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When Yeshua (Jesus) Called Em SHEEP, That Was Not A Term of Endearment!

Zionist (Evangelical) “Christians” just can not wait to vote for Trump. He supports the evil of Israel the Zionist Zombie Virus “christians” are indoctrinated from birth to worship as a god. You “christians do know what Jesus said to do with a pedophile don’t you? Not damn well vote for one and have sexual orgasms […]

American Sheep LOVE to “vote” For Pedophiles, Homosexuals and Treasonous Israel Firster Rothschild’s Hand Puppets

I post some replies on Twitter Litter post done by a controlled opposition Rothschild’s minion pretending to be an American” patriot.I just sort of try to help him stay halfway honest anyway. That has got me thrown in twitter Litter jail, shadow banned and my material flagged for limited viewing. Today he reposted some article […]

When The Other Shoe Falls The Sheep Will Bleat In Astonishment And Terror

When the other shoe falls the sheep will bleat in astonishment and terror-Being forced to recognize their love of evil and belief in the goodness of jackals were both in error- There will be standing room only in the waiting rooms of the slaughterhouse intended for the sheep-As the clueless ball-less sheep live out the […]

The More Killer Jab Doses a Sheep Took, The More Likely To Be Sick All The Time, Before They Die

I hardly post on the Killer Jabs anymore. The people who know the “COVID-19” “pandemic” was a Scamdemic designed to make sheeple take an assisted suicide Rothschild’s Witches brew Voodoo Human Herd Culling Killer Jab already know. Most who lined up for the Killer Jabs will never admit the reason they are sick all the […]

Wolves are more dangerous than sheep

This post is for Ian “As I’ve talked about before, it’s pretty easy to identify who the controlled “heroes” are – it’s those who get significant amounts of publicity in the mainstream media. In understanding this, it’s very important to be aware of exactly what “publicity” means – not the exercise of praising or endorsing something, but […]

Sheep Love Their Meaningless Rituals, Like Voting

Human sheep seem to be unable to exist without their rituals.The rituals don’t have to mean anything or actually achieve anything, but seem to be for the sake of the rituals themselves. Perhaps it is because sheep are herd animals and the act of doing something as a herd, no matter how meaningless or even […]

Sheep Who Have No Clue About Their Last Life, Or Ones Before, Can Happily Do The Same Stupid Self Damaging S#it All Over Again

A friend and I were discussing sheep and lives yesterday. I asked him, in all the wars we have fought, sometimes together, sometimes against each other, has it ever brought lasting freedom, peace or economic benefits to our people? We agreed they have not as the sheep after you fight a bloody war for them, […]

Cowardly Evil Loving With Pigs Fornicating Sheep Monkeys Can Not Force the Creator God To Rewrite the Rules of the Universe

‘The Sheep Argues with God!’ A Good Dream of a Just world the Angels Once Had- Now has made God Himself Look Away, His Countenance so Very Sad- Time wasted on such stiff necked self righteous Primitive souls treading in Quick sand- Who’s only thoughts are of self gain and more pain for their own […]

The Torment & Torture Of Watching Sheep Give Blow Jobs To Jackals For Thousands Of Years

Reincarnation is accepted by most of the people in the world. Some only have a vague idea how it works, some have studied it deeply. Keep in mind this world is a school where the soul or spirit learned lessons by screwing up. At least they should learn lessons by screwing up so they don’t […]

An Advanced Species Trying To Figure Out Why American Sheep Still “VOTE” In Rothschil’d’s Corporations Illusion of Elections


Viewing The Sheep’s and Jackal’s Bad Clown Show With Bored Detachment

Once one sees reality, one can not unsee reality. Once one understands the forces at battle in this world behind the veil which the sheep can not see through, the prepared false reality the sheep live and die by is boring as is the sheep’s constant bleating in fear or excitement about figments of their […]

The Sheep Refuse To See The Butcher Knife In The Hand of Their Masters

There are so many examples one could use of the intentional blindness of the sheeple, but let us use Chemtrails today as the example. They have been spraying that chemical cocktail on the sheep’s heads for years. One can see cowboy “western” movies with stories based in the late 1800s with chemtrails in the sky. […]

The Ages Old Debate, are THE With PIGS FORNICATING SHEEP MONKEYS Really That Stupid, Or Just Ball-less Cowards

Chemtrails, what Chemtrials, I don’t see nothing, you must be a tin foil hatter nut case! Everyone knows stone aged Arabs who could not fly single engine planes flew jumbo jets into the World Towers and Kerosene fire which burn around 1800 Degrees F. melted huge steel beans which only began to melt at 2400 […]

For All Sheep Who Think Musk Bought Twitter So You Could See The Truth

This was a reply to a post asking if folks thought the red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen Mongolian Khazarian mongrel bug eyed IsraHell citizen (occupier of Palestine) who is head of US “Immigration” should resign or be impeached for allowing uncontrolled illegal invasion of America by 3ed world criminals who hate America. As you can […]

Some Truths Which Make The Sheep Poop Their Wool

Jews are NOT Semitic.Jew is not a sub race of the human race. A Jew is a red Russian Turkmen Mongolian Khazarian mongrel who self identifies as a member of the Babylonian Talmud inspired pedophile’s End of Times Death Cult religion. Yahweh was not a God, he was a space alien enforcer from an advanced […]

Killer Jabbed Sheep Suffering Psychosis, Panic Attacks and Hallucinations

Have you been wondering why necked women are walking down a Kalifornia freeway shooting at random cars, killer jabbed zombies are trying to attack and eat other people, sheep are doing totally stupid and outlandish things all over the world? Ever notice it is the killer jabbed doing this shit and not Purebloods? It is […]

Out Of The Corner Of The Sheep’s Eye a Fleeting Shadow Flitters

Out of the corner of the sheep’s eye a fleeting shadow flitters- Just a suggestion of something seen but not seen, an elusive critter- Things which go bump in blackness of the dark of the sightless night- Beings, spirits not believed in by sheep but which causes in the sheep bowel loosening fright- A world […]

Illegal War Criminal Occupation US base attacked in Syria-Do The American Sheep Understand The Definitions of Illegal & War Crimes?

As many as three locations in Syria where US troops are illegally deployed have been targeted by the “Islamic Resistance” of Iraq, the group said in a statement on Monday, as quoted by local media outlets. The Pentagon claimed that US troops had intercepted at least two UAVs while taking no casualties or damage. Citing […]

Mass Insanity, Sheep Like Stupidity & A Lust For Evil

When Yeshua called Jesus in the Western world called humans sheep, that WAS NOT a term of endearment. And in the end, the sheep Yeshua was trying to help, helped the occupying Romans Yeshua was trying to kick out of Judea for the benefit of the sheep, murder him. Well, the with pigs fornicating sheeple […]


Every time you think you finally helped a sheep escape the matrix . — Ted Theodore Logan (@TedLogan1010) September 28, 2023 Source

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