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hundreds of battle tanks and military equipment filmed in Sacramento, California being transported by rail to a destination unknown (Video: Cairns News)

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Celebrating in Jerusalem, killing in Gaza, pandering in Sacramento

The May 14 split screen of Israeli and U.S. elites toasting a symbolic embassy opening in Jerusalem while 62 unarmed Palestinian protesters were gunned down by Israeli snipers in Gaza or suffocated by tear gas became an international media meme. In Sacramento, a third screen could have underlined the stark contrasts even more. At the […]

Sacramento Residents Outraged By Secret Drone Program Spying on Neighborhood

By Nicholas West A group of residents from Sacramento’s Land Park neighborhood are expressing their disgust with a secret drone program that has been exposed in the last month. As reported by Sacramento’s CBS local affiliate, John Mattox was the first to notice a low-flying drone in the late-night and early morning hours […]

Why Is A Government Drone Flying Over A Sacramento Neighborhood?

Neighbors say they’re furious over a drone that’s flying over the neighborhood, and we’ve found out it’s tied to a government agency not many people have even heard of. The mysterious drone has been spotted during late-night hours, hovering over residential neighborhoods and looking down on homes. John Mattox first […]

The Sacramento Police Department Are No Angels

While the shooting death of Stephon Clark has made national headlines over the last two weeks, it is not the first questionable shooting the Sacramento, Calif., Police Department has had. It is just one in a long list of many questionable incidents or activities the department has been linked to. Each and every time there […]

Protests In Sacramento Over Stephon Clark Shooting Continue

Protests In Sacramento Over Stephon Clark Shooting Continue Above:  Stevante Clark, brother of Stephon Clark, speaks during a Black Lives Matter protest outside the district attorney’s office in Sacramento. JUSTIN SULLIVAN VIA GETTY IMAGES Protests continued over the killing of Stephon Clark in Sacramento, CA after it was announced the police who shot him would not […]

Protests Shut Down Sacramento Kings Game, Freeways Over Stephon Clark’s Death

Outraged over the latest police shooting of an unarmed black man, hundreds of protesters flooded the streets of Sacramento, California, on Thursday, even forcing an events center into lockdown minutes before an NBA game. Source Article from 00

[WATCH] Sacramento Deputies Shot Man For Holding His Wallet Now Family Demand Answers

On the one-year anniversary of the day their father was shot and killed by two Sacramento sheriff’s deputies, sisters Bobbi Attaway and Sierra Rivera returned to the suburban street where he died, and where they thought they could still see traces of his blood staining the asphalt. Official reports on the shooting last September had […]

‘It’s Worse Than a Wrongful Death.’ Family of Brain-Damaged Man Sues Sacramento Police

The family of a man left with the mental capacity of a preschooler after a March encounter with Sacramento police has filed an excessive force lawsuit against the city. The suit stems from a March 6 incident in which police responded to the parking lot of the Rite Aid in the 1100 block of Alhambra […]

Only In California: Sacramento To Pay Gang Bangers A Cash Stipend If They Stop Killing People

This article by Mac Slavo was originally published by You’re probably thinking this is a satirical report from The Onion. We thought so, too. But be assured it’s very real, as reported by Fox 40 Sacramento: After a violent weekend of suspected gang-related shootings, Tuesday the Sacramento City Council took action to reduce the bloodshed. It […]

Body Camera Video Released in Sacramento Police Incident Involving Pregnant Woman

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Sacramento Valley CAIR Receives Quran in a Tub of Lard in the Mail

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Sacramento Family Will Receive $9.75m After Baby Died in Police Car Crash

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Sacramento Man Suffers Severe Burns While Being Held on Hot Pavement During Arrest

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Sacramento transit drops G4S

Nora Barrows-Friedman Activism and BDS Beat 20 June 2017 G4S has come under pressure from human rights activists across the globe. (Aimee Valinski/Palestine Solidarity Campaign) Activists in Sacramento are welcoming the decision by the California capital’s transportation board to drop its security contract with G4S, after a campaign highlighting the company’s role in rights abuses […]

