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Did Christ Come Only For The Lost Sheep Of The House Of Israel — And What Does That Mean For Prophecy?

Jesus Christ and the Canaanite Woman Some Christian circles hold the position that the Lord Jesus came to save only the twelve tribes of Israel. Two verses provide the cornerstone for this view — in Matthew 15:24 where the Lord Jesus says to a non-Israelite woman, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of the […]

WSBH-200105-Sheep Pt 5

EURO FOLK RADIO WSBH-200105-Sheep Pt 5 Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share The conclusion of our study on who the sheep are in scripture and in reality. There is one people in scripture that are called SHEEP. Do ewe know who ewe are? Do ewe […]

WSBH-191229-Sheep Pt 4

EURO FOLK RADIO WSBH-191229-Sheep Pt 4 Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share This study examines who the sheep are in scripture and in reality. There is one people in scripture that are called SHEEP. Share this: Source


[embedded content] Here’s Johnson, days before the 2019 general election, promising that he wouldn’t hike taxes on ordinary working people Today he’s announced a plan to do exactly that, purely in order to protect the tax exemptions and advantages enjoyed by the mega-rich [embedded content]… [embedded content]… Source

WSBH-191222-Sheep Pt 3

EURO FOLK RADIO WSBH-191222-Sheep Pt 3 Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share Do ewe know who ewe are? This study covers all the verses in scripture about SHEEP. This is Part 3 of 5. Follow along with the document:   Sheep Visit BrotherHebertPresents  Bitchute […]

WSBH-191215-Sheep Pt 2

EURO FOLK RADIO WSBH-191215-Sheep Pt 2 Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share This study covers all the verses in scripture about SHEEP. One group of people are Yahweh’s sheep. It’s not the ‘churches’ because they “just bleatve”. It’ snot the Jews because they are the […]

Australian Farmer Honors Late Aunt With Sheep-Shaped Heart Display

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — An Australian farmer couldn’t go to his aunt’s funeral because of pandemic restrictions so he paid his respects with a novel alternative: dozens of sheep arranged in the shape of a love heart. Drone-shot video of pregnant ewes munching barley in a paddock while unwittingly expressing Ben Jackson’s affection for his […]

WSBH-191208-Sheep Pt 1

EURO FOLK RADIO WSBH-191208-Sheep Pt 1 Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share This study covers all the verses in scripture about SHEEP. One group of people are Yahweh’s sheep. Sometimes His sheep wander out of The Way and can be baaaad. Will they repent and […]

Ultimately, Germans and Jews are Both Obedient Sheep

When I left Berlin to Israel right before Christmas, I felt my four-year long relationship with Germany already changed. It was three days after the start of the new, never-ending lockdown. I took my last walk through the chilling city, mourning the Berlin vibrancy that once was. I should’ve instead been walking through the charming […]

Wild Aussie sheep loses 35 kilos at the baaa-bers

A wild sheep found wandering the wilderness of the Australian bush has been sheared of a huge 35-kilogram (77-pound) coat after an estimated five years of unchecked growth. Struggling under a filthy fleece caked with years of mud and tangled debris, Baarack was spotted in a Victorian state forest and taken to an animal rescue […]

Shorn the sheep: Wild animal sheds 35kg fleece after first haircut in years

For anyone who has endured months of lockdown without a haircut, spare a thought for Baarack the sheep. His fleece had become so overgrown and matted that he could barely see when he was rescued by an animal charity in Australia. Baarack, whose thick coat weighed more than 35kg, was living wild in the state […]

The Sheep Syndrome

Peter Koenig is a geopolitical analyst and a former Senior Economist at the World Bank and the World Health Organization (WHO), where he has worked for over 30 years on water and environment around the world. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He writes regularly for online journals and is […]

4-Year-Olds in Scotland to Be Given ‘Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’ Transgender Ideology Storybook

(The Christian Institute) — Four-year-olds in Scotland are to be given a picture book promoting transgender ideology and encouraging children to be unafraid of strangers. Written and illustrated by LGBT writer Morag Hood, Brenda is a Sheep tells children that a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing really “is a sheep.” The book is being distributed […]

Sharyl Attkisson on Big Tech Censorship: Sheep Are Happy to Live in Artificial Reality

Sharyl Attkisson, host of Full Measure and author of Slanted: How the News Media Taught Us to Love Censorship and Hate Journalism, told Breitbart News on Tuesday that big tech companies reinforce news media’s “artificial reality” of political narratives through censorship of inconvenient information. A homogenized news media industry seeks to impose its view of acceptable […]

Helicopter counting sheep discovers mysterious monolith in Utah desert

A helicopter crew who were on a mission counting sheep have spotted a mysterious monolith in the middle of the desert in Utah. The shiny metal tower was spotted in the US state’s red desert, evoking scenes from sci-fi movies such as Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. It was discovered by a helicopter survey […]

