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Kiev Regime Sought to Scrub Evidence of Pentagon-backed Biowarfare Programme, Russian MoD Reveals

15:41 GMT 06.03.2022  Ilya Tsukanov The US Defence Threat Reduction Agency has been working in Ukraine since 2005, and been involved in the construction, modernization and operation of over a dozen biolabs suitable for storing or working with pathogens, including those used in bioweapons. Moscow has expressed deep concerns about these facilities in recent years. […]

Democrat Caucuses Scrub All Mention of God From Pledge of Allegiance at DNC Convention

Two Democrat caucuses removed the reference to God while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance during the DNC’s Democratic National Convention meetings this week. The DNC LGBTQ Caucus and the Muslim Delegates and Allies Assembly were both found to have “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance, while liberals on social media defended the decision, claiming the […]

Oxford University orders lowly woman to scrub "Happy International Women’s Day" message off campus building steps

(Natural News) The endless push from the left to turn anything and everything into some kind of coordinated attack against women continues. Last week, political theory professor Sophie Smith of Oxford University tweeted a photo of a female custodian scrubbing the words “Happy International Women’s Day” off the Clarendon steps on the […]

NY Times Demands Twitter Scrub References To Joe Biden Being A Pedo

A New York Times reporter has urged social media giants to censor and scrub all references to Joe Biden being a pedophile. Nicole Perlroth, technology reporter at the NY Times, took to Twitter to slam the social media outlet for failing to ban evidence of Biden touching women and children inappropriately. In her Tweet, the […]

Army Refuses to Scrub Confederate Names from Brooklyn base

The U.S. Army won’t scrub the names of Confederate generals from a base in New York City, military officials told Congress. A group of Democratic lawmakers asked the Army in June to rename a pair of streets at Fort Hamilton, in Brooklyn, which currently honoring Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, part of a broader […]

Media Cover-up As Hillary Clinton Investigated For Election Fraud

With a major lawsuit in progress exposing alleged election fraud in eleven states, and with Bernie Sanders refusing to drop out of the race and preparing a groundbreaking speech for the convention, the signs are Hillary Clinton will be implicated in a huge election rigging scandal involving the DNC and the mainstream media. Hillary Clinton did […]

Protests Against Money In Politics Hold Little Interest For Beltway’s ‘Political Junkies’

Print Friendly Above Photo: Democracy Now!‘s coverage (4/12/16) of the Democracy Spring protests against money in politics. More than 400 people were arrested in a non-violent sit-in on Capitol Hill April 11, many having marched 150 miles from the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. The protest, called Democracy Spring, is about ending the influence of big money in […]

U.S. military claims to be dropping ‘cyber bombs’ on ISIS

The ISIS internet attacks, whatever the particulars really may be, are part of a stepped-up coordinated effort to put increasing pressure on the militant organization. “Those guys are under enormous pressure. Every time we have gone after one of their defended positions over the last six months, we have defeated them. They […]

Hacker suspected in Anon raid on Boston hospital rescued at sea by Disney cruise ship, then arrested

Martin Gottesfeld and his family were rescued at sea, near Cuba, by a Disney cruise ship, then Gottesfeld was arrested by FBI agents dispatched from a Bahamian field office. Gottesfeld is suspected of participating in an Anonymous raid on Boston Children’s Hospital in 2014. The Anon raid, #OpJustina, targeted a hospital that […]

Roosh Really is a Rape Advocate (& a Rapist, if He’s Telling the Truth)

By Greg Johnson | Ed comment: When we covered the press conference earlier this week. We wrote: There are many different levels of criticism that is thrown around – perhaps some more valid than others. Well, the below piece is just such valid criticism. It’s clear that the media made the […]

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