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Taking the Trash Out of My Talk: A Different Kind of Jewspeak

Compared to the Jews’ near-total destruction of European art and music, use of foul language may seem a relative nitpick. Yet I posit that on an absolute scale, its effects are underestimated; and it is a matter I may admittedly take a bit too personally, on account of a backstory which, of course, involves the […]

See no evil: EPA ignores synergistic toxic effects of pesticide cocktails in its approval process

     Despite the EPA’s claims, information on dangerous synergistic effects is publicly available. In fact, the agro-giants collected it themselves. While the use of one toxic chemical—on our foods, lawns, and elsewhere—has its inherent risks, scientists warn that the combination of two or more such ingredients in common pesticides could have an even more noxious […]

Man stabs mom & 3 daughters at French holiday center over shorts and T-shirts

The man attacked the woman and her daughters – aged 8, 12 and 14 – in the resort town of Laragne-Monteglin in the Hautes-Alpes region, outraged at the fact that they were wearing shorts and T-shirts, local Deputy Mayor Jean-Marc Duprat said, according to AP. Horrifying moment when Nice killer truck hits unsuspecting people filmed […]

Republican National Convention Watch: Update 1.1 – Trump’s Alliance with the Jewish Money Power

Over the course of the next few days, I’ll be doing my best approximation of a live feed to cover the RNC in Cleveland and any other globalist-related news that crosses my radar. For your convenience in reading it, I’ll place each new update at the top. [Update 1.1 – 18 July 2016] Trump’s Alliance […]

Tehran gets first batch of missiles for S-300 complex

Iran’s Air Defense Commander, Brigadier General Farzad Esmaili, said earlier this month that all purchased S-300 systems will be fully functional by the end of the ongoing Iranian year, which ends on March 20, 2017. The first delivery of the Russian S-300 surface-to-air missile system arrived in Iran in early April, the country’s Foreign Ministry […]

World’s potentially biggest telescope discovers 13,000 new galaxies at only 25% capacity

     South Africa’s MeerKAT radio telescope has proven its potential, releasing its first images, which reveal some 1,300 galaxies in a far-off corner of the universe where only 70 were known to exist before. “Based on the results being shown today, we are confident that after all 64 dishes are in place, MeerKAT will be […]

Casting Call for Extras, Actors During Cleveland RNC Violence

By Jon Rappoport of No More Fake News. Here’s your chance to take to the streets and protest for a cause you believe in. Many thousands will be at your side. When the violence hits, you can run, go crazy, and hopefully escape police batons, water cannons, and flying bullets… This isn’t one company looking […]

Larijani: Iranian parliament advocates political parties function in Asia

Tehran, July 13, IRNA – Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said on Wednesday that the Iranian parliament backs the significant role of the Asian political parties. Larijani made the remarks in a meeting with the International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP). Iranian nation tired of a ill-minded dictator pursued the path of late Imam Khomeini […]

Angela Eagle Chosen to Front Anti-Corbyn Coup in UK Labour Party

Social media blasts US ex-President Bush for dancing at Dallas memorial service

     Former President of the United States George W. Bush managed to raise quite a few eyebrows in the US and across the world when he started dancing at a memorial service for the Dallas police officers killed by snipers during a protest on July 7. During the ceremony, the ex-president was seen smiling and […]

Get a warrant: Police bodycam and dashcam footage will no longer be public record in North Carolina

     Police bodycam and dashcam footage is now off limits to the public in North Carolina unless a court order is obtained. Governor Pat McCrory signed a law restricting access to the footage “to gain public trust while respecting the rights of public safety officers.” North Carolina House Bill 972, signed into law Monday, prevents […]

After Hague ruling on South China Sea, Beijing unveils new guided-missile destroyer

     On the same day that the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague ruled against China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea, Beijing has commissioned its fourth guided-missile destroyer. The latest 052D Yinchuan destroyer was commissioned at a naval port in Sanya, in the Hainan province. Roughly 150 meters long with a 20-meter […]

Bernie: Vote for Hillary

Bernie: Vote for Hillary July 12th, 2016 Bernie probably held out so long because he thought Hillary was going to be prosecuted. Nope, didn’t happen. Now go vote for her. Via: CNN: Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders formally declared an end to their political […]

Paul Craig Roberts – Putin is the only responsible world leader the West has

     A Reuters news report under the names of presstitutes Robin Emmott and Sabine Siebold shows how devoid the West is of honest, intelligent and responsible journalists and government officials. First we will examine the dishonesty or incompetence of the reporters and then that of Western government officials. Emmott and Siebold describe NATO as a […]

German intel spied on over 2,000+ EU & NATO diplomatic missions up to 2013 – report

The German DPA news agency cited a document from the Bundestag’s Parliamentary Control Panel (PKGr), which provides parliamentary oversight for Germany’s foreign intelligence. A “low two-figure number of people” belonging to foreign governments were snooped on until October 2013, the report said. It is not yet clear when exactly the snooping started. The paper claims […]

Putin LOSES IT, Warns Journalists of War: ‘I Don’t Know How to Get Through to You People’

The Russian president was meeting with foreign journalists at the conclusion of the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum on June 17th, when he left no one in any doubt that the world is headed down a course which could lead to nuclear war. Putin railed against the journalists for their “tall tales” in blindly repeating […]

President of the Philippines: “It is the US that Imported Terrorism Into the Middle East!”

Storm in the South China Sea: Washington is Inciting the Dispute between China and the Philippines

Delta Jetliner Lands At Military Air Base By Mistake

Pilots of a Delta passenger jet mistakenly landed an Airbus A320 with 130 civilian passengers on board at a military air force base in South Dakota. Federal officials are investigating the incident that occurred when the pilots mistook a nearby air force base for a civilian airport. RT reports: On Thursday evening, Delta Flight 2845 arriving […]

Are parents to blame for childhood obesity? Study shows 10 percent of parents are feeding their toddlers adult-sized portions

(NaturalNews) A British dietary group is blaming parents rather than junk food manufacturers for the growing epidemic of childhood obesity throughout the world, claiming that the portion sizes on many children’s food plates are simply too large for them to remain slim and fit. The ballooning of the next generation of youth, the […]

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