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Michigan Goes Total Police State With Roadside Saliva Check Points

The Michigan State Police is working on plans to establish a pilot program for roadside drug testing, a spokeswoman said. A new law instructs the state police to pick five counties where it will run a one-year pilot program for saliva-based testing to check drivers for drugs like marijuana, heroin and cocaine. “We expect the counties to be […]

FOX News on the evil, scheming JEWESS Ginsberg’s recent spat with God’s choice for US president, Donald J. TRUMP

FOX News on the evil, scheming JEWESS Ginsberg’s recent spat with God’s choice for US president, Donald J. TRUMP TRUST me and look into my soft, naive, undefiled eyes, as windows of my completely innocent JEW soul, and contemplate for just one brief starry moment my completely harmless vulture-like nose; and BELIEVE, that as an ordinary […]

Donald Trump Says The Star Of David Is Just A Star

Donald Trump has changed his mind again about the controversial Star of David Tweet that got him in hot water with accusations of anti-Semitism. The presumptive Republican presidential nominee recently posted a tweet depicting Hillary Clinton in a negative way, with hundred dollar bills, a six pointed Star of David and the words “Most corrupt […]

Sweden to Pay Millions for Empty Would-be Floating Refugee Accommodation

Faced with the largest migration crisis in the nation’s history, Sweden has left no stone unturned in dealing with the acute housing shortage. Many hotels, military barracks and schools have been turned into refugee accommodations. Now, a hurried decision to house refugees on a luxury boat may prove costly and cause regret. On Monday, the […]

‘Welcome to Jupiter’: NASA Mission Puts Juno in Orbit After Five-Year Journey

‘Welcome to Jupiter’: NASA Mission Puts Juno in Orbit After Five-Year Journey July 5th, 2016 Via: Guardian: After a five-year voyage across 1.8bn miles (2.8bn km), Nasa’s Juno spacecraft has reached Jupiter and successfully entered its orbit. … Juno’s mission is to peer through […]

Ayatollah Khamenei says Iran won’t coordinate with US on Syria

“We don’t want such coordination as their [the US’] main objective is to stop Iran’s presence in the region,” Khamenei said, according to the transcript of his speech published on his website Sunday. U.S. main objective of welcoming talks & coordination with Iran in regional issues & Syria is to end Iran’s presence in region. […]

‘I hope that peace will be here’: 10yo girl reports from West Bank to highlight her people’s plight

Janna Jihad, as she is known, is something of a veteran. She began her reporting career at the age of seven. “There were not enough journalists covering things that happened, like when my friend was killed and when lots of people were injured. Others were arrested and things like that, and it was not reported […]

The Founding Myth Of The United States Of America

Print Friendly Above: No Stamp Act teapot from shortly before the American Revolution. By the National Museum of American History. This past weekend, cities and towns from coast-to-coast hosted fireworks, concerts, and parades to celebrate our independence from Britain. Those celebrations invariably highlight the soldiers who pushed the British from our shores. But the lesson we learn of a democracy forged in […]

The 9 most popular foods, drinks and ‘medicines’ that cause chronic disease by destroying good gut bacteria

(NaturalNews) Would you drive up to a gas station and purposely put diesel fuel in your new car, knowing that it would break down, possibly within days, even though diesel is still “fuel?” If your garden was growing beautiful, organic vegetables, and you woke up one morning and saw hundreds of little bugs […]

Iranian striker Azmoun linked to Portuguese club SL Benfica move

Iranian professional footballer Sardar Azmoun has been linked with a move to Sport Lisboa e Benfica professional football team, which plays in the top flight of Portuguese football, the Primeira Liga. According to a report published by the Persian-language ISNA news agency, the Lisbon-based team, which is currently the Portuguese champions and has won three […]

Zika virus may be transmitted by oral sex & kissing, doctors warn

In a letter to The New England Journal of Medicine calling for stronger transmission prevention guidelines, a group of doctors highlighted a recent case where a woman appears to have contracted the virus from her partner through oral sex. The 24-year-old woman in Paris fell ill with Zika symptoms on February 20, 10 days after […]

Iraqi Forces are Closing the Net Around ISIS in Fallujah

nsnbc : Iraqi security forces, on Saturday, further closed the net that is closing around the self-proclaimed Islamic State in the city of Fallujah in the western part of Al-Anbar province. Iraqi military forces, together with Shi’ite as well as Sunni paramilitary unites known as Hashd Shaabi, made a significant progress in north of Fallujah, […]

Photos: Tehran’s Auction held Friday

US’s main objective in Middle East is to regain hegemony, not fight terror Unfortunately, Washington’s main objective in Syria isn’t fighting terrorism, helping refugees or easing Syrians’ suffering; it’s about regime change and the restoration… Source Article from 00

Iran insists on general Motevaselian’s incarceration in Israel

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran on Saturday reiterated that its four diplomats abducted in Lebanon in 1982 are still alive and imprisoned by Israel, including a former commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) General Ahmad Motevaselian who served as a military attaché. “We want our dear brother Mr. Ahmad Motevaselian from the Zionist regime since […]

