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Juan O Savin on Tore Says Show!

Juan O Savin joins the Tore Says Show from London, in an appearance that I did not see coming – let alone, a four and half hour marathon! He talks extensively about the “Q Operation” and the plan to save America, which he says was gamed-out on supercomputers for two decades and how it’s now […]

⚡️ May 2 2024 – Juan O Savin w/ JMC > There’s so Much in Play + Things Are Going to Change Radically

John Michael Chambers and Juan O Savin have a conversation about Lt Gen Mike Flynn. There’s scuttlebutt that Flynn is a traitor. Juan, himself hasn’t always seen eye-to-eye with the General. However, he imparts his full-throated endorsement of him, here. Or is it? Very weird that they were impelled to dedicate an entire show to […]

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