

Authored by Dr. Robert W. Malone, MD, MS via Who Is Robert Malone, Fellow Americans, the government will take care of you! They don’t want you to have to worry about information that they don’t approve in your social media accounts. They don’t want you to worry that the US government would directly interfere with […]

Durbin: Justices hitting Supreme Court’s reputation with ‘wrecking ball’

Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) on Friday said the Supreme Court “is in a crisis of its own making” as justices “continue to take a wrecking ball” to the court’s reputation. Durbin made the comments in a Friday statement criticizing Justice Samuel Alito’s decision not to recuse himself from a case involving an… […]

DeSantis bucks his robot reputation in New Hampshire

MANCHESTER, N.H. — New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu recently had some advice for anyone hoping to win a presidential primary in his state: acting like a rock star “ain’t gonna fly.” Ron DeSantis didn’t get the memo. The Florida governor got the celebrity treatment when he made his first trip to New Hampshire, headlining a […]

Dark money for Israel that crushes leftwing candidates is giving Jews a bad reputation — Messinger

It’s already a bad week for progressives in U.S. politics. Jewish Insider reports that Max Frost, the charismatic new face of young Democratic politics, negotiated his position on Israel with Democratic Majority for Israel in order to keep the rightwing lobby group from pouring money into his Florida race. Frost then walked back his earlier […]

Right Wing Round-Up: Reputation Terrorists

ALL donations 3X-MATCHED by 12/31 to save our democracy! Every day, the reporters and researchers of Right Wing Watch expose the hateful words and deeds of right-wing leaders and the far-right players who fueled Trump’s rise to power and aim to keep him there. Our work is read daily and used by major media outlets, […]

Unmasking King Richard I: Does the Lionhearted King of England Have a Better Reputation Than He Deserves?

Cruel. Courageous. Scheming. Chivalrous. These are just some of the contradictory words that have been used to describe King Richard I, a ruler with a ‘Lion heart.’ But lions are not always majestic creatures, they can be downright vicious… perhaps this nickname really does suit the famous king? Richard I was an English king who […]

Jerry Falwell Jr. Sues Liberty University for ‘Damaging His Reputation’ Following ‘Forced’ Resignation

LYNCHBURG, Va. — Jerry Falwell, Jr., former president of Liberty University, which hails itself as the world’s largest Christian university, has filed a lawsuit against the school to allege that officials “needlessly injured and damaged his reputation” via statements made following his resignation. Falwell had been placed on leave after posting, and then deleting, a […]

israel Will Boycott Paris Film Festival Due To Content That May ‘Hurt the Reputation of israel’s Military’

Israel Will Boycott Paris Film Festival Due To Content That May ‘Hurt the Reputation of Israel’s Military’ (VIDEOS) Israeli MP, Miri Regev. (Photo: Social Media) The Israeli government is to boycott the Paris Film Festival over the organizer’s decision to air a movie that is said to “hurt the reputation of Israel’s military”. Culture Minister, […]

Dr With ‘Outstanding Reputation’ Accused Of Abusing Child Patients

A British family doctor who was awarded an MBE for his ‘outstanding’ work has been accused of abusing dozens of children over his 40 year career. Former patients of GP John Gerard Rogerson have made allegations of historical sex abuse at his surgery which had been dubbed the ‘Gateway to Hell’. Rogerson retired in 1981 and died […]

Party that scraps JCPOA damages own reputation: Iran

Press TV- Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has described the 2015 nuclear deal as “a litmus test” for the world community, saying any party that walks away from the multilateral accord would be damaging its own reputation. Speaking at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Rouhani said the signatories that choose to honor their sides of the […]

Call them What they are: Extrajudicial Executions

By Gideon Levy | January 17 We should call it like it is: Israel executes people without trial nearly every day. Any other description is a lie. If there was once discussion here about the death penalty for terrorists, now they are executed even without trial (and without discussion). If once there was debate over […]

Mysterious fireball see in northern Thailand

     The sky in northern Thailand this morning saw not only the second light of 2016, but also a 30-second long fireball. Aside from in Lampang, the mysterious light was also seen in many places up north including Chiang Rai, Loei and as far south as Phitsanulok. The fireball that appeared at 6am Saturday was […]

Iran invites elite expat to attend technological projects

Tehran, November 30, The Iran Project– A senior official says Iran’s Research Center for Information and Communication Technology is ready to apply the capabilities of Iranian experts and scientists abroad in information technology. In a joint meeting with deputy for international affairs and technological exchange of Iran’s Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology, Mohammad Khansari, Iran’s […]

Vic’s human rights reputation ‘at risk’

AAP Victoria risks keeping company with countries like Belarus and Zimbabwe if it adopts recommendations to wind-back the state’s key human rights legislation, a civil libertarian has warned. A review of the Victorian Charter of Human Rights by the Scrutiny of Acts and Regulations Committee (SARC) recommends that courts have no role in enforcing human […]

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