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Serbian interior minister reveals that foreign spies have been pressing him into taking anti-Russia stance

READ HERE: I am targeted by top foreign intelligence   Source

Serbian president praises Russian arms shipment in alleged arms race with neighbouring Croatia

Serbia’s president on Monday praised another shipment of arms from Russia despite fears in the Western Balkans that the country’s recent acquisition of military equipment could lead to even more tensions in the region. President Aleksandar Vučić attended a training exercise at a military base near Belgrade that included recently purchased anti-tank Kornet guided missiles. […]

At least two workers killed in explosions at Serbian munitions factory

At least two people have died after a series of explosions ripped through a munitions factory in Serbia. Police said the first blast occurred at around 14:00 local time at a warehouse where rockets were stored, on the outskirts of Belgrade. Two workers were killed and at least sixteen others were injured, the interior ministry […]

Tensions as Kosovo begins removing Serbian licence plates at border

Tensions are rising at the border between Serbia and Kosovo. It comes as Kosovo deployed additional police at the frontier on Monday to implement a rule to remove Serbian licence plates from cars entering the country. Hundreds of Kosovo Serbs reportedly drove to the border to protest the move, blocking one of the crossing points. […]

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic Challenges Twitter: ‘Delete My Account!’

BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) — Serbia’s autocratic leader Aleksandar Vucic challenged Twitter on Tuesday to close his account like it did with Donald Trump’s, after several media outlets under his control were labeled state-affiliated by the social media site. “I can’t wait for them (Twitter) to close my account so I become another Trump in the […]

Serbian president praises Belt and Road at Communist Party China summit

BEIJING, CHINA— China’s President Xi Jinping (R) welcomes Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic at the Second Belt and Road Forum, April 27, 2019. (Photo by Valery SharifulinTASS via Getty Images) By Belt and Road NewsJuly 9, 2021 Anno Domini As China becomes an indispensable part of the global economy, relations with the Asian Country will bolster […]

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić presents Michael Freund with award

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić has honored Shavei Israel founder and chairman Michael Freund for his work in promoting Israel-Serbia relations. The Association of Jewish Communities of Serbia and the Association of Journalists of Serbia (UNS) had recommended that he do so. Vučić bestowed the Gold Medal of Merit to Freund, a Jerusalem Post columnist who […]

Why are so many Serbian doctors dying of COVID-19?

Serbia’s total death toll from coronavirus is relatively low, around 3,600, but its rate of fatalities in the medical profession is far higher than in other nations. Data from the Union of Doctors and Pharmacists (UDP) have revealed that as many as 72 doctors have died from coronavirus in Serbia, a country of seven million […]

Lockdown Looting: Massive Hoard of Stolen Serbian Artifacts Seized

Even though humans emerged from Africa, it was from Serbia that we began spreading east and west around 45,000 BC. By 20,000 years ago we had successfully populated most of  Europe and the  Americas. The Yeniseians were followed by the Uralic  Samoyeds, and their Bronze Age weapons, ornaments, jewelry  and implements display distinctive artistic styles. Furthermore, the  Indo-Iranian influences in […]

Impressive Roman Military Base Found in Serbian Cornfield

Archaeologists in Serbia have found a Roman military base. Unlike many others, it was not found buried beneath a modern city, but in a rural location. This means that it can help experts to have a better understanding of the Roman army and its organization. Experts were working on the ancient city of Viminacium, which […]

Trump Shocks Serbian President by Announcing That Serbia Will Move Its Embassy to Jerusalem

Trump had a big signing ceremony with officials from Serbia and Kosovo, and announced some news that was quite a surprise to the Serbian president Aleksander Vucic. When Trump said that Serbia was committed to moving its embassy to Jerusalem by July, the president of Serbia was obviously unaware that this had been agreed to […]

The Immortal Legacy: Dušan the Mighty and the Birth of the Serbian Empire

The medieval history of Serbia is an inspiring tale filled with great achievements, toil and struggle, and the strife of a small nation and its people as they attempt to rise to independence and prosperity. Even from the earliest moments of Serbia’s past, when the Slavic tribes became noticed in modern history, the Serbs held […]

Message to some irate Serbian readers

August 05, 2020 Dear Serbian friends, Since the crisis began in Serbia some of you have been enraged by the articles written for the Saker Blog by “Saker’s Johnny-on-the-spot in Belgrade”.  Some of you have posted irate comments, often in direct violation of the moderation guidelines, while others sent me outraged emails. And yet, each time […]

Serbian Roman Artifact Vanishes 24 Hours After Discovery

A recently excavated ancient Serbian Roman artifact, a stone slab covered with engraved Latin text, has been stolen only 24 hours after it was discovered. The rare Roman artifact was discovered on Friday, July 10, 2020, during road construction works leading to the Vinča landfill site. According to a report on Archaeology News Network one […]

Serbian tyrant caught in a pincer, the stage is set for his spectacular fall

Source by Saker’s Johnny-on-the-spot for The Saker Blog We spoke too soon, it turns out, about the Dr. Vladimir Mentus, the young Serbian sociologist, being released from prison and charges against him being dropped. At one point several days ago the appellate chamber did vacate the of the misdemeanour court judge’s decision sentencing Dr Mentus to thirty days […]

