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SeaWorld slavery system

SeaWorld jews SeaWorld is a typical zionist organization always looking out to exploit creatures like this one that fell off the cliff and hit rocks. Make no mistake, this sea lion pup only represented dollars to Sea World. Why couldn’t they just leave this wild creature alone. Jews cannot help themselves at trying to enslave […]

Polar Bear Dies Of A “Broken Heart” After SeaWorld Shipped Off Best Friend Of 20 Years

She lost her appetite and her energy within days of her best friend leaving. SeaWorld San Diego announced Tuesday that its 21-year-old female polar bear, Szenja, died unexpectedly from unknown causes after a week of lethargy and a loss of appetite. Though the official cause of death is unknown, PETA was quick to jump in […]

SHOCK FINDING: 30 percent of U.S. military damaged by anthrax vaccine

(NaturalNews) The topic of vaccines tends to inspire strong feelings in people one way or the other, and the admissions made by a CDC whistleblower in the recent documentary VAXXED certainly added fuel to the fire. However, one aspect of the vaccine debate that many people can agree on is that forcing experimental […]

15 Quotes By Osho That Will Touch Your Heart & Make You Think

Many of the most influential people our world has seen have exposed truths, wisdoms, and controversial viewpoints that have earned them both respect and fear from the masses. Osho Rajneesh was one of those people. An Indian mystic, guru, and spiritual teacher, he had millions of followers worldwide, along with thousands of detractors. Confident and […]

Nonwhite Invader Centers Being Burned Down at Rate of 1 per Day, Police Confirm

Nonwhite invader “asylum” centers in Germany are being burned down at the rate of one per day, German police reports have confirmed—an indication of the growing resistance in that country to the forced and illegal Third World invasion caused by Angela Merkel’s government. According to a review of police reports published in the German […]

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