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Serial Killer Billy Chemirmir ‘Killed by Cellmate’ in Texas Prison

Convicted murderer Billy Chemirmir, an illegal alien from Kenya suspected of being one of the most prolific serial killers in American history, was reportedly killed in prison on Tuesday morning by his cellmate. From WFAA, “Convicted North Texas killer Billy Chemirmir killed in prison, officials say”: Convicted North Texas killer Billy Chemirmir, who was suspected in […]

Programmed to Kill; Military Men Who Became Serial Killers


The Serial Killer Hiding in Plain Sight

DOWNEY, Calif — For months, Toby watched the apartment complex in this quiet, working class Los Angeles suburb every chance he got. He came on his lunch break, after work, on the weekends between his daughter’s playdates. He could tell you the best place to park—by Jimmy's Burgers around the corner—and the nearest liquor store. […]

A Series of Suspicious Deaths Raise Fears of a Potential Serial Killer in Portland

Shadows in the Rose City: A Series of Suspicious Deaths Raise Fears of a Potential Serial Killer in Portland ByTyler James– June 3, 2023 Key Takeaways Six women, all under 40, found dead within a 100-mile radius of Portland in the past three months. Various law enforcement agencies, including the Portland Police Bureau, actively investigating […]

Elizabeth Bathory: Was the ‘Blood Countess’ Serial Killer Misjudged?

Countess Elizabeth Báthory, noted as a prolific serial killer in the Guinness Book of Records, allegedly tortured and killed 80-650 young women between 1585-1610 AD. Read more Section:  News History Famous People Read Later  Source

Deadly Moments in History: Ancient Serial Killers (Video)

Throughout history, there have been many gruesome and horrific acts committed by serial killers. Read more Section:  News Video History Read Later  Source

Imprisoned Serial Killer Cured His Child Rapist Cellmate in California Of Raping Children

My Viet Nam vet brother has mentioned when he was in Viet Nam he read an article which explained how Arkansas cured rapinst. With shock therapy. High voltage shock therapy. No electrocuted rapist ever became a repeat offender. Bet this perverted child raper is premaritally cured of raping children now! The Ole Dog! Imprisoned Serial […]

As usual, political bolshevik and serial accuser Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is actually the perp who is stone-cold guilty of committing ‘Stochastic Terrorism’. (Video)

VIEW HERE: AOC: I’m the Victim of ‘Stochastic Terrorism’   Source

Former British police officer sentenced for serial rapes

David Carrick had already admitted in court dozens of rapes and sexual assaults when he was a serving police officer in the southeast of England. Source

Serial Rapist Cop, Who Pulled Over Women to Rape Them at Night, Gets Insultingly Low Sentence

This month, Jackson’s blue privilege shined through — despite the slew of charges and victims — and he was sentenced to just five years in jail. Source

Sadistic Serial Slasher Inspired a Trend in Bottom Guards

While the infamous Jack the Ripper and his legendary killing spree in the 19th century is the stuff of legends, few have heard of another forgotten assailant who terrorized the streets of London just a century before. Nevertheless, the actions of the so-called Monster of London sparked hysteria on the streets of London and even […]

Mass Murderer And Serial Child Raper Bill Gates Says European Energy Crisis Is “Good”

(kill em with vaccines) LAWSUIT FILED AGAINST BILL GATES FOR MURDER IN INDIA LAWSUIT FILED AGAINST BILL GATES FOR MURDER IN INDIA INDIAN DOCTORS SUE BILL GATES FOR HARMING CHILDREN WITH DEADLY ‘HUMANITARIAN’ VACCINES Bill Gates who Jesus the Christ said should have a donkey millstone tied around his neck and be thrown into the […]

Serial killer of women cries for Iranian women!

TEHRAN— While Iran is mourning over the unfortunate and tragic death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year old girl who passed while she was in morality police’s custody, the United States has seen an opportunity to shed crocodile tears and use the tragic passing of an innocent girl for its political gain. A spokesperson for the […]

American Political & Military Leaders Have Traits of Serial Killers

American Political & Military Leaders are Criminally Insane Opinion » Columnists We can begin with an article by Jim Kouri citing an FBI study which stated: “… character traits exhibited by serial killers or criminals may be observed in many within the political arena. They share the traits of psychopaths who are not sensitive to altruistic appeals, […]

Mistrial Declared In Case Of Accused Illegal Alien Serial Killer After Single Juror Refuses to Convict

By Chris Menahan The sole holdout juror “didn’t even go back to [look at the evidence],” a family member of one the victims told local media. “She had her mind made up before she walked in.” A mistrial was declared in the murder trial of 48-year-old illegal alien Billy Chemirmir, accused of murdering 24 elderly […]

Serial Rapist Officer Gets Just 2 Years for Sexually Assaulting Multiple Women on Duty