Post- Coup Turkey will be Distinctly Eurasian

US supplies Ukrainian army with advanced radar systems, clashes ongoing in Donbass

     The Ukrainian Army has received four advanced counterbattery radar systems and 10 countermortar radar systems from the United States military, according to Russian language news accounts. The systems, used at the battalion level by US troops, are among the most advanced of its type in the world. The systems enables the operator to pinpoint […]

‘Largest in history’: Kenya sets ivory pile on fire in statement against poaching (VIDEO)

The ceremony was held in Kenya’s Nairobi National Park on Saturday and is set to last for a few days. Some 105 tons of elephant ivory, 1.35 tons of rhino horn, along with animal skins which had been collected across Africa, are to be reduced to ash in a crematorium which took Kenya 10 days […]

Aryan Narrations: The Uprising by Colin Jordan Part 1

Radio Aryan March 27, 2016 Preface: This book is purely fictional. The views expressed are the imaginary ones of an imaginary British Freedom Force, depicted within it. As such they are not a personal incitement by the author to ‘racial hatred’ or to violence. The blame for the development of any such hatred or violence […]

‘I did the right thing’: IDF soldier on fatal shooting of injured Palestinian stabber

Talking to family members in a private conversation hours after he was arrested by Military Police, the unnamed soldier said, “I did the right thing at the right time in order to prevent anything else bad from happening,” the Jerusalem Post reported. Earlier on Thursday, the blood-chilling video emerged at B’Tselem human rights center’s YouTube […]

Supporting terrorists by proxy: Another CIA-backed group gives its weapons to al-Qaeda

     Syria’s Idleb province is held by Jabhat al-Nusra, aka al-Qaeda in Syria, and Ahrar al Sham with a sprinkling of “moderates” added to the mix. While Nusra and Ahrar have support from Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the “moderates” are supported by the CIA which provides them with anti-tank weapons. When in 2013 these […]

Turkish border guards shooting Syrian refugees ‘daily’ – Amnesty Intl

“There have been many reports of incidents on the border. We collected information on this as early as 2014, when we received many reports of people being shot when they were trying to cross the border irregularly,” Gardner said. He added that the current situation in war-torn Syria has led to a spike in the […]

Ecuador gives Swedish prosecutors green light to question Assange at its London embassy

Sweden confirmed on Wednesday that it had formally requested permission to interrogate the famous whistleblower at the Ecuadorian embassy, following an agreement signed by the two countries last month establishing general legal cooperation between them. READ MORE:Ecuador seals deal with Sweden to question Assange at London embassy   Ecuador’s Foreign Minister, Ricardo Patino, told the Publica […]

Globalist Prophecy Watch: Update 4 – How 2016’s Gog/Magog War (WWIII) will unfold (Addendum 1 – More on why the Pope will be “assassinated,” then “resurrected” with Putin)

Does the globalist End Times script call for a Russian Judas to betray the Mashiach/Christ?… …Will Dmitry Medvedev cut a secret deal with the West and “assassinate” Vladimir Putin after full-on war breaks out this September? Will Putin then “rise from the dead” 3 days later at the Mount of Olives? Current prophetic propaganda suggests […]

‘For ISIS’: Machete-wielding Turkish student assaults Jewish teacher in France

The assault took place outside a Marseille synagogue. The victim was reportedly wearing a Jewish religious cap known as yarmulke or kippah, according to French television station BFMTV. The 15-year-old attacker, whose name has not been disclosed, told police that he had acted in the name of Islamic State (IS, previously ISIS/ISIL), according to prosecutor […]


When first confronted with the inconvenient truth — that leading Jews had conspired to commit genocide on the German people, both during and after the end of World War II — the usual Pavlovian reaction is to make references to the alleged German murder of six million Jews and Germany’s supposed sole responsibility for World […]


obama’s isil sleeper cells waiting to be activated in the us ? nwo police state coming soon ?  the international jew wants syria under his orbit, he’ll stop at nothing and if that means bringing isil home to america to scare the goy into sending american boots on the ground to syria he will do […]

UK citizens celebrate Guy Fawkes Night by torching giant effigy of David Cameron with a pig’s head

     Bonfire capital of the world, Lewes in Sussex, southern England, has set fire to its biggest ever ‘Guy’ on Thursday marking the anniversary of Guy Fawkes’ plot to blow up London’s houses of parliament in 1605 while poking fun at Britain’s Prime Minister. A giant statue of a naked David Cameron with a pig’s […]

Down in the dumps: Study shows loss of big animals and their poop damages Earth

     A new study shows that whales and outsized land mammals, as well as seabirds and migrating fish, play a vital role in keeping the planet fertile by transporting nutrients from ocean depths to mountaintops – but their populations are plummeting. Before the rise of modern humans, there were “deer with twelve-foot antlers, and bison […]

Uri Avnery – The Rise of Israel’s Settlers and the downfall of Democracy – Veterans Today

The Settlers’ Prussia by Uri Avnery,   … with Gush Shalom, Tel Aviv Toynbee at his peak [ Editor’s note: Good Gosh, Uri brings us a bit of Arnold Toynbee, one of our greatest historians of the last century. His 12-volume A Study of History is worth selling your youngest child for, if you can find […]

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