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Antisemitism Czar Scolds WashPost for ‘Fostering Antisemitism’ by Reporting on Jewish Donors Pushing Protest Crackdown

US Antisemitism Czar Deborah Lipstadt used her bully pulpit on Tuesday to scold the Washington Post for publishing a factual story exposing how wealthy Jewish donors were part of a secret group chat which pushed NYC Mayor Eric Adams to crackdown on pro-Palestine protests. Source

Fox News Loses Control of GOP Debate, Scolds Crowd, Candidates: ‘We Can’t Hear’

Fox News lost control of the Republican’s primary debate Wednesday evening by the moderator’s own admission. Source

India scolds UK for diplomatic ‘indifference’

READ HERE: Separatist protesters pulled down the Indian flag from the High Commission in London   Source

Indian President scolds Putin face to face: I told you NOT to attack Ukraine but you didn’t listen!

    Narendra Modi delivered a scathing rebuke to Vladimir Putin at a televised meeting in Uzbekistan, telling his Russian counterpart that it was not the time for wars now because now we live in a relatively age of peace. Modi went on to scold Putin, telling him that that Russia’s problems with Ukraine must […]

Former Russian President Medvedev Scolds Ukraine’s Zelensky About His Cocaine Addiction

( Dmitry Medvedev — the former President of Russia and now Deputy Chairman of the National Security Council — has become one of the most hardcore Russian politicians after he admonished Ukraine leaders to stop using cocaine and start negotiating peace with Russia. In the brief video Medvedev states, “In the end, Ukraine’s refusal to […]

Xi Jinping Scolds World on Climate Change While China Keeps Polluting

Chinese dictator Xi Jinping chose to address the COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow, Scotland, by video link instead of attending in person. Xi demanded “concrete action” on climate change from the rest of the world, while China hauls record-breaking volumes of coal out of the Earth and pours it into the record-breaking number of […]

Angelina Jolie SCOLDS Biden on Afghanistan: “You Absolute Sicko”

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie ripped Joe Biden a new one over the weekend, blasting his Afghanistan withdrawal as “sickening” and “a betrayal and a failure impossible to fully understand.” “Whatever your views on the war in Afghanistan, we probably agree on one thing: it should not have ended this way,” Angelina Jolie wrote in an op-ed she wrote […]

Fauci Scolds America’s Kids: ‘Keep Your Masks on Ya Hear?’

Dr. Anthony Fauci has reminded Americans that their children are unvaccinated and therefore must remain masked until further notice. Fauci has continually pushed masks on young kids, despite the fact that the chances of them getting sick or dying from coronavirus are extremely small. BYPASS THE CENSORS Sign up to get unfiltered news delivered straight to […]

More suicidal GOP gaffes as McConnell scolds corporations: Forget fair elections but keep paying off

What a joke: the billionaire party attacks big business for getting “involved in politics” Trumpist stupidity is washing over the party, transforming alleged wizard Mitch McConnell into a world-class bumbler – contrary to his shrewd Machiavellian image. The void of irony is as conspicuous as is the predictable, boomerang outcome. Since when do paid, upstart […]

Covid Grammys: Mouth Swabs, Security Scolds Maskless Media

LOS ANGELES (AP) — I have covered the Grammy Awards for the Associated Press for 15 years. But this strange year feels like the first time. Built around performances, full of singing and shouting, and with the biggest crowd of any awards show, the Grammys seem uniquely wrong for a world still in the coronavirus […]

Cuba scolds US for ‘cynical & opportunistic’ inclusion on its list of state sponsors of terrorism days before Trump’s exit

The Trump administration has put Cuba back on the US list of state sponsors of terrorism, the latest in a series of hawkish diplomatic steps taken just days before President-elect Joe Biden takes office. The move returns Cuba to the pariah list, exposing it to a wide range of sanctions and restrictions, five years after […]

Frank Luntz SCOLDS Trump: ‘Stop Embarrassing Yourself’ With Claims You Won – You DIDN’T

Pollster Frank Luntz scolded President Trump on Sunday, demanding that he stop “embarrassing” himself with claims he won the 2020 election. Appearing on ABC’s “This Week,”Luntz said: “One of those races the Democrat has now gone ahead in the Ossoff/David Perdue race. In the other race, the Kelly Loeffler — she is dead even with […]

Pompous Chris Wallace SCOLDS Trump Official: “Biden Is the President-Elect, Sir!”

Fox News host Chris Wallace scolded Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar during Sunday’s show after Azar forgot to refer to Biden as the “president-elect”. Wallace asked, “If President Trump had worn a mask then and urged everyone to wear a mask then, back in April, the way Joe Biden is right now, wouldn’t […]

Bolsonaro Scolds Journalists on Corona: “When One of You Fat-Asses Catches it, the Chances of Survival are Far Less”

A scientific advisor to the UK government says the coronavirus lockdown was a “panic measure” and a “monumental mistake on a global scale.” Infectious diseases expert and University of Edinburgh professor Mark Woolhouse acknowledged that the decision to lockdown in March was a “crude measure” that was enacted because “we couldn’t think of anything better […]

Barbara Walters Scolds Corey Feldman for Calling Out Hollywood Abuse

Former child actor Corey Feldman has spent years calling out the practice of Hollywood A-listers sexually exploiting young actors who try to make their mark in show business. A video clip from a 2013 episode of The View where he shares these revelations about the abuse in the industry has resurfaced after allegations came to […]

‘If you’re white, you’re probably racist,’ student scolds peers

‘If you’re white, you’re probably racist,’ student scolds peers Campus Reform June 21, 2017 If youre white, youre probably racist, an editor for the University of Alabamas student newspaper told her classmates in a recent op-ed. Writing last week for The Crimson White, Opinions Editor Marissa Cornelius begins by listing various internalized racist beliefs she […]

‘Status quo in N. Korea unacceptable’: Trump scolds UNSC to up payments and wants more sanctions

     President Donald Trump chastised the UN Security Council for underperforming and called on it to “impose additional and stronger sanctions” on North Korea during a meeting with UNSC ambassadors at the White House. “The status quo in North Korea is also unacceptable, and the council must be prepared to impose additional and stronger sanctions […]

Jon Stewart Scolds Media For Ignoring Rep. Ron Paul

  Frances MartelMediaite August 16, 2011 On Sunday morning, Jon Stewart woke up to a cornucopia of material to write into Monday’s program: Tim Pawlenty’s sad campaign goodbye, Rep. Michele Bachmann’s straw poll victory, Rick Perry’s vasectomy entry into the race. He somehow covered all his bases and then some tonight: finding plenty of time […]

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