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Leaked Podesta Email Suggests Justice Scalia Was Assassinated

The late US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia had become not only a critic of the decisions that the liberal wing of the Supreme Court made, but a critic of the Supreme Court itself, calling the institution a “threat to American democracy.” He also went so far as to support what is often referred to […]

Alex Jones: Obama Murdered Justice Scalia

In an “emergency transmission” to his Facebook fans today, conspiracy theorist radio host Alex Jones floated his suspicions that the late Justice Antonin Scalia was “murdered,” just like conservative activist Andrew Breitbart. While accusing Obama of a litany crimes, including secretly funding ISIS and blackmailing Supreme Court justices, Jones said that “this is the season […]

Justice Scalia Spoke Favorably of Trump’s Presidential Run

Shortly before his death in February 2016, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia spoke favorably of Donald Trump’s presidential run. “Justice Scalia thought it was most refreshing to have a candidate who was pretty much unfiltered and utterly frank,” said the late jurist’s literary collaborator, Bryan Garner, a legal dictionary editor who spent two weeks in […]

Justice Scalia Endorsed Trump Shortly Before His Murder

Just before the murder of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia in February 2016 – Scalia had begun speaking favorably about then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. According to top confidant Bryan Garner, Justice Scalia found Trump’s unfiltered and candid approach to politics “very refreshing.” reports: “Justice Scalia thought it was most refreshing to have a […]

Late Justice Antonin Scalia believed Obama was spying on SCOTUS; 44th prez 100 times worse than Nixon

(Natural News) In an appearance on Fox Business News on Monday, network legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano dropped a bombshell while discussing allegations by Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., that he and another senator were spied on by the Obama administration. As reported by The Gateway Pundit, Napolitano said the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin […]

Judge Napolitano: ‘Justice Scalia Said Obama Was Spying On Supreme Court’

The Worse than Watergate wiretapping scandal just got a whole lot more more serious for Barack Obama. Judge Napolitano told Fox Business on Monday that Justice Scalia, before his death, told him that “serial wiretapper” Obama was illegally “surveilling the Supreme Court.” Responding to the Fox host Maria Bartiromo’s claim that these are “very strong […]

Hillary Clinton Will be the Next US President According to Big Pharma

by Yelena Sukhoterina In the past few years we have seen price hikes of pharmaceutical drugs — the most well-known incident is of the drug Daraprim, which jumped from $13.50 to $750 per pill after being purchased by the infamous entrepreneur and pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli. We have seen a dramatic increase of deaths caused […]

BREAKING: This Clinton Email SHOWED Terrorists How To Kill Amb. Chris Stevens

Dean James III% AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS – An email released on Monday containing the whereabouts and plans of murdered U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens passed through Hillary Clinton’s private server, which means that the terrorists may have actually intercepted the message. In fact, numerous emails sent to Clinton’s private address betrayed Stevens’ location while he was stationed in […]

Battle of the witless: Republican debate descends into avalanche of crass insults

     The final Republican presidential debate before primary voters in 11 states cast their ballots on Super Tuesday dissolved into an unseemly brawl in which candidates competed with each other to be the loudest and sling the most insults at each other. With an avalanche of putdowns, zingers and crass insults, Senators Ted Cruz and […]

Herbert Smagon: Witness of the German Tragedy in the 20th Century

Most of us have seen these images many times before but failed to spot the author. This is not surprising at all. The information available on the internet about Herbert Smagon to be found in English is very sketchy, though it can be found in other different European languages, like German and Italian, also in […]

American PATRIOTS Make Epic Move That Has MUSLIMS In Full Panic Mode

Dean James AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS– Secure Freedom, an initiative of the Center for Security Policy (CSP) has launched a new campaign, CounterJihad, whose purpose is to provide patriots with the ‘intellectual firepower’ to battle the rise of radical Islam that is spreading virtually unchecked here in America and all over the world. “We are a movement […]

Trump Advisor BANNED From CNN, Here’s The DISTURBING Reason Why

CNN, not-so-affectionately known as the “Communist News Network” by conservatives has announced that it’s no longer going to allow Roger Stone, Donald Trump’s former advisor, on their network any longer, and there’s a disturbing reason behind it. A report from Media Matters revealed that Stone, who’s often appearing on the network to support Trump, “will […]

Russian – German Nord Stream 2 won’t be the End for Gas via Ukraine

nsnbc : The completion of the Nord Stream II gas pipeline from Russia to Germany will not spell the end to Russian gas deliveries to the EU via Ukraine but provided additional energy-security and competitiveness. Photo courtesy of Tass, Vitaly Graber. The planned commissioning of the Nord Stream 2 will supplement the already operational Nord […]

Judge Clears Way For Trees To Be Cut Down For Pipeline

Print Friendly Above Photo: AP Photo/Charles Krupa SCRANTON — A company was given the approval by a federal judge to cut down dozens of maple trees in Susquehanna County so a new gas pipeline could be built. But several families have protested because they are trying to protect the trees and their maple syrup business. […]

It Is Suicide to Follow This Traitor Into World War III

  Obama is the right man, at the right time to engineer a total communist subversion of the United States are not merely the words of journalistic rhetoric designed to sensationalize the sentiment which has grown in opposition to the communist policies of an unpopular president. This series, The Russians […]

Wolfgang Halbig v. Sandy Hook FOIA Commission Hearings – Feb. 18, 2016

HARTFORD CT– 2/18/16–FULL LENGTH VIDEO. Wolfgang Halbig, former teacher, law enforcement, and current national school safety assessment & emergency management consultant, appeared in Hartford CT for PART 3 of the FOIA hearings, the purpose of which is to acquire public access to the police Dash Cam Videos of December 14, 2012. Docket # FIC 2015-786: […]

Palestinian hunger-striker loses ability to breath

Days of Palestine, Jerusalem -Palestinian hunger-striking journalist Mohamed al-Qeeq, who has been on hunger-strike for 86 days, lost ability to breath on Thursday night, sources said. Al-Qeeq’s companion in the Israeli hospital freed prisoner Mohamed Kana’neh said: “He has a severe stroke that caused him lose ability to breath between Wednesday 11pm and Thursday 5am.” […]

Merkel calls for ‘no-fly zone’ in Syria — not content with destroying Europe, pushes for WWIII: Zio-Watch, February 16, 2016

Turkey is among the few countries insisting that the only way to stop the war in Syria is to deploy ground forces in the Arab country’s northern regions. A Turkish official told reporters in Istanbul on Tuesday that the only possible solution to the conflict in Syria is ground operations, but Turkey would not carry […]

Glorious Leader Invites TOTAL BROS Who Threw-Out Protester Up on Stage

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer February 17, 2016 In what is probably one of the most emotionally moving moments so far in the Trump campaign for me personally, at the rally in North Augusta, South Carolina, Trump called onto the stage two TOTAL BROS who ejected an evil protester. The two men both gave excellent short statements saying what […]

Wacky Blacky Kanye Asks Jew Zuckerberg for Mass Shekels

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