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5G , C band, with satellites, is to be CRANKED UP January 5 2022 GLOBALLY

Henry Sent by Reader “My telecom contractor adds that the 20,000 or so satellites will also be switched on Jan 5 5G , C band, with satellites, is to be CRANKED UP January 5. GLOBALLY! This comes to me via a reliable contractor for Telus/BC Hydro. I have sought to copy/paste, or to […]

Iran sends three research satellites into space

TEHRAN – On Thursday, Iran launched a satellite carrier rocket bearing three “research” devices into space. “The satellite-carrying Simorgh rocket successfully launched three devices into space,” Defense Ministry spokesperson Ahmad Hosseini told national television. The research devices were launched aboard a homegrown rocket known as Simorgh (Phoenix). “For the first time, three devices were launched […]

Space Force general says US satellites are attacked on a daily basis

Space Force general says US satellites are attacked on a daily basis Date: December 1, 2021Author: Nwo Report  Source: New York PostA Space Force general said American satellites are attacked by adversaries every day in ways that flirt with “acts of war,” and the US will lose a space arms race if it doesn’t take […]

Egypt to launch 2 satellites next year 

Egypt is to launch two satellites next year, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research has announced. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar made the announcement during the Europe-Africa Space Earth Observation High-Level Forum in Lisbon, Portugal. The Nexast-1, weighing just 65kg, will be a lightweight satellite used for remote sensing and scientific research. The EgyptSat-2 will […]

Civil War, Medical Discrimination, Spy Satellites and Cyborgs! How 2021 Could Make Us Yearn for 2020

By Helen Buyniski Global Research, January 06, 2021 RT Op-Ed 1 January 2021 People everywhere are eager to bid farewell to 2020, a year in which our lives were turned upside down by power-mad elites who seized the Covid-19 pandemic as a chance to go full police state. But be careful what you wish for. The year […]

Elon Musk’s Satellites Will Permanently Obstruct Our View Of The Stars Warn Scientists

A group of scientists have warned that clear, unobstructed images of the stars will ‘no longer be the norm’ thanks to Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites. Musk launched his Starlink project last year with the goal of bringing high-speed internet access to the remotest corners of our planet, using tens of thousands of low-Earth orbit satellites […]

FCC Unanimously Approves Amazon’s Plan For 3,236 5G Satellites

Amazon is getting serious about space business. Coming shortly after Amazon Web Service’s announcement last month to set up a new business unit dedicated to accelerating innovation in the global aerospace and satellite industry, it has now announced its intention to invest $10 billion for launching a low earth orbit (LEO) satellite constellation called Project Kupier to eliminate Internet […]

Super-heavy rockets & 600+ satellites: Putin eyes ‘breakthrough’ in space exploration

To orbit and back: Russia developing Soyuz-based pilotless craft to retrieve cargo from space “We have our own unique new ‘Sfera’ [Sphere] program,” the president said during a live televised call-in show. The project envisions “launching more than 600 satellites in the coming years,” which will become part of a new satellite positioning, Earth monitoring, […]

DARPA Rushes To Develop "Constellation Of Low-Earth Orbit Spy Satellites" Before Next Space Wars

The Pentagon’s research arm, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), will start assessing bids this week from space industry vendors as it wants to disrupt the military space business. DARPA last week published a broad agency announcement ( HR001118S0032 ) for the Blackjack program to develop and demonstrate a low earth orbit (LEO) constellation […]

Centaurus A’s satellites "coherent movement" challenges current dark matter theories (VIDEO)

     The force of gravity locks smaller things in place around big ones. This holds true for galaxies, including our own, which maintain systems of satellite galaxies (for example, our Large and Small Magellanic Clouds). While the current standard cosmological model used by astronomers to describe and understand the universe states that these satellites should […]

Secret SpaceX satellites: Musk seals years-long mission to place Starlink in orbit (VIDEO)

The car-sized satellites, which weigh about 390kg each, were launched from the Falcon 9 rocket on Thursday, after the rocket’s launch had been delayed a number of times due to poor weather conditions. “Today’s Falcon launch carries 2 SpaceX test satellites for global broadband,” Musk wrote on Twitter. “If successful, Starlink constellation will serve least […]

SPIDER: DARPA’s Program to Create a Web of Miniaturized Spy Satellites

September 5, 2017 By Nicholas West As if merely working on ways to create tiny satellites that can see every square inch of the the planet isn’t creepy enough, DARPA is funding a project that literally evokes a planetary web of surveillance: SPIDER. Amid daily revelations of how our digital communications devices […]

The Tiny Satellites Ushering in the New Space Revolution

The Tiny Satellites Ushering in the New Space Revolution July 19th, 2017 Smile for the birdy. Via: Bloomberg: With all 149 satellites in place, Planet will be able to photograph every inch of Earth’s surface every day—something even the U.S. government can’t do. This […]

Low-Cost Micro Satellites are Spawning a Global Surveillance Arms Race

June 25, 2017 By Nicholas West The emergence of low-cost micro satellites is starting to spawn a global surveillance arms race: the familiar problem-reaction-solution paradigm upon what all other arms races are built. “Our competitors will learn to use this exploding geo-enabled capability to learn a lot of things. If we don’t […]

Micro Satellites Are Spawning A Global Surveillance Arms Race

Big Brother is poised to keep an eye out on earthlings while orbiting the planet in the form of thousands of tiny inexpensive satellites. Micro-satellites are the future of so-called ‘intelligence’ and ‘security’ but their emergence is spawning a global arms race and eroding people’s privacy. High resolution earth images will be analysed twenty four hours […]

Minister: Iran ready to launch 2 new home-made satellites

Nuclear deal in focus in second Iranian presidential debate Al-Monitor | Rohollah Faghihi: Iran’s second presidential debate May 5 injected optimism among supporters of President Hassan Rouhani, who changed his tactic of staying relatively quiet.… Source Article from

‘Giraffe tastiest meat I ever ate’ – Swedish politician who eats & kills wild animals shocks SM

Angelo Vukasovic, the treasurer from the Sweden Democrats party, considered nationalist and far right, has been posting the controversial photos on Facebook since October 2015. However, the pictures have only started circulating widely in recent weeks. Speaking to the Swedish Aftonbladet newspaper, Vukasovic said he took the photos during trips to South Africa where hunting is […]

Bachmann’s claim that China ‘blinded’ U.S. satellites

  Glenn KesslerWashington Post October 4, 2011 “And don’t forget I sit on the Intelligence Committee. We deal with the nation’s classified secrets. This is an open-source document. I’m not sharing something I shouldn’t, but China has blinded United States satellites with their lasers.” — Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), Sept. 30 A reader sent us an […]

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