Phillip Golightly, 39, of Quincy, Florida, was sentenced last week to federal prison for the repeated on-duty sexual assault of multiple women. The serial rapist will be behind bars at the Federal Correctional Institution in Tallahassee for just 24 months for abusing his badge to abuse his victims. by Matt Agorist Golightly — whose last […]

Snopes co-founder revealed as serial plagiarist, planned to fill site with “traffic-generating junk”

A Buzzfeed investigation concludes that David Mikkelson, co-founder of the fact-checking site Snopes, published plagiarized articles under a pseudonym name there for at least four years. The articles were news items, not the debunkings: content hastily-generated to goose traffic that contained “entire paragraphs copied without attribution” from other news sources. Here’s Dean Sterling Jones: After inquiries from BuzzFeed […]

Donald Rumsfeld, Torturer, Serial Liar, Butcher of Baghdad, dies at 88

Iraq  July 4, 2021 Donald Rumsfeld, Torturer, Serial Liar, Butcher of Baghdad, dies at 88 Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld’s death at 88 is an occasion for me to recall some of my own writing on his sinister role in the Iraq War. Rumsfeld wanted to invade Iraq so badly he just made up shit […]

Ann Coulter: Why Is Protecting White Serial Killers?

This week, the New York Times reported on new laws in Maryland and Montana that restrict law enforcement’s use of genealogy databases to catch serial killers. (Maryland I can understand, but Montana? Has someone kidnapped Gov. Greg Gianforte?) Some of the largest DNA databases — Ancestry, 23andMe, and Helix — already refuse to share their databases with […]

Military Bases Housing Migrant Children Plagued by Serial Sexual Abuse Claims

Over the first few months of 2021, the migrant crisis at the US-Mexico border has exploded. Due to the policies of the Obama, Trump and now Biden administrations, many of those migrants, particularly unaccompanied minors, remain housed in increasingly controversial “overflow facilities.” Despite promises to reverse the policy, the Biden administration instead has taken the […]

Another One: Pioneer of the ‘Woke’ Ideology Turns Out to Be a Serial Rapist of Young Boys

by Ethan Huff He is widely recognized as one of the early pioneers of the “woke” ideological movement. But the late French philosopher Michel Foucault was not the good guy that some have been led to believe he was. According to fellow intellectual Guy Sorman, Foucault, who died in 1984 at the age of 57, […]

Senator Chuck Schumer BEGS Serial Sex Assaulter Gov. Cuomo to Resign

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on Friday begged New York governor Andrew Cuomo to reign immediately, amid the mounting sexual assault allegations against him. In a joint statement with Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, the pair urged Cuomo to resign as the nursing home deaths scandals and sexual assault scandals do damage to the Democratic Party’s image. […]

#MeToo Predator Andrew Cuomo Hires Serial Rapist Weinstein’s Lawyer

The office of the New York Governor hired attorney Elkan Abramowitz as federal investigators probe his state’s handling of nursing home patients during the pandemic. You can unsubscribe any time. By subscribing you agree to our Terms of Use. Feds are investigating Cuomo over the death and subsequent coverup of elderly patients who were forced into […]

Top 10 Infamous Serial Killers from Ancient History

Serial killers are not a new phenomenon. Before Jack the Ripper began his legendary killing spree in London in the 1800s, there is a long list of infamous serial killers active throughout history. Why is it that Jack the Ripper the most famous serial killer in history, when there have been more brutal and monstrous […]

This founding father of the Jewish state was a serial cheater who hated Israel

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‘As we speak, at least one serial killer is operating in Israel’

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MIT Creates Serial Killer A.I. Personality With Reddit Experiment

June 8, 2018 By Aaron Kesel Researchers at MIT unveiled their latest experiment called Norman, a disturbed image-captioning A.I. obsessed with murder thanks to Reddit (named after the character in Hitchcock’s Psycho.) The researchers write: Norman is an AI that is trained to perform image captioning, a popular deep learning method of generating […]

Serial Killer, Molesting Kids, Selling Drugs: 10 Things Cops Got Caught Doing This Month

(ANTIMEDIA) — “By demonizing the police,” right-wing commentator Tomi Lahren screeched this week while scolding celebrities for raising awareness about police violence, “you’re putting the communities you claim to care about at risk because it’s our officers who protect those communities and all communities.” As it turns out, cops are putting communities at risks all by themselves. Here are […]

Deceased Austin ‘Serial Bomber’ Identified as Mark Anthony Conditt, Say Police

Austin police announced that the man described by police as a “serial bomber” is now dead. The suspected bomber reportedly, identified as Mark Anthony Conditt, 23, blew himself up with a bomb as police approached. The self-inflicted death of the suspect brings a three-week terror campaign of bombings to a close. The five exploded bombs […]

Austin Serial Bomber Dead: Blows Himself Up After Shootout With Police

Update: President Donald Trump has tweeted his congratulations to law enforcement and all involved in stopping the bomber.   AUSTIN BOMBING SUSPECT IS DEAD. Great job by law enforcement and all concerned! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 21, 2018 * * * The Austin serial bomber […]

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