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KGB Putin’s Selective Amnesia

Christopher Jon Bjerknes There was a time when the Soviet Union led the fight against zionism in the great sham zionist Winston Churchill dubbed ZIONISM versus BOLSHEVISM: A STRUGGLE FOR THE SOUL OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE. This phony struggle was instead a means of winning over Islam to communism and the West to zionism. It […]

KGB Putin’s Selective Amnesia

Christopher Jon Bjerknes There was a time when the Soviet Union led the fight against zionism in the great sham zionist Winston Churchill dubbed ZIONISM versus BOLSHEVISM: A STRUGGLE FOR THE SOUL OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE. This phony struggle was instead a means of winning over Islam to communism and the West to zionism. It […]

Jewish Agender

Richard Von Krafft-Ebing, who wrote ‘Psycopathia Sexualis’ in 1886, discussed the bases of his own belief that sexual lust was engineered by procreation, that our sexual desire and drive complied with nature and that any other sexual behaviour was seen as unnatural and therefore sexual deviancy and a mental disorder. This book was pretty much a classification […]

Smoke rising from Eiffel Tower causes terror scare in wake of Nice attack (VIDEOS)

France vows to retaliate for Nice attack, extends state of emergency (LIVE UPDATES) The blaze in the midst of fireworks was caught by thousands on cameras. The footage showed the Eiffel Tower covered with heavy smoke, partially obscured.  Local police confirmed that the fire was an accident and not a terror attack. Paris Police Prefecture […]

The collapse of Western politics & the end of the Left-Right paradigm

     The Bolsheviks who captured power in 1917 as the Russian Empire was in collapse aimed to abolish politics in a normative sense; politics would be replaced by the administration of policies from above. This has been replicated in the west a century later. Dissent is tolerated only to the degree it can be managed, […]

Chinese plane makes miraculous landing after hailstorm cracks cockpit windows

The South China Airlines Airbus A320 plane was heading from Guangzhou to Chengdu on Saturday when it encountered the adverse weather conditions. Pictures on social networks showed that large hailstones had caused significant damage to the aircraft, local media reported, as cited by the South China Morning Post. Some of the holes were so big that […]

Pentagon Sending Hundreds More Troops to Iraq

Pentagon Sending Hundreds More Troops to Iraq July 11th, 2016 Via: Reuters: The United States is stepping up its military campaign against Islamic State (IS) by sending hundreds more troops to assist Iraqi forces in an expected push on Mosul, the militants’ largest stronghold, […]

Emil Doepler’s Illustrations of Germanic Mythology

A portrait of Emil Doepler by C. W. Allers (1877) Emil Doepler “the Younger” (1855 – 1922) was an illustrator, decorative artist, and art teacher in the German Art Nouveau style. Doepler’s design of the German eagle was the official coat of arms from 1919 until 1928, after which it was still used in a […]

What is Wrong and Dangerous about US Foreign Policy, How Washington’s Demands Risk War with Russia

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant: A genocidal campaign – part 1: The origins of sectarianism in Islam

July 07, 2016 by Aram Mirzaei A plague upon the world, a terrorist group who hates humanity. Many are the words describing the Daesh phenomenon which has been unleashed upon humanity. The terrorist group who allegedly originated out of Iraq as a result of the US- led invasion in 2003 has now become a worldwide […]

Murder by Cops of Black Man Alton Sterling is a Total Hoax – Absolutely Fake

Much thanks to the videographer, below, whose efforts helped reveal the degree of this scam. In what is a fairly well-designed hoax Baton Rouge policeman supposedly shot dead a man who was essentially minding his own business, selling, as it is claimed, selling self-made “CDs” in front of a private business. It seems realistic enough, […]

Netanyahu Rejects American And European Condemnations Of New Settlements’ Plan

IMEMC : Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected American and European ‘condemnations’ of a new plan to build hundreds of colonialist units, in illegal Israeli colonies in the occupied West Bank, including Jerusalem. In a press conference with the Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame, on Wednesday, Netanyahu claimed that what is preventing peace in the region […]

UK MP Alex Salmond: Corbyn coup was timed to distract him from calling for Blair’s head over Chilcot report

     In normal political times Wednesday would see the most dramatic event of the year. Thirteen years after the Iraq war and seven years after the start of his Inquiry, Sir John Chilcot will deliver his findings. In particular for the relatives of the 179 service personnel who died, but also for everyone living with […]

‘Absolute blindness in the EU’: Italy’s wealthiest region urges lifting of Russia sanctions

The vote on the resolution, prepared by the Lega Nord (Northern League) political party, took place on Tuesday, with the initiative supported by 43 out of 87 council members, with 15 others abstaining. ‘Something is moving in Italy’: Liguria adopts resolution to lift anti-Russia sanctions The non-binding document authorized the chairman of Lombardy’s Regional Council […]

Zionists Plot Against Islam, Blaming it for Terrorist Attacks, Istanbul and More – Proof

Fake blood, dummies, phony wounded, and fake body parts as well as fake bombs are all used to denigrate and degrade the Islamic faith, proven, here. Spread this post wide and far. It’s the unbridled truth; let the blame fall where it belongs, against arch-hedonistic, terminally corrupt Zionist elements. The faith of Islam originated through […]

Flash floods kill 30 people in northern Pakistan

     Pakistani officials say flash floods overnight have killed 30 people in northern Pakistan, near the Afghan border. Maghfirat Shah, the mayor of Chitral district, says heavy monsoon rains and flash floods overnight washed away a mosque and several houses in Arsun, an area of Chitral. A spokesman for the disaster management authority, Yousuf Zia, […]

Russia, US want to cooperate in Syria but ‘Are Suspicious of Each Other’

“The leak suggests a serious effort in Moscow and Washington to find some greater common ground on targeting the terrorists,” he said, referring to unconfirmed media reports that the Obama Administration proposed a new deal with Russia on Syria. Under the agreement, the United States and Russia will join forces to improve targeting and conduct an “expanded” bombing campaign against al-Nusra Front, the […]

Akhmed Chataev: The inconvenient ‘fighter against Russia’ accused of planning the Istanbul attakcs

The confusing operation in Lopoto Gorge      On August 29, 2012, Georgian special units carried out a bloody operation in the foothills. This was the most serious incident in Russia-Georgia relations since the 2008 war. Police engaged an Islamist group which held hostage five Lapankuri inhabitants for two days. Negotiations failed, making fighting inevitable. TV […]

Border Walls and Turkish Hypocrisy

The Turkish government’s border wall with Syria is starting to take final shape—a massive concrete structure designed to deter “refugees” from Syria crossing the border—even as it condemns Europeans who also want to stop the invasion. The so-called “smart towers” also contain automated motion-activated machine guns which open fire automatically. The 500-mile-long wall project […]

Selected Articles: Genocidal Corporate Media

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