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Texas Supreme Court Justice Warns Democrats Are Rigging the 2024 Election

Texas Supreme Court Justice John Devine has warned that Democrats are planning to engage in election-rigging tactics this year to prevent Trump from being re-elected. “Every day there are abuses to First Amendment, religious, free speech issues and so forth,” Devine warned. BYPASS THE CENSORS Sign up to get unfiltered news delivered straight to your […]

U.S. plans to file antitrust case against Apple for unfairly rigging iPhone’s market dominance

The Department of Justice is now in the final stages of an investigation into tech giant Apple, with plans to file a far-reaching antitrust case against it to stop the company from unfairly protecting iPhone’s dominance. The lawsuit, which could be filed anytime during the first half of 2024, focuses on how Apple is using […]

Is Google Rigging The 2024 Election? The Controversy Over Invisible Republicans

A new report from the right-leaning Media Research Center concludes that Google is burying search results for 2024 presidential candidates, but an expert in search engine optimization has suggested it’s unlikely. According to various tests conducted by MRC and Just the News, the online visibility of these sites in generic searches for the GOP’s 2024 bench […]

Election Rigging: Labour To Allow Millions of EU Citizens To Vote in UK Election

Sir Keir Starmer is following the Democratic Party’s modus operandi for ensuring he wins the next election in the UK – by allowing millions of EU citizens to vote in the British General Election. Under […] The post Election Rigging: Labour To Allow Millions of EU Citizens To Vote in UK Election appeared first on […]

Kari Lake trashes corrupt election rigging in Arizona after discovery of multiple ‘voting issues’ in Republican-heavy districts

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Once again, Arizona has become the center of all that is wrong with our electoral processes in 2022 America.Once upon a time in every state in the union, elections could be called on the same night they were held because the vast majority of Americans were required to vote on one day, […]

IT’S A COUP: Team Biden Bragged about RIGGING Brazil Election Against President Bolsonaro Before Election Day

The Liberal World Order is hard at work destroying norms, inverting our principles, and establishing a worldwide jurisdictional bureaucracy for law, medicine, and elections. This is a criminal conspiracy to turn citizens into serfs, presidents into governors, and nation-states into meaningless jurisdictional lines. Source

 No valid justification for your Ministry to privatise the CEL, despite allegations of bid rigging in the earlier sale

To Smt Nirmala Sitharaman Union Finance Minister Dear Smt Sitharaman, I refer to my earlier letter of May 19, 2022 ( calling upon your Ministry to drop all further disinvestment proposals, in view of the dubious outcomes of the sale of the CEL and Pawan Hans and the potential fraudulent aspects of the LIC IPO. […]

Wall Street Is Not Only Rigging Markets, It’s Also Rigging the Outcome of its Private Trials

When it comes to sycophants, Wall Street has no shortage of them willing to shill for its egregious private justice system called mandatory arbitration – a system which systematically guts the guarantee of a jury trial under the Seventh Amendment of the Bill of Rights. Think about that carefully, the industry that is serially charged with rigging […]

Bad Business: World Bank and China, A Rigging Scandal

A business bad in standard of business has been done, and the business involves the World Bank (WB) and China. Media reports said: Some investors and campaigners expressed dismay on September 17, 2021 at revelations that the WB leaders pressured staff to boost China’s score in an influential report that ranks countries on how easy […]

Republicans accuse Democrats of ‘rigging’ elections as divided Senate to consider voting rights bill

A sweeping voting rights and campaign finance reform bill is headed for a vote in the Senate, after Republicans filed several amendments to try to strip critical elements from the For The People Act during a contentious, day-long committee hearing that underscored the GOP’s acutely partisan barricade. Senators cast a series of party-line votes on […]

Bongino hits back. Rumble sues Google for allegedly rigging search results — The Duran

[embedded content] Bongino hits back. Rumble sues Google for allegedly rigging search results ****News Topic 244***** Google Sued By YouTube Rival Over Search Rankings Video-sharing site Rumble, citing a Wall Street Journal investigation, alleges Google diverted traffic away from it toward YouTube Google Sued by YouTube Rival Over Search Rankings Video-sharing site Rumble Inc. accused […]

Philadelphia Election Official Admits To Rigging Votes For Democrats

A Philadelphia election official has admitted in court that he helped rig votes in order to make the Democrats win. The election worker told the judge he routinely harassed voters who wanted to vote Republican, bullying them until they agreed to vote Democrat. CBS News in Philadelphia reports: Election Worker Pleads Guilty To Intimidating Voters Who […]

Nancy Pelosi: Nothing Wrong With Rigging Primaries Against Bernie

House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi has brazenly endorsed the DNC’s rigging of the primaries against Bernie Sanders, saying that there is nothing inappropriate in what they did. Responding to a secret audio recording released Thursday in which a DNC boss threatened a progressive candidate to drop out of the 2016 race, Pelosi shrugged off the […]

Former UBS Trader Arrested, Charged With Rigging Gold Prices

Three years after we first identified the former head of UBS’s gold desk in Zurich as someone directly implicated in the rigging of precious metals prices, Bloomberg reports that Andre Flotron, a Swiss resident, was arrested while visiting the U.S., according to people familiar with the matter. Having been “on leave” since 2014, it appears Andre’s hope […]

Hillary Caught On Tape Boasting About ‘Rigging’ Palestine Election

An audio recording from 2006 reveals Hillary Clinton boasting to a newspaper editor that she planned on rigging an upcoming election in Palestine.  According to an article by The Observer, “On September 5, 2006, Eli Chomsky was an editor and staff writer for the Jewish Press, and Hillary Clinton was running for a shoo-in re-election as […]

YouTube just announced new rigging scheme that will allow it to censor videos about vaccines or statin drugs

(Natural News) In this day and age, there simply aren’t many places left for conservatives to go to advance the cause of liberty. The mainstream media is dominated by liberal pundits and commentators, most of whom have no interest whatsoever in telling the people the truth. Leftists also run Hollywood, which is why the majority […]

Google slapped with $2.7B fine for rigging search results with monopolistic algorithms

(Natural News) For seven years, the European regulators have been investigating Google’s business practices and the company’s overarching dominance in searches and smartphones, reports The Guardian. Unlike the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC), who opted not to pursue any similar charges in 2013, EU regulators found that Google “artificially and illegally” pushed “its own price comparison service in searches” and […]

Hell Freezes Over: CFTC Finds Trader Guilty Of Metals Price Rigging

By Clint Siegner It must have been painfully awkward for the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Last year, Deutsche Bank settled a civil suit involving blatant market rigging and turned over reams of information, including chat logs and voice recordings. The trove contained plenty of damning evidence which had gone overlooked by the […]

Rigging Democracy in Western Europe? Probing the Elections in France and Great Britain

Media Blackout Over Lawsuit Accusing DNC Of Rigging Primaries

The mainstream media continue to censor coverage of a looming DNC lawsuit that accuses the Democrat Party of rigging the 2016 primaries in favor of Hillary Clinton. Since October 2016, when the lawsuit was issued, reporters and pundits have ignored a lawsuit that looks set to prove that the Democratic National Committee systemically rigged the primaries in order to […]

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