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Hillary 2.0: Joe Biden Used Private Email Server To Send Sensitive Info to Hunter

In a situation reminiscent of Hillary Clinton’s infamous private email server scandal, President Biden has been caught using a personal email account to send sensitive government information to his crack-addicted son Hunter Biden. Messages, sometimes signed “Dad,” from the email account were found on a Hunter Biden laptop seized by the FBI in December 2019. Worryingly, […]

Surprise, surprise (no surprise) – Analyst says Russians did NOT hack DNC server [Video] — The Duran

[embedded content] On July 18th, Bill Binney, a former technical director with the National Security Agency (NSA) went public on a video interview, saying something that readers of… 841 more words via Surprise, surprise (no surprise) – Analyst says Russians did NOT hack DNC server [Video] — The Duran Share this: Like this: Like Loading… 00

Search through Hillary’s private server emails yourself, all 30,000!

On March 16, 2016 WikiLeaks launched a searchable archive for over 30 thousand emails & email attachments sent to and from Hillary Clinton’s private email server while she was Secretary of State. The 50,547 pages of documents span from 30 June 2010 to 12 August 2014. 7,570 of the documents were sent by Hillary […]

DTRH Under Attack? Radio Archives Folder Deleted From Our Server

(POPEYE) We have been attacked in a new and interesting manner. I am working to fix the problem as soon as possible. I apologize for any inconvenience in listening. LINKS TO THE ARCHIVE PAGES, LISTEN LIVE PAGE, FACEBOOK & TWITTER DTRH W/ POPEYE FULL DOWNLOADABLE ARCHIVES DTRH w/ POPEYE FULL YOUTUBE ARCHIVE DTRH W/ POPEYE […]

Hillary: Private Email Server My ‘Most Important’ Mistake

Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says “the most important” mistake she made that lead to her 2016 election defeat was the use of personal email as secretary of state. “It hurts a lot,” Hillary tells TV journalist Jane Pauley, after 10 months trying to figure out how she lost an easy victory. reports: […]

Trump: Germans asking why John Podesta refused to hand hacked DNC server to FBI and CIA for investigation

President Trump tweeted Friday morning that “everyone” in Hamburg, Germany was talking about the Democrats’ response to Russian election hacking ahead of his highly-anticipated meeting with Russian President Putin. Trump tweeted ahead of his arrival at the group of 20 summit: “Everyone here is talking about why John Podesta refused to give the […]

DNC E-Mail Server Remains Hidden from Russia Kookspiracy Investigators

Lee RogersDaily Stormer July 6, 2017 The FBI never independently analyzed the DNC e-mail server that has been at the center of the Russian kookspiracy. All computer forensics originated from CrowdStrike, a private firm with a questionable reputation. It only took a year, but finally people are asking serious questions about the […]

Red Robin Server Pays For 9 Cops’ Lunch After Fallen Officer’s Funeral

After the funeral of Columbus, Ohio SWAT Officer Steven Smith, nine police officers who were in attendance went to grab some food at the Red Robin in Ohio. Their server that day was a mother named Jessica Dunbar, whose father is a retired police officer. She could tell there was sadness in the air. Something […]

London: An Alleged 30,000 Women, Cucks and Mud People March Against Brexit

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer July 2, 2016 Yes. The minority. Deal with it, cuck. I didn’t personally count them, but the Jewish media is tallying the number of marchers against Brexit at 30,000. These people are marching to demand that instead of remaining an independent and sovereign nation which dictates its own affairs, the UK enslave […]

Zika Fraud Update, Rio Olympics, the Op Against Brazil

For new readers, see my previous articles about the scientific fraud that is Zika. In a nutshell, there is no convincing evidence the Zika virus causes the birth defect called microcephaly. by Jon Rappoport There are only news headlines. The latest of these refer to two new studies “clinching” the Zika-microcephaly connection. However, the studies […]

New Surveillance Tool Could Give Law Enforcement Access to All Public Cameras

By Derrick Broze Computer scientists at Purdue University have created a new tool which could potentially allow law enforcement to access any camera that is not password protected. Researchers with Purdue University are developing a system which could soon allow law enforcement officers to access any public camera system. The […]

Innocent woman repeatedly raped and sodomized by doctors, nurses, and police in search of pot

     Lawrence County, PA — Kimberlee Carbone was kidnapped and sexually assaulted multiple times in the span of five hours, because a cop claimed he had reason to believe she might have marijuana on her. After she had been probed again and again by law enforcement and healthcare workers multiple times in addition to being […]

UNC diversity workshop says beige bandaids are white privilege

As part of a “cultural competency workshop,” students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are being assigned a score based on the amount of “white privilege” they may have. During the workshop, students can participate in several activities that “examine white privilege and how it is more powerful than […]

Chesapeake Energy Chief Executive Dies in Fiery Car Crash, a Day After Indictment

Chesapeake Energy Chief Executive Dies in Fiery Car Crash, a Day After Indictment March 2nd, 2016 Hmm. Via: Reuters: Former Chesapeake Energy Chief Executive Aubrey McClendon, a brash risk-taker who helped transform the U.S. energy industry with shale gas, died when his car slammed […]

The Planet’s Fisheries Are In Even Worse Shape Than We Thought

The Planet’s Fisheries Are In Even Worse Shape Than We Thought January 20th, 2016 Via: Huffington Post: The world’s oceans have been overfished far more than reported, according to a new study. The report, published in the journal Nature Communications, reanalyzed worldwide catch data […]

El plano «Abenomics» no consigue poner fin a la crisis japonesa

Las perspectivas económicas de Japón ponen en evidencia que las políticas monetarias «no convencionales» implementadas por algunos bancos centrales de los países industrializados son un absoluto fracaso. La economía nipona no sólo no registra crecimiento económico sostenido, sino que regresó a la caída de precios según datos oficiales. El plan de recuperación lanzado por el […]

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