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This week I noticed a distinct chill in the air, first thing in the morning, which could be described as a very light frost. Others must have noticed it in their localities as orders started coming in for Vaporgard, the spray on frost protection. Now if you think back to Marches in the past years, […]

Gardening: beating the veggie shortages … (Wally Richards)

It is certainly interesting times we are living in … there are also some gardening problems to overcome. Recently I went looking for some vegetable seedlings and seed packets of vegetables that I wished to add to my gardens at this time. I was after cauliflower seedlings to grow and harvest in winter and some […]


This week I received a book from an old friend of mine, Julia Sich which she has written and called ‘Julia’s Guide to Edible weeds and Wild Green Smoothies’. Many of you will know the ‘Weed Lady’ through her previous book and workshops. In your gardens you will likely have a number of plants we […]

Wake up call! (Wally Richards)

Our heart felt sympathy to all those that have suffered from the adverse weather events of recent. It is already past the time that we needed to future proof ourselves and homes against adverse events be it weather, earthquakes or volcanoes. Comments I saw this week were; ‘Our Government giving away tax payer money to […]

Pollination in your garden (Wally Richards)

Most plants flower to produce seeds so their line will continue through their off spring. When it comes to our gardening efforts we want plants such as tomatoes, zucchini and pumpkins to produce fruit which in every case contain the seeds for the next generation of those plants. When pollination does not happen then the […]

Surprising facts (and cover up) about copper (Wally Richards)

On a brighter note (well kind of) with impending storms and things on the horizon … latest from Wally Richards … EWR Recently a reader sent me an article which I found very interesting so I will share this with you…….. Iron gardening tools versus copper gardening tools: What we were never taught. Iron or […]


Readers that have followed my weekly columns and books will be well aware of how I have combined gardening with health. I know that naturally grown vegetables and fruit will be very beneficial to your health and well being and when you add all the 114 known minerals to the growing media then the same […]


December, January, February are the best months for planting vegetables and flowers for winter food and colour. The reason is you need to catch the longer day light hours to obtain reasonable growth. The day light hours are progressively diminishing but during these months there is ample time to get plants to a mature state […]

Time to deal to those garden pests (Special offers – Wally Richards)

( See at end of article for New Year Sale Details…) Wishing you a Happy New Year Gardening. Now the weather has settled a bit and temperatures are better (But still a bit chilly at times) Insect pests will multiply rapidly unless you instigate early controls. If you look at when you are successful in […]

A Christmas message from Wally Richards

Here it is Christmas day and I am writing this short weekly article today because I was too busy yesterday mowing lawns and tidying up gardens for Christmas. So I hope you are having a pleasant day and a chance to hopefully forget the woes of the past year. As the Chinese say, ‘Have an […]


Pollination can be a problem for gardeners when it does not occur naturally. Various plants use different modes of pollination from attracting insects such as bees to move the pollen to air movement or vibration. Often we think of the honey bees as the main pollinators, which for a number of plants and crops they […]


For most of the country it was a dismal spring and now we are into the first month of summer things have not improved much. Weather and conditions do vary across New Zealand depending on your region and even your own property if you have a micro-climate, but overall there is thread of similar. I […]

December Gardening (Wally Richards)

This week I received two emails which maybe of interest to some gardeners. The first was from a gardening couple, which read: Hi Wally, Your advice and weekly email’s worked great. I got first in the Veggie Section and my wife won in the Rose categories. Jerry. What can I say? If you use natural […]

No dig garden using cardboard (Wally Richards)

I’m currently doing this with my garden plot. Brilliant idea. Especially if you’re a bit past digging extensively! EWR Cardboard boxes are everywhere. A lot of products are transported in cardboard boxes, most products we ship out are in cardboard boxes. Supermarkets have heaps of medium to large cardboard boxes which they often put into […]

Dealing with pests in your lawn (Wally Richards)

There are three insect pests that are the main problem ones in lawns; grass grubs, porina and black beetle grubs. The affect they have on your lawns depends on the number of the pests in a given area. A few, will hardly be noticed, where a good number per square foot will damage the grasses […]

Some useful gardening tips (Wally Richards)

