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Hezbollah introduces ‘Jihad Mughniyeh’ heavy rocket to Al-Aqsa Battle

 May 13, 2024 Source: Islamic Resistance Military By Al Mayadeen English In a significant tactical move, the Resistance used videos posted by Israeli settlers to identify and target newly deployed or repositioned Iron Dome platforms by the Israeli occupation forces. The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon – Hezbollah announced on Sunday that it had targeted several […]

Fiddling election results – not rocket science

Here is the real, complete story on the voting machines that could be easily hacked by a “voter” inside a voting booth From the Atlanta journal-Constitution, Jan 22, 2024 MERYL NASS 30 JAN 2024 Expert shows how to tamper with Georgia voting machine in security trial Election officials say vulnerabilities are merely speculative U.S. District […]

Large Rocket Barrage Slams Into US War Criminal Illegal Occupation Base In Iraq, Injuring US Terrorist Troops

A Iraqi Freedom Fighters missile barrage has struck the Al-Asad US Occupation Terrorist Airbase where US troops are illegally stationed in illegally occupied Iraq. In a former life I attended West Point.This life when I graduated high school the local congressman called my father to offer West Point.Having listened to accounts of West Pointers screaming […]

‘Thousands of Hamas Rockets,’ Viral Rocket “Attack” on Israel Busted as Videogame Arma 3

IDF forced to issue statement confirming is videogame only after sharp eyes busted it and after millions of hits. Still circulating. 100% Mossad operatives behind it in the first place. Viral video making the social media rounds (view at Rumble) Statement from Bohemia Interactive: “Developers from the independent Czech game development studio Bohemia Interactive would […]

Rocket Hit Base Where Ratschild’s Private Fiefdom Located in Occupied Palestine Keeps It’s Illegal Nuclear Weapons of Mass Destruction Made With Material & Plans Stolen From US

A rocket most likely fired by Hamas which IsraHELL invented to control affairs in the open aired death camp of Gaza during their Oct. 7 false flag attack on IsraHELL struck an IsraHELL OCCPATION base where, experts say, many of the Rothschild’s illegal Nuclear Weapons of Mass destruction built with material and plans stolen from […]

Watch Live: SpaceX To Launch Mega-Rocket Starship

The second flight test of the SpaceX mega-rocket known as “Starship” is set for Saturday morning. According to the SpaceX website, a 20-minute launch window opens up at 0800 ET.  SpaceX initially planned the launch for Friday morning, but CEO Elon Musk wrote in a post on social media platform X, “We need to replace a grid […]

WATCH: IDF Identifies Hamas Rocket Launchers Near Children’s Playgrounds, Pools

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced Sunday that it had discovered Hamas rocket launchers near sensitive sites, including schools, as IDF soldiers penetrated deeper into Northern Gaza. Source

Despite Massacres, Palestinian Resistance Keeps up Rocket Fire

 October 24, 2023 Eighteen days on the brutal Israeli aggression on Gaza, Palestinian resistance groups are still managing to fire rockets at occupied territories bordering the besieged enclave as well as the central region reaching Tel Aviv and the surrounding areas. Israeli media reported that Hamas is handling its rocket power according to a long-term strategy, […]

New Rocket Attacks In Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen Suggest Prospect For Regional Conflagration Growing

New Rocket Attacks In Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen Suggest Prospect For Regional Conflagration Growing Update(1735ET): Israeli media is reporting that the United States is currently in talks to establish ‘safe zones’ in Gaza after it was widely reported that the IDF has been given the green light by the Netanyahu government to go into the Gaza […]

U.S. Marines Strapped a Rocket Launcher to a Robot Dog You Can Buy on Amazon

U.S. Marines strapped a rocket launcher to an off-the-shelf robot dog and fired it remotely in September. The demonstration was part of a demonstration at the Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Command’s Tactical Exercise Control group in Twentynine Palms, California. There’s a video of the exercise. As first reported by The Warzone, members of […]

Experts suggest American made JDAM rocket was used to bomb Gaza Hospital

The Israeli government on Tuesday deleted video they falsely claimed showed the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, not Israel, was responsible for the Gaza Baptist hospital massacre. Their initial post was edited to remove the video, though they left up the same vague cover story. Damning sound analysis from X user Lord Bebo (who has beat the […]

Conflict Between North and South Korea from Mid-June to Mid-July 2023 from one Rocket to the Next

The author of the previous issue of this digest writes that the usual pattern of escalation surrounding the USA and South Korean military exercises has given way to news events since the beginning of June. On June 15, 2023, in response to a large-scale South Korean and USA live-fire exercise just 25 kilometers south of […]

South Korean space rocket, third launch

The launch of a North Korean satellite at the end of April 2023 brought the entire world to a standstill, but the South is also competing in the space race, and the author is paying close attention to the progress of the “Nuri” and “Tanuri” programs. A 200-ton South Korea’s KSLV-2 space launch vehicle, also […]

Rocket factory explosion in Turkey kills five workers

Authorities say incident thought to have been caused by a chemical reaction, not sabotage or terrorism Source

Hoka’s Rocket X 2 Is the Perfect Unisex Running Shoe

Finding a running shoe with a universal fit that caters to everyone is rare. It’s frustrating to pass up on a good style just because it doesn’t come in your size. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to say goodbye to a potential new shoe because it only came in men’s sizing. […]

Air raids and rocket strikes as death toll rises in Gaza violence

Air raids and rocket attacks continued in Gaza, with Israel targeting more Islamic Jihad fighters as the funerals of those killed in earlier strikes took place. Israel has been hit by scores of rockets in a week of increased violence that has killed more than 30 people. Source

Israeli, Gaza Fighters Trade Air Strikes, Rocket Fire After Deadly West Bank Raid

The Israeli action that killed nine Palestinians was the deadliest single raid in the West Bank in over two decades. Source

Korea’s New Year lunar orbit and other recent achievements in its rocket program

For both North and South Korea the New Year’s Eve was a time to boast of noteworthy achievements. On December 21 Korean prime Minister Han Duck-soo presided over the 22nd Session of the National Space Committee, during which it adopted its fourth framework plan for space exploration. The plan sets out three main goals: to […]

Moscow Says Ukrainian Rocket Strike Kills 63 Russian Troops

Ukraine believes the real figure may be as high as 400 Russian soldiers, a claim that could not be independently verified. Source

Implementation of the rocket decisions of the WPK Congress

The middle of December 2022 was marked by several important events that were not so much an aggravation of the situation on the Korean peninsula, but rather an important step in implementing the decisions of the 8th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea regarding the development of the DPRK’s nuclear missile capabilities. On December […]

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