Lightning bolt kills shepherd and over 200 sheep, goats in Pakistan

     A lightning strike Friday killed a shepherd and more than 200 sheep and goats at the “Mosa Ka Mussala hilltop”. According to police, 45-year old shepherded Aleem s/o Kar Khan resident of Meethal village was grazing his flock of 200 sheep and goats in Malian when a lightning strike killed him and over 200 […]

Many of us really are sheep: Experiments in social compliance show few people argue with authority figures

(Natural News) Many of us really are sheep, quick to follow the crowd and obey orders. Instead of standing up and speaking out on our own convictions, we often choose to fit in. Assimilating with the crowd, we find it’s easier to go-along to get-along, even if that means giving away our own […]

Scientists create human-sheep chimera with hopes of affordable organ transplants

The scientific breakthrough could potentially save the lives of thousands of people who are in a dire need of vital organ transplants. While many patients die before they move up to the top of a queue, organs grown inside a sheep, like a pancreas, can not only save a life but also cure a […]

169 dead sheep who threw themselves over a cliff perfectly demonstrate how government uses FEAR to control the masses

(Natural News) Earlier this month in the Pyrenees, an investigation confirmed that 169 sheep threw themselves over the edge of a cliff in a desperate attempt to escape the wrath of a pursuant brown bear. Authorities said that they were able to confirm that it was a bear that chased them over the edge because […]

Signs and Portents: Superstitious villagers living in fear after sheep gives birth to ‘half-human half-beast’ creature that was ‘sent by the devil’ in South Africa

     Superstitious villagers have been living in fear since a sheep gave birth to this creature that was said by elders to be half-human half-beast and ‘sent by the devil’. Many of the 4,000 residents and farmers of Lady Frere in Eastern Province, South Africa, were convinced that bestiality and witchcraft had led to the […]

An Artificial Womb Successfully Grew Baby Sheep

An Artificial Womb Successfully Grew Baby Sheep April 25th, 2017 I’ve gone from worrying about brain damaged hipsters to seeing their clueless ramblings as a form of comedy act that brightens up my day: It’s appealing to imagine a world where artificial wombs grow […]

Cop Slams School Teacher Into Concrete, Then Says Blacks Have “Violent Tendencies”

Andrew Emett | The Free Thought Project Austin, TX – Pulled over for driving 15 mph over the speed limit, an elementary school teacher was recorded on police dash cam video being slammed to the ground twice by an overly aggressive cop. After the woman was placed in the […]

Analysis: The North American Community Will Continue Integrating

A recent article in the New York Times written by Parag Khanna laid out the case for an emerging North American Union in what Khanna dubbed “A New Map for America.” The core analysis centered around the industrial, transport and energy integration of the continent between the United States, Canada and Mexico. A […]

CDC Forced To Admit They Hid Data Linking Vaccines To Autism

A PhD scientist has forced the CDC to admit that they knew a key ingredient found in most vaccines significantly increased the risk of autism in those who took it. Information obtained by a Freedom of Information Act request filed by a PhD scientist working with two members of Congress has forced the Center for […]

Senate Passes Bill Allowing 9/11 Victims’ Families to Seek Justice Against Saudi Govt

In a stunning rebuke to President Obama’s warning of a veto, and the Saudi threat to attempt to crash the U.S. economy by selling off their U.S. holdings, the U.S. Senate unanimously approved legislation that would allow Americans to sue foreign governments for terrorist attacks committed on U.S. soil, according to The Hill. by Jay […]

For SFPD excessive force has become the standard

is an Activist, Journalist and Photographer from the Fresno area who has taken a special interest in the “Police State”. He facilitates a watchdog group called the Fresno Liberty Movement, advocates filming the police and alternatives to state controlled protection services. He also served in the U.S Army from Oct. 08′ thru Mar. 12′ with a tour […]

After Being Homeless for Five Years, Single Mother of Four Finds Guardian Angel

Michaela Whitton (AM) : A grandmother has raised thousands of pounds to build a family home by making masses of a traditional Scottish sweet. After hearing Elizabeth Charo and her four children had been sleeping on a Kenyan beach for five years, the retired social worker from Perth desperately wanted to help. Margaret Bayne “I was […]

The White Slaves of Europe

We’re not so very different, From what was long ago, The harvest then the people, Our own the cruelest foe, They shipped us off to colonies, Indentured, exiled, slaves, Their gulags and plantations, They worked us to our graves. Nothing much has changed, alas, There’s us and them that rule, We’re still on their […]

Turkey live export animal cruelty

Turkey cited in new animal cruelty footage that poses more questions about live export trade Milanda Rout From: The Australian August 18, 2011 6:40P A screen shot of footage allegedly showing sheep being mistreated in abattoirs in Turkey. Source: Supplied SHOCKING new footage depicting cattle and sheep being mistreated in abattoirs in Turkey has reignited […]

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