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What the Jan. 6 responders found: Brotherhood in trauma and a search for accountability

Dunn, who testified about enduring a “torrent” of racial abuse during the attack, came back to work on Jan. 7. Therapy has helped, Dunn said, especially as he and his colleagues work every day at the scene of the crime. “I can’t avoid it. So you have to learn how to be able to handle […]

Phoenix First Responders Fight Back Against Biden Vaccine Mandate

Phoenix city employees have a few weeks left until the federal vaccine mandate goes into effect and public safety unions are joining a lawsuit to fight it.  City officials sent workers a letter on November 18 saying that any contracting company with over 100 employees will be forced to require vaccinations, per Biden’s mandate.  “Due […]

Biden: ‘Non-Compliant Cops and Emergency Responders Should Be FIRED’

President Joe Biden said cops and first responders who refuse the Covid-19 vaccine should be fired and left destitute as punishment, during a CNN town hall on Thursday. “Yes and yes!” Biden said as the Democrat-supporting crowd erupted into a round of applause.  “By the way, I waited until July, to talk about mandating, because […]

Biden: Police, Emergency Responders Should Be Fired if They Won’t Get Vaccinated

During a town hall on CNN on Thursday, President Joe Biden said police officers and emergency responders should be let go if they refuse their employers ‘ mandates to get vaccinated against COVID. Anchor Anderson Cooper said, “Mr. President, let me ask you a follow-up about that. As many as one in three emergency responders […]

911 System In Jeopardy As First Responders Reject Jab

“The magnitude has really blown up over the last few months,” AAA President Shawn Baird told NBC News. “When you take a system that was already fragile and stretched it because you didn’t have enough people entering the field, then you throw a public health emergency and all of the additional burdens that it put […]

NYC EMTs, Paramedics To Boycott Parade Honoring COVID First Responders

Above Photo: Gardiner Anderson/for New York Daily News Thousands of city frontline workers — including paramedics and emergency medical technicians — plan to boycott Mayor de Blasio’s Hometown Heroes ticker tape parade Wednesday. Members of FDNY EMS will not be marching up the Canyon of Heroes unless they are on duty and working, union leaders […]

IsraAID Sending Team of Responders to Caribbean in Wake of Volcano Eruption

Volcanic eruption from La Soufrière in the Caribbean. Photo: Screenshot. – IsraAID is sending a team of Israeli emergency responders to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a chain of islands in the Caribbean, where a volcano on the main island has been spewing ash since earlier this month, endangering lives and homes. More than […]

Here’s how the globalists are conditioning first responders to avoid showing up at emergencies

DAN LYMANInfoWars Europe Members of a fire squad attacked while responding to a call in the Brussels migrant ghetto of Molenbeek believe they may have been lured there, according to reports. An emergency crew arrived on the scene of a garbage can blaze in the notorious no-go zone before realizing the street had been partially blocked with […]

The cost of clean-up: Oil spill responders in the Gulf of Mexico exposed to chemical dispersants now have health issues

(Natural News) Cleaning up oil spills is always a dirty and dangerous job, but a new study revealed its hidden health cost. According to Environmental Health Perspectives, two of the chemical dispersants used to clear up the Deepwater Horizon disaster of 2010 have been linked to numerous health problems reported by oil spill response […]

Deaths of People Related to Flint Water Crisis

Deaths of People Related to Flint Water Crisis April 25th, 2016 Flint Water Plant Continues to Reel with Sudden Death of Foreman Via: Mlive: Already reeling from the news of criminal charges against one of its workers in the wake of the Flint water […]

First responders forgotten while 9/11 commercialized

RT Sept 13, 2011 The U.S. has just marked the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Lives lost have been commemorated, and patriotic words said. But are American heroes actually treated with due respect? RT’s Anastasia Churkina investigates.

First Responders not welcome at 9/11 ceremony August 21, 2011 You are not going to believe this. Only 3 weeks have passed since the first responders got cancer excluded from the financial package, but this was not enough for Bloomberg apparently. The first responders that carried their own and other people’s family members from Ground Zero have been excluded from […]

First responders excluded from 9/11 ceremony

They were the first on the scene and now they’re the last ones on the guest list – and that’s if they even get invited. First responders that risked their lives are being told there is no room for them at next month’s 9/11 ceremony. Around 3,000 first responders that were among the earliest to […]

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