For most of the country it has been a poor spring and slow start of the growing season. We have the daylight hours, in fact we are now only about 7 weeks away to the longest day of the year. It is the temperatures that are the problem, we are not getting the constant warm […]

Psyllids in your garden and how to deal with them (Wally Richards)

Psyllidae, called the jumping plant lice or psyllids. (Note much of the following is from Internet research) They are a family of small plant-feeding insects that tend to be very host-specific, each plant-louse species only feeds on one plant species or feeds on a few closely related plants. Of current concern to tomato, potato, tamarillo, […]

Phosphorous for your garden (Wally Richards)

When we buy plant foods or fertilisers for our gardens we see on them the letters N:P:K followed by numbers which indicate the amounts of each of these elements. The NPK stands for Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. Nitrogen provides growing power and helps make plant leaves and stems green. Nitrogen is used to form basic […]

Spring in the garden: things we might miss or forget (Wally Richards)

It is an very interesting spring and start to the new season. Most of us are saying where is spring? It is already into October and not much springy in the air. Mind you before the Polar Blast that had us adding another layer of clothes and lighting the fire we did have some not […]

Your Plants’ Natural Immunity (Wally Richards)

Plants, just like ourselves, have built in protection against diseases though their immunity systems. We build up our immunity naturally over the years by surviving disease attacks and by having a healthy nutritionally rich diet. That is not to say that we are immune to disease attacks but under normal situations we can fend off […]

More tips on beating those pests in your garden (Wally Richards)

It is a new gardening season and once it warms up the pest populations will quickly grow. So far the temperatures have been below what would be normal for this time of the year and considering we are only a few weeks away from Labour Weekend it is most strange. Temperatures have a great bearing […]

COMING UP ROSES (Wally Richards)

A gardener this week phoned me asking about roses and what should he be doing this time of the year? He suggested that I should write an article about roses so here is a copy of a past article I wrote over 5 years ago and revised now: There is something special about roses that […]

September gardening in NZ (Wally Richards)

There are plenty of chores to attend to at this time of the year as the day light hours increase and plants emerging from their winter rest. Hardy plants will be showing very good growth now including the plants you do not want commonly referred to as weeds. Unwanted plants are very valuable if you […]

Alternative ways to defeat those weeds (Wally Richards)

Chemical herbicides aren’t the only option available. There are a number of other products which are handy weedkillers but which don’t do as much damage as do the chemical herbicide products. Oils added to water and sprayed over the foliage of plants in certain conditions will dehydrate or bleach the foliage, destroying everything growing above […]


There are two basic places to germinate seeds, one is where they will ultimately grow and mature the other is in suitable containers to germinate and then to transplant out into open ground or larger containers latter on. Firstly it is always best to plant any seed in the spot where it will grow and […]


There are two basic places to germinate seeds, one is where they will ultimately grow and mature the other is in suitable containers to germinate and then to transplant out into open ground or larger containers latter on. Firstly it is always best to plant any seed in the spot where it will grow and […]

Tomato Time (Wally Richards)

If you are like me, your fingers are itching to get the new seasons tomato plants under way. The earlier you start the sooner you will have ripe tomatoes to eat. I think most garden centres will have a few early varieties already to buy and grow on. This last week after the cold spell […]

Using Neem in your garden & elsewhere (Wally Richards)

Azadirachta indica, commonly known as Neem, nimtree or Indian lilac, is a tree in the mahogany family Meliaceae. It is one of two species in the genus Azadirachta, and is native to the Indian subcontinent and most of the countries in Africa. It is typically grown in tropical and semi-tropical regions. Each year the tree […]

Tips for Planting plants (Wally Richards)

Gardeners are buying and planting plants now for the coming season. This may range from seedlings of vegetables, annual flowering plants, fruiting plants and ornamental shrubs and trees. There are a number of traps and tips which if known will make for a more successful growing season and thus more pleasure for yourself. Lets start […]


Calcium (garden lime) is a very basic mineral that is often overlooked by gardeners. Kiwi gardeners in the past would dig over their vegetable garden at the beginning of winter after the last crops had been harvested. The soil would be turned to the depth of one and a half to two spade depths, bringing […]

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