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Transgender butcher who kidnapped and sexually abused schoolgirl gets 20 year prison sentence

A transgender butcher who kidnapped and sexually abused a little girl during a horrific 27-hour ordeal is appealing against his sentence. Andrew Miller, 53, who also uses the name Amy George, was dressed as a woman when he offered the primary school-aged child – whom he had never seen before – a lift in February. […]

11 year old Schoolgirl gets Savagely Attacked by ‘Devil Dog’ Pitbull

A brave schoolgirl who was savaged by a dangerous XL Bully dog in a ferocious rampage as terrified crowds fled the area said today: ‘I’m now too frightened to leave home.’ Ana Paun, 11, told how the powerful breed of bulldog ‘which was suffering from heat exhaustion’ leapt up at her after lying unleashed in […]

Afghan asylum seeker jailed for rape of 12-year-old schoolgirl in taxpayer-funded migrant hotel

An Afghan asylum seeker has been jailed in Britain for the multiple rape of a 12-year-old Albanian schoolgirl with learning difficulties while living in a taxpayer-funded London hotel. Sakhidad Ahadi was sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment at Croydon Crown Court after pleading guilty to one count of rape and being convicted of a second count […]

UK Schoolgirl gets Blood Clots after Vaccination, Urges Everyone to get it too Because ‘Covid is no joke!’

Home » Europe, Health, Social, Videos » UK Schoolgirl gets Blood Clots after Vaccination, Urges Everyone to get it too Because ‘Covid is no joke!’     Dumb and Dumber! You won’t believe what you are about to read! A 17-year-old who was hospitalised with complications from Covid has urged young people to ‘take this […]

Samuel Paty: Schoolgirl’s lies spark anger in case of murdered French teacher

The lawyer for the family of Samuel Paty has expressed her anger that a student lied about attending his classes on cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. The 47-year-old teacher was assassinated outside the Bois d’Aulne secondary school near Paris on October 16. Paty had taught students about freedom of expression and blasphemy, which led to […]

British schoolgirl Shamima Begum who joined Islamic State cannot return to U.K., top court says

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Sweden: Underage Schoolgirl Gang Raped, Police Don’t Want to Describe Attackers

Police in Sweden seeking three men who ambushed and raped an underage girl on her way home from school do not want to release their descriptions. The minor was assaulted in a cemetery at 3 o’clock in the afternoon in Östervåla, a locality with a population of just 1,600 in Heby Municipality, Uppsala, SVT reports. The public broadcaster’s […]

Russia Steps Up World War III Rhetoric, Calls Turkey ISIS Allies

Russia and Turkey seem posed to go to war with each other following Russian Foreign Minister’s claims that the Turkish government are “secret allies” with ISIS. This week Russia announced it would be closing the border between Syria and Turkey amid heavy artillery units being delivered to Russian military forces in Syria. As tensions continue […]

Human DNA Found in Hot Dogs

by Mike Adams A private food testing lab called Clear Food is ramping up with a project it says will publicly post scores for foods based on whether the food composition matches the label. Sadly, this lab wants to be a “friend” of the food industry and won’t be testing for GMOs, pesticides or anything […]

Joshua Bonehill Rots In Prison In Jewish Occupied Britain

Twenty-two years of age, never committed a crime, never hit anyone, never stole anything. An intelligent, in some respects immature but very advanced in his thinking for his age young man, Joshua Bonehill has been imprisoned without trial for seven months before his next court date. Locking up a non-violent offender for a political thought-crime […]

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