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Two Largest Christian Churches in Germany Come out in Support of the Nonwhite Muslim Invasion of Europe

The Lutheran church in Germany has joined up with the Roman Catholic Church in that country to formally promote and encourage the nonwhite—and overwhelmingly Muslim—invasion of Europe, a move which will ultimately lead to the destruction of both of those confessions through demographic displacement. The head of the German Lutheran church, more properly known […]

Christian schools shut in Israel to protest budget cuts

47 schools, run by the Roman Catholic Church stayed closed on the first official day of the school year, Tuesday, in Israel and East Jerusalem, in protest against the Jewish state’s new education funding policy, AFP reported. READ MORE: Israel questions, sets free 16 young Jewish settlers after Christian church burned down  While the state […]

When Pope Francis recognises the state of Palestine

This year, the (67th) anniversary of the Nakba was accompanied by Pope Francis’s announcement that the Vatican officially recognises Palestine and his call to start direct negotiations between the Roman Catholic Church and the Palestinian territories. The Vatican’s thought process serves as evidence to suggest that it is willing to deal with Palestine as a […]

Family’s holocaust mystery

  Amos Cohen stands in front of the grave of his long lost relative Rose Kobylinski in Swierlany, Poland. Her fate at the end of World War II as a victim of the Germans was just recently discovered. NEW YORK — While Israel recently marked its annual Holocaust Remembrance Day dedicated to the 70th anniversary […]

Vatican Jews control the CIA

  Vatican Connection To The CIA Although the CIA began as a mostly Protestant organization, Roman Catholics quickly came to dominate the new covert-action wing in 1948. All were staunchly conservative, fiercely anti-communist and socially elite. Just a few of the many Catholic operatives included future CIA directors William Colby, William Casey, and John McCone. […]

Satanic Vatican Jews – The illuminati hierarchy Super Powers pretending to be enemies in the public eye to keep themselves in power.   Laura Eisenhower – Chemtrails, Consciousness & 2012 Footage showing USA Secret Service assassinating JFK Israel Was Behind JFK Assassination  Vatican Rothschild and Malta Knights  Vatican controls all banks   How the Vatican Jews […]

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