Photos: Iran’s President meets Palestinian official

Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani meets Secretary General of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement Ramadan Abdullah here on Thursday.   by IRNA Source Article from 00

Over 50 detained, possible explosive found in illegal prayer hall in southern Russia

A prayer hall which had not been registered with any official religious body was discovered in the suburbs of Samara, a source in law enforcement confirmed to RT on Friday. FSB busts ISIS-linked cell with explosives planning terror attack in southern Russia The hall was a place for Salafis to gather, according to an RT […]

Asset forfeiture reform signed into law in Nebraska

     This past Tuesday, Nebraska made history when Governor Pete Ricketts signed LB 1106 into law, completely reforming the state’s asset forfeiture system. In doing so, Nebraska has become the 10th stateto require a conviction before property can be seized. What’s more, the reforms are so sweeping that Nebraska has become the third state, following […]

Video Shows Albuquerque Cops Unload 50 Rounds At Vehicle

Body-cam video has been released by the Albuquerque police department showing officers firing nearly 50 rounds at a fleeing vehicle last summer. According to police, 20-year-old Rodrigo Garcia was wanted for vehicle theft, felon in possession of a firearm and drug charges when he drove a vehicle into a marked police car on May 28. […]

Obama to decide on declassifying 9/11 documents within 60 days

President Obama will decide whether to declassify 28 pages of sealed documents — which some suspect show a Saudi connection to the 9/11 attacks — within 60 days, according to a former senator who co-chaired the 2002 joint congressional inquiry into the attacks. Former Florida Democratic Sen. Bob Graham told Fox News late Tuesday […]

De Niro Regrets ‘Vaxxed’ Getting Pulled, Says People Must See It

Robert De Niro and his wife Jane Rosenthal were recently on the Today Show to talk about the 15th anniversary of the Tribeca Film Festival, and the conversation quickly turned to the controversy surrounding Vaxxed. De Niro was adamant that he made the right choice originally to air the anti-vaccine documentary and regretted the organizers’ […]

The West’s Terrorist “Catch and Release” Program

  April 13, 2016 (Tony Cartalucci – NEO) – Virtually every suspect involved in recent Brussels bombing had been tracked, arrested, in custody – either by European security agencies or the agencies of their allies – but inexplicably released and allowed to carry out both the Brussels attack as well as the Paris attack that […]

Why the Jewish tribe Acts so Jewish & Jewish musical chairs in Ukraine

Why the Jewish tribe Acts so Jewish & Jewish musical chairs in Ukraine Dr. Duke started the show by talking about Judaism as a religion worshiping the Jewish people, with God only playing a minor role. He recounted an Old Testament debate between Moses and a supposedly omniscient God that was won by Moses! […]

Panama Papers Western 1% Protected; Need A Leak Of The Leak

Print Friendly Above Photo: First Look Media Are US Officials and Business Leaders Protected from Panama Papers Because it was Funded by USAID? Note: While this is an important leak for many reasons, the article points out that no US politicians or business leaders were implicated. One of the key organizations involved in this reporting, the Organized […]

Bernie Sanders Turns Down Invitation To Address AIPAC Conference

America’s most influential pro-Israel lobby group, AIPAC is hosting its annual policy conference in Washington next week. All the presidential candidates were invited and all will be attending, except for one: Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, who also happens to be the only Jewish candidate ever to win a presidential primary. Mr Sanders said […]

Tribute to an Irish Hero

If you want to know who taught the notorious NKVD and Israeli Defence Forces how to deal viciously with occupied peoples look no further than England’s Black and Tans irregular army and auxiliaries (1919 ~ 1921). At a meeting in Listowel, Co Kerry on 19th June, English Army officer Colonel Gerald Bryce Ferguson Smyth told […]

Tony Blair accused of conspiracy over mass immigration

From: Tony Blair is accused of presiding over a silent conspiracy that allowed two million migrants to enter Britain during his decade in power. A new biography of the former prime minister by the celebrated investigative journalist Tom Bower claims Mr Blair ordered his Labour government not to publicly discuss […]

Los Angeles Officials Seize ‘Tiny Homes’ From Homeless

Los Angeles City officials are seizing the tiny homes that a local man built and donated to homeless people in the city to give them a place to sleep. Elvis Summers a Los Angeles builder, set up the compact housess, which are the size of a parking spot and come with solar-powered lights, over the past […]

Curse to hold? 2,500yo Altay Princess will not be reburied, local judge rules

The mummy was discovered 23 years ago in the Altay republic close to Russia’s borders with Kazakhstan, China, and Mongolia. It has been dubbed one of the most important archeological finds of the past century. Her grave was found in a huge block of ice and her body was surrounded by six horses. Archeologists established […]

Hackers Leak Info on 9,372 DHS Employees


‘Resisting deviation’: Thousands protest gay unions, adoptions in Rome (PHOTOS)

The large crowd, which included Catholic priests, gathered at the Circus Maximus venue in the center of the Italian capital on Saturday.  The protesters were carrying Italy’s national flags and banners, reading: “No to civil unions,” AP reported. The so-called “Family Day” protest was staged under the motto: “To protect families and children.” “Italy is […]

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