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After US Now Dominion Voting Systems Sparks Election Scandal In Puerto Rico

According to the commission’s interim president Jessika Padilla Rivera, Puerto Rico’s elections commission began evaluating its Dominion Voting Systems contract after software glitches miscalculated vote totals in the June 2 primaries Source

WOKE MILITARY SCANDAL! Judicial Watch Receives Records Detailing U.S. Air Force Drag Events Paid for By Taxpayers

Judicial Watch Receives Records Detailing U.S. Air Force Drag Events Paid for By Taxpayers Source

Plagiarism Scandal Hits The Fed

Another week, another plagiarism scandal in the ivory towers. This time, journalists Chris Rufo and the Daily Wire‘s Luke Rosiak found that Federal Reserve governor Lisa Cook appears to have plagiarized her academic work in violation of her former university’s policy. Lisa Cook, governor of the US Federal Reserve. Photographer: Al Drago/Bloomberg Cook, who taught […]

Ex-Diddy Producer Says This Scandal ‘Could Be WORSE Than Jeffrey Epstein’

Fox News television host Jesse Watters dropped some troubling details about the Diddy scandal on the PBD podcast on Saturday. He highlighted claims from Ex-Diddy producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones’ lawsuit that accuses Diddy of orchestrating a surveillance network within his homes to gather compromising material on various individuals, including aspiring artists and prominent figures, […]

Jamie Dimon Is Desperate to Pin the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal on Jes Staley; Bloomberg News Is Carrying His Water — Again


The ‘scandal penalty’ that George Santos could impose on NY-03

The Republican in Tuesday’s special election in New York isn’t just running against a Democrat — she’s running against the stench of scandal from ousted Rep. George Santos. History suggests Mazi Melesa Pilip, the Republican, has a built-in disadvantage against former Rep. Tom Suozzi, her Democratic opponent: Voters tend to penalize the party whose controversy […]

New Scandal, Same Story

The UK has been consumed by a scandal involving the use of faulty accounting software, Horizon from Fujitsu, used by the Post Office to accuse postmasters and postmistresses of stealing funds. Under UK law, the Post Office is empowered to prosecute alleged offenders directly. Between 1999 and 2015, an astonishing 700-750 hardworking and conscientious managers […]

Another Fast & Furious Scandal? Mexico Demands Answers As Cartels Acquire US-Military Grade Weapons

Mexico is furious and demands an investigation into how belt-fed machine guns, rocket launchers, and grenades are ending up in the hands of cartel members, the country’s top diplomat said. Source

A few weeks have passed since the Chabad tunnel scandal broke headlines and no Questions Answered

For some reason, any and all questions about the recent discovery of illegal tunnels burrowed underneath the global headquarters of the Chabad-Lubavitch sect of Judaism in New York City’s Crown Heights are racist, according to the corporate media. Digging the types of tunnels that were discovered is not only illegal without the proper permits, but […]

A few weeks have passed since the Chabad tunnel scandal broke headlines, and all questions about it are being called “antisemitic”

When you kill a baby raper, they never rape and destroy another child’s life. The Jew cult’s “religious” writings approves of raping little girls till they are 3 years and 1 day old. The Jew cult’s religious writings approves of raping little boys up the ass till they are 9 years old. The Jews have […]

Former Vatican Official Sentenced To 5 And A Half Years In Jail Over Corruption Scandal

The Pope’s former deputy secretary of state, along with nine others, have been found guilty in the Vatican’s biggest financial corruption scandal. On Saturday, Cardinal Angelo Becciu, the most senior Catholic Church official ever to […] The post Former Vatican Official Sentenced To 5 And A Half Years In Jail Over Corruption Scandal appeared first […]

Ex-Marshall Islands President Resigns From Climate Summit Post Over Oil Scandal

Hilda Heine, a former president of the Marshall Islands, on Friday resigned from the main advisory committee of this year’s United Nations climate summit, citing allegations that the conference president tried to use the international talks to strike oil and gas deals. Heine’s resignation, first reported by Reuters, came just one day after the summit […]

Conflicts of Interest in Science: History of Influence, Scandal, and Denial

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL In December 1953, the CEOs of America’s leading tobacco companies cast aside competitive rancor and gathered at New York City’s Plaza Hotel to confront a menace to their incredibly profitable industry. An emergent body of science published in elite medical journals cast doubt on the safety of cigarettes and threatened […]

The Real Scandal: Covid Inquiry’s Failure

The real Covid scandal is emerging right in front of the inquiry’s nose, writes Fraser Nelson in the Telegraph: Britain could have escaped the horrors of lockdown, but nobody pulled apart the doom models driving it. Here’s an excerpt. Let’s go back to when much of the world had copied the Wuhan lockdown, with two […]

Canadian Speaker Of The House QUITS Following Nazi Scandal

The Canadian Speaker of the House has resigned following the incident where a 98-year-old SS solider was cheered and honoured in Parliament, with Prime Minter Justin Trudeau refusing to take any responsibility, despite meeting with the Ukrainian Nazi beforehand. As we noted earlier this week, Anthony Rota apologised for the scandal, but it wasn’t enough. […]

‘Just Allegations’: Menendez Refuses To Resign Amid Bribery Scandal, Claims Seized $480K Was For ‘Emergencies’

READ HERE:   Source

How Myocarditis Became the Silent Scandal of Covid Vaccination

It started slowly at first – a trickle of concerning reports that something wasn’t right. In January 2021, just weeks after the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines, cases of myocarditis began cropping up. Myocarditis – inflammation of the heart muscle – had never been linked to vaccines before. So when 28 cases were reported to the […]

Democrat involved in LA racism scandal running for reelection

A Los Angeles city councilman involved in a racism scandal last year announced Wednesday he would seek reelection, despite pressures from colleagues to resign.  In a statement Wednesday, Kevin de León said he would seek another term after making “unprecedented strides” in his district, which runs through downtown Los Angeles, The Associated Press (AP) reported. De… […]

Scandal Erupts As UFC Champion Israel Adesanya Exposed for Sexual Abuse of Dogs

I know this is not the most important news, but I have covered the degenerate anti-White racist Israel Source

Maher: There’s ‘Real Corruption’ in Hunter Biden Scandal and ‘A Lot of the Left-Wing Media Will Not Cover’ It

On Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The Beat,” HBO host and comedian Bill Maher stated that while there is no Trump-Biden equivalency, the Hunter Biden scandal “stinks to the high heavens. That’s real corruption there, that a lot of the left-wing Source

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