Canada: Rapefugees Harrassing Young Girls Non-Stop

ZeigerDaily Stormer July 1, 2016 The Syrian refugees are actually good for us, you know; they’ll pay for our pensions with their tax dollars. The only problem is that they’re illiterate sand people with 85 IQs. But don’t worry, we’ve thought this through. We’ll just get these men to attend high school with your kids. […]

Myth of the Good Jew

Myth of the Good Jew: Why Gilad Atzmon is IrrelevantBy Khanverse People new to the Truth Movement in 2016 have a lot less disinfo to sift through than the early adopters had in 2004 and 2005. Over the last 11-12 years as we’ve developed in our understanding and conception of the diabolical conspiracy against humanity, […]

Let Germany Be a Lesson to You

We do not want Hillary Clinton for President. She will be worse than Obama, and will flood America with Middle Easterners, Asians and Africans, just like career communist Angela Merkel has done to Germany, only worse. Both Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel have been carefully groomed at the highest levels of the communist international to […]

Toward A “Different” World Order

A new “different” order built on energy and an entente among Russia, Turkey, Israel and Sheldon Adelson—in which Europe and the U.S. may play “Second Fiddle”–seems to have developed at the same time as the Brexit vote. Confusion is understandable. In my previous article on the Brexit I pointed out the predominance of leading Zionist publications and […]

The Nationalist Review Online 17: Implicit British Sovereignty

The Right Stuff June 27, 2016 Today Florian fills in for NO1, and sits down with autistocrats Dr. Mayham, Freelance Autist, and Yayo for a discussion on Brexit, the SQ(Sodomite Question) and various other assorted triggering news topics. Source Article from 00

Turkish-Israeli deal partially lifts Israeli siege on Gaza

Turkey announced on Monday a deal to normalise relations with the Israeli occupation state. The deal partially lifts 10-year-old Israeli siege on Gaza. Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said that after the deal, set to be signed Tuesday, his country and Israel would again have ambassador representation in each other’s country. Also under the deal, […]

Under pressure from Presbyterians, RE/MAX announces it will no longer profit from sales of Jewish settlements

Press Release from The Israel/Palestine Mission Network (IPMN) of the Presbyterian Church (USA):  During its 222nd biennial General Assembly, which took place in Portland, Oregon this week, the Presbyterian Church (USA) continued its strong support for Palestinian rights with the passage of a series of overtures. An overture calling on real estate company RE/MAX to […]

Las Vegas Cop Faces Federal Civil Rights Charges Over Beating of Woman For Littering

Former Officer Richard Scavone of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department was indicted by a federal grand jury on civil rights charges. Those charges related to excessive force during an arrest of a woman that he had originally begun harassing based on his belief that she was a prostitute. He also faces charges based on […]

Armed Militia Members Arrive In Oregon – Set Up Base At National Park

*Originally posted at by Andre’ Gabriel Esparza* Approximately 150 Armed Militia members along with Ammon Bundy and two of his brothers, Ryan and Mel have peacefully occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon to use as their Headquarters. They are inviting more armed Patriots to join them and mention that they have warm lodging. The militia occupation […]

How to decrease your risk for a heart attack; the experts weigh in

(NaturalNews) Heart disease kills more than 600,000 Americans each year – making it the most deadly killer in the United States. But the good news is that there are many things you can do to decrease your risk of succumbing to this all too common killer. Written by Matthew Budoff, the book Enhancing […]

A Woman’s Personal Account of RCMP Officer Harassment

This is a personal account of RCMP officer harassment submitted to by Heather Coupland. If you have a story involving police misconduct please consider joining the CopBlock Network, or use the submit tab to share it with us. 2007-2008 Oct.20/08 Constable Harland Venema. Grand Forks British Columbia RCMP Detachment 1-250-442-8048 My mother June, died